The Skyward Sword GDC Trailer music was certainly unique for the Zelda series, but now we know why. Playing the music backwards reveals a startling secret – a well-known Zelda song.

Thanks to Youtuber FPawesome1 for originally spotting this.

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  • Kailoli

    Sneaky ninty, very sneaky, lol

  • Mork

    Nintendo, you are GENIUS. My mind is blown. Kudos to whoever discovered this.

  • Mugen Kagemaru

    WTF Zelda's Lullaby I'm surprised. Sneaky one, Miyamoto-sama.

    • jd2701

      Miyamoto had noting to do with this, people! If any of you knew anything about zelda… it's that Koji Kondo writes ALL OF the music for zelda, and that this was his idea in the first place…

      • LinkmasterYoda

        yes, but directors are who tell the composers's what they want, and Miyamoto is like a director

    • sama? Sheesh. He's not a god.

  • Siaarn

    Brix were shat.

  • jwalraven

    That is pretty awesome.

  • Soeroah

    God…Damn it, Nintendo, you cheeky bastards!

  • Poe Princess Mara

    Wow. I actually don't know what to say to that other than that it's awesome.

  • Ricochetmatt

    Sadly, the Zelda theme played backwards sounds like crap.

    • yaok

      would have to agree it was kinda annoyin lol

    • Ezluke

      I kind of liked it! Obviously it wasn't as memorable as Zelda's Lullaby, but it felt epic and adventurous and fit well with the Skyward Sword trailer. It kind of seems like it would just be music for the trailer, though. I can't really imagine it being played in any area.

    • falconfetus8

      In all honesty, I thought the song sounded bad. I almost thought Koji Kondo was slacking off…until I saw this video that is πŸ˜›

  • Meralia

    Holy crap Nintendo πŸ˜€ That's awesome!
    No wonder the tune sounded nicely familiar in a weird way…

  • xxx

    they must be laughing over at Nintendo for nobody realising this until now.

  • CWP

    Wait, so you're saying that for the music of the Skyward Sword trailer, the best Nintendo could do was play an old Zelda song backwards? That's the laziest, most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of! It doesn't even sound good played in reverse. I can't be the only one who remembers the amazing orchestral piece that they made specifically for the Twilight Princess trailer, what happened to that? It's bad enough that Nintendo has been making Zelda child-friendly and casual-oriented with Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks and now Skyward Sword, but this is just getting lousy. I'm just not into this anymore.

    • CodyDavies

      Do you really think Nintendo was just trying to make do with an old song because they couldn't afford to pay the composers for a new one or something? It seems pretty clear to me that they did it for a purpose. πŸ˜›

      • Majin Kai

        They did it in reverse as they are going back in time of the Zelda series, right back to the beggining…I think, anyway :3

        Pretty neat that Ninty did this. Sounds fine both ways XD

    • Siaarn

      You should know Nintendo is better than that. :<

    • DrFeelGood666

      Drama Queeennnn…

    • nharest

      the music for twilight princess trailer? it is NOT zelda, the music comes from the movie Conan the barbarian, same goes for wind waker and ocarina of time, ALL three trailers used Conan the barbarian music.

      tl;nr its not a zelda song, its of a movie

      • Ashmic

        he's allowed to have his own opinion

      • DarkOwl

        I knew I'd heard it elsewhere – I think lots of things have used this, so good to know where it has originated from.

        BUT I believe the TP trailer referred to here is this one, which has an AMAZING score:

        Yeah, there are some varieties of this trailer out there with the Conan soundtrack, but they don't have the in-game sound effects, so I reckon they've been made by journalists who couldn't record high enough quality audio for their readers.

    • Zelda Gweek

      Dude, its called expanding to a larger audience. So what man? I loved SP XD

      • starwebs1

        What's SP? There's PH and ST, but what's SP?

        • that_guy

          SP is spirit tracks

          • linkdude101

            Totally. Tracks begins with P.

          • GorCoronSumo

            Spirit Packs

  • BlackOwlDog

    And since it tells the story of the royal family we'll get to see how this song became Zeld's lullaby! …Nah, I'm just thinking too much because of the awesomenss I went trough…

    • GeekiestGuyAround

      Perhaps not THIS becoming Zelda's Lullaby, but maybe we *will* see the origin and composition of it.

  • Siaarn

    I already commented but anywhos.. D'you think this might hae something to do with the storyline itself? Maybe it's a hint at time travel again, going backwards and stuff, or maybe a REVERSE WORLD, dun dun duunn. I'm sure there are better theories than that, but I really hope they did this for a reason and not just to be sneaky.

    • Ezluke

      People have been coming up with theories about it, but I kind of think it's just a cool thing Nintendo did. Not to say your theory is definitely wrong, but I just doubt it had any significance other than being awesome and nostalgic, y'know?

  • michael12268

    I dont understand why people dont like the music used in the trailer. I personally liked it but everyone has different opinions I guess

  • KyleLink

    Jaw dropping AWESOMENESS!!! When I first saw the trailer I was questioning why they used the same tune almost throughout it. Now I know. πŸ˜€

    Zelda's Theme backwards may be a meaning to something.

    I thought that was very nice. The reveresed song made skyward sword unique but still the same as every other game in the series. I don't see why so many hate the new reversed version. It's a new game people! New story, new songs, new legend.

  • Lucas

    Wow fantastic. What fun you are Nintendo that was epic awesome…. well I would name other words but their just synonyms to awesome. πŸ™‚

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    Stolen from Zeldainformer

    • CodyDavies

      I think you'll find that when there's major Zelda news every major Zelda site writes about it. ;P ZeldaInformer didn't invent this any more than we did – they took it from the same source (which we sourced int he post) as us, and so did GoNintendo and all of those other sites that posted about it.

      • zerldafanboy23ify

        Oh, sorry then D:.

  • TepigMaster

    i like it reversed AND played normal. I Love Zelda!!

  • Oh so sneaky there Ninty

  • Kiante

    …WOW!!! Mind officially blown.

    This has GOTTA have some bearing on the story. I wonder what.

    • Zelda Gweek

      Know what could be awesome!? Time travel is supposed to have an effect on this game, right? Well, if Zelda plays the OOT to sent Link back in time at the end of OOT, then what about playing a song backwards… XD THAT should be how this is incorporated in the story!!!!!

  • Akumu

    MY THEORY IS LINK STABS AND KILLS ALL THE TROLLS. Who gives a fuck if you're not pleased or if nintendo did something lazy. I think it's cool, and zelda games are always fucking amazing so grow a dick and wait for the new game to come out without trolling.

  • cloverplayer

    OMG, thums up nintendo! And it still sounded epic for trailer music! kudos to FPawesome1 for finding this out

  • I think this has something to do with the story. time travel maybe? who knows. all i kno is that this is awesome.

    but also i sent this video in last night in the submit news page! D:

  • Darkstar

    Awesome move Nintendo! Too bad they didn't do something similiar with the Ocarina of Time 3D trailer; Perhaps the song of time backwards to really emphasis time travel? (maybe that'd be too much like MM then lol)

    • cresent soul

      a zelda game where you instaneously make the world around you reverse in time and use that to solve puzzles while things are going backwards would be freakin awesome.

      What does every one else thing?

      They could make every music in the game that would sound awesome forwards and backwards, so you here a new track when you revert time (using some item).

      Anyone want to add to that???

  • Exziron

    My theory on Why its called Zelda’s Lullaby is because in skyward sword the wizard/witch/debbie cast a spell on zelda to make her sleep forever! The spell was then called Zeldas lullaby!

  • fantasysign

    Wow, that's so cool! That must have been difficult to compose if they intended the song to be Zelda's Lullaby being played backwards.

    • LinkmasterYoda

      Not really, just take the notes and arrange them backwards, I wonder how many other Zelda cues/themes are other themes backwards?

  • TheMaverickk

    First thing I want to say is towards the people who think it's lazy that the song is Zelda's Lullaby backwards.

    It's not…. it's actually a lot of hard work to take a song, turn it inside out and then still make it sound epic and engaging enough to carry the emotions of the trailer. Zelda's Lullaby became the framework and constraint to which they could be creative, that's far more challenging then creating a song from scratch.

    It's the equivalent of being told here's a box of Popsicle sticks, now make a bridge that can support human weight…. or write an engaging poem using only 10 different words. Paint a painting with only 3 different colour tubes of paint…. that is basically what has happened hear.

    It's far from easy, and very far from lazy.

    Second thing I have to say is congrats to who ever found this, and nice job Nintendo on slipping in a very classy homage to the entire series.

  • falconfetus8

    So THAT explains why the song sounded suspiciously non-Nintendo-like; it was just a backwards version of a good song πŸ˜›


    MAni cant believe i knew this and didnt post it online cause i like hearing songs backwards :b

  • Oh my god! That's so cool and tons of credit to GoNintendo. Do you think that this means there is going to be tons of Zelda (person) in it? I hope there is. I wonder what she would look like in Skyward Sword's graphics.

  • That is pretty crazy. I wonder why though,hmmmmm.

  • Wow, Nintendo, you sure are sneaky, Mr. Miyamoto. Such a classic tune, this could definitely signify something important.

  • Nitramtj

    I wonder if the fact that the song is backwards hints to something important in the game?

  • starwebs1

    WOW! First you speed up the GameCube menu music sixteen times to have the Famicom no-disk tune, and now this? This is another reason in my fifty-million mile high list of reasons why Nintendo is the most awesome gaming company ever! NINTENDO ROCKS!

  • cresent soul

    Nintendo sure do love screwing with its fans. Imagine, Christopher Nolan's Inception mixed with Nintendo. We'd be going to every galaxy in the universe and have our minds blown all in one moment. ….and that's no exaggeration.

    keep it up NIntendo.

  • cresent soul

    Question: How the heal can a song sound awesome both ways??????

  • Backwards, Forwards, Upside Down or Right Side Up it doesn't matter! Zelda is freaking awesome no matter how you look at it or in this case, hear it.

  • darkarrows

    nintendo, will you ever cease to amaze?!
    i LOVE the way they did that, knowing that even by accident or by some nerd (or in this case the nerd overlord, whoever found this you are a KING) watching it backwards someoned see it!
    i actually want to see them do this with some of the music. if some of the new songs were OOT songs backwards, t'would be epic

  • Dakota

    Why didn't our fellow internet users from Japan tell us about this sooner!?!

  • sprocket07

    That is legit awesomeness.

  • Clever easter egg.

  • Growli

    Maybe it wasn't intentional in the way everybody think it is… Koji Kondo has donde this before. I'm talking about Saria's Song/Song of Healing.

    Maybe he just did the same with Zelda's Llulaby to compose a different, new song, rather than purposedly as an easter/egg for people to discover or something of the sort.

  • GorCoronSumo

    I love the look of the troll thing's shield reforming when it was going backwards…

  • LINK tp

    listening to that makes me wonder if they have been doing that the whole time

  • hellspawn

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg i love zelda go go nintendo go go zelda

  • linkinobi

    Lol Impressionante…. imagino como o cara percebeu isso….

  • tdsalmost8

    I bet that was hard ;D

  • Hoyt Wittstruck

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  • Carmine Grippe

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