We have a special treat for you today: two new videos of Ocarina of Time 3D gameplay!

This one shows off the power of the 3DS’s gyro sensor and accelerometer.  In case you haven’t already heard, whenever you’re in first-person view, (looking around or using an item like the hookshot), you can move the 3DS around in your world, which will in turn move Link’s view in his world.  The first clip shows Link just looking around Hyrule Field, and the second clip shows him using a first-person item such as the slingshot.

Hit the jump for the second video, which features the item subscreen!

What are you looking forward to most in these videos?  Tell us in the comments below!

  • Andy R

    OMG, First comment yeeeo

    • TepigMaster

      dudeyour so stupid no one cares about first comments

      • ferret8001

        And no-one cares for a jerk either. 😉

  • Andy R

    Looking forward to not having to go into item subscreen in Water temple[: Should shave a half an hour off it;P

  • TepigMaster

    cant wait! june 19th

  • CaptainDangerous

    Ahhh! So excited!

  • mini link

    i want to see more ="(

  • Calamitas

    Damn, I just love how colorful all these areas are in comparison to how they were in the original…
    Can't wait to see how Death Mountain will look like!

  • Keimori

    Dose this footage make anyone else here feel like they did when the first unboxed the N64 and inserted that rounded golden cartridge into it, and turning it on?

    Because this is brining back some serriously fond nostalgia of my tenth birthday for me. ^_^

    • MegaLinkX

      10th! all so young here… heh

  • Deikios

    I would bang the great fairy.

  • starwebs1

    The item select screen is awesome! By the way, you tagged "hyrulef" and "ield."

  • mini link

    Water Temple is a pain in the ass, but i still love the challenge!

  • dege oftime


  • Awesome! But I don't know why they're showing more OoT when it's going to come out already real soon.

  • SilverSkulltula

    Sweet! The Gyro shouldn't be that slow though, and it might get annoying; at least it's optional. Now onto Skyward sword Footage!

  • Harvey

    The Gyro is not such a good idea because won't it be harder and slower to aim at enemies and bosses? Anyway, the technology is amazing and the background is so colorful and 3d. It is way better now that the Ocarina Of Time is 3D and portable. I can't wait until I get it.

  • asvinas

    Well, you won't know until you actually see it for real.

    They showed the gyro in the first clip slowwwly to show how it works, not how well they can aim within a nano second, which would make everyone go 'wtf just happened there?'

    I've done OoT to death, N64, GC MasterQuest, Emulator etc etc don't think getting a 3DS will add more interest to the game than it already has.

    More hyped bout SS, tho the delaying to very late this year (when it was expected to come out last year) is quite an ennui. But at the same time, I am looking forward to some quality gameplay for a change! It just wasn't quite there with TP. (Only played it twice, compared to about 30x in OoT and LA on GB)

    • Jani

      Last year? Seriously?

      It was announced at E3 10 months ago, saying that they were aiming for this year, and hopefully the first quatre.

      They didn't give a specific date, and they never said for certain when it was coming out.
      They certainly didn't say it was releasing last year.

      Nonetheless, I'm just as excited for SS as you are 😀

      I didn't dislike TP, but I never played through it again. Hopefully SS will have that replay factor! C:

  • DronkeyKrong

    I like how the game looks but i wish the item scren was more organized like this:

    Top (Arrows): Bow & Arrow – Fire Arrow – Ice Arrow – Light Arrow.
    Right Side (Spells): Faore's Wind – Din's Fire – Nayru's Love.
    Below Arrows (Projectiles): Slingshot – Boomarang – Hookshot.
    Below that (Explosives): Deku Nuts – Bombs – Bombchus.
    Below that (Other): Deku Sticks – Megaton Hammer – Lens of Truth.

    I don't know why i just like things to be organized.

  • You know what you should do, Zelda Universe? Fix the comment box to where the latest comments are listed first. That will fix all those stupid "FIRST!!!1" comments. Sure, people will still do it for awhile, but at least everyone else won't have to see the same type of comment at the top of every single article with a million thumbs down. Then sooner or later they'll get bored of it and it will stop. I've been on another website that had this problem, until they updated their comment system to 'Disqus', or something.

  • I did not realise the gyro would be used for aiming… I must say, I am not a fan of that in the slightest. It amounts to destroying the 3D every time I need to take a shot at something, I really hope the option is there for aiming with the control stick… Apart from that it's looking great!

    • Sy_

      What about aiming with the stylus or your finger? That'd be akin to the Wii pointer in the Wii version of TP.
      1)Slide to move and tap to fire, or f that doesn't work well
      2)move with stylus and L to fire OR
      3)move with stick and tap to fire anywhere on the screen (as opposed to centre-screen where the invisible crosshair is).

      I must say, I loved the innovation used in PH, and I love OoT but I'd much rather have had a new game designed for 3DS than a remake that quite frankly feels like a cash-in rather than giving it the love it deserves as a remake, which I think should be big screen and have PROPER, extra content added, to further the adventure for all of us who first played it and never got to see what was planned for the 64DD. 🙁

  • I take back what I said earlier about the gyroscope thing. That actually looks pretty sweet. Could accidentally whack someone in the face with it too. 😛

  • P-oed Gamer

    I am so P-oed that I can't get Ocarina of Time 3D, let alone a frekin 3DS until 2012.

  • Nanalee

    If not awkward in public than at least annoying if you're someone like me who actually needs to move every so often.. Stretching a bit and having the camera shoot some weird direction (if only for a second).. I'll be skipping that feature.

  • adlez

    did someone say that the water temple was hardest? cuz cooincidentally, twilight princess lakebed temple is hardest. why do water things have to be the hardest?

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    That looks so good, I can't wait to get a 3DS and pop this bad boy in. I'm getting more and more excited the more stuff pops up online.

    Thanks, ZU!

  • suchtie

    Looks pretty sweet. Definitely worth a try, although I’d still rather use the control stick.
    I also wonder if the 3DS can catch up with the fast movements you’d be doing sometimes…

    @offtopic: The TP Water Temple was a piece of cake. You just have to fill up that basin instead of changing the water height over and over again. I think it is one of the easier dungeons.
    The most difficult was the city above the clouds. (Don’t know any english term if it exists. I’m from germany and it is called ‘Kumula’ in german.)

    I’d LOVE to play TP now… shame that I don’t own a Wii or NGC. Have to use ms brother’s. I’ll try and ask him 😛

  • ???

    this game will hopefully pone. i hope they fix that bottle i mean really, A FREAKIN BOTTLE can reflect ganondorfs orb attack. serisley.

  • Mychael Black


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