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The European box art for OOT 3D has been released!  It features Link riding through Hyrule Field on his trusty steed, Epona.

If you look closely, you can see some of the landmark features of Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule:

Death Mountain, with its classic swirling death cloud is on the right, Lon Lon Ranch on the left, and if you look closely, you can see Hyrule Castle, right under that stunningly vibrant sunset.

Now look at the one America gets.  It just looks like the item sub-screen in gold.  Although it does emphasize the key element of music in the game by placing either Sheik’s harp or the Ocarina of Time in each corner, it pales in comparison to this gorgeous piece of art Europe gets when they receive their copy of the remake.

Which box do you guys prefer?  Gold or grass? Sub-screen or sunset?  Tell us in the comments below!

  • mistertc

    i prefer the european onz

    • mistertc

      typo one

  • Jennie-Wolf

    Oh the European box art look awesome. So jealous! What can't America get that too. 🙁

    • Jennie-Wolf

      Why*-what* Sorry for the typo. ^ ^;

    • Chief

      I agree.The European box art looks super awesome.

    • BlackOwlDog

      Maybe because you got nicer PH and ST boxart last time… Why can't they just agree on one awesome boxart? I almost didn't buy WW as a kid because of that crap and I still drool over that beautiful japanese box today! :'(

  • Eel

    I definitely prefer the European box art. The American one looks just as gorgeous, but the European one wins it for me.

  • I like the European one, it adds a lot more. A refreshing cover for a refreshed game!

  • Twisted-Indigo

    Damn, wish I lived in Europe.

  • Chad

    the european ones better but the 12 in the bottom left corner is REALLY ugly

    • cresent soul

      australia has a better looking ratings system. And yeah, Europe sort has an ugly rating picture.

  • XeniK

    The European one is much nicer.. Great to live in europe yay 😀

  • Europian guy

    I live in Europa, yayz >: D

  • OniSkullKid

    Yeah, hope they put the 12 on the back. Then it'd look purrrrrrfect xD

  • I laugh at the Europeans and their misfortune!

    …Why the hell does there have to be separate box arts anyway?

    • T Dave

      Its a message, clearly it says they Europeans aged 7 and under are superior to North Americans aged 7 and under, as our childrens eyes can handle 3D gaming whereas the Americans children have inferior vision

      I laugh at the Americans and their childrens misfortune!

      • OneHungryHippo

        Don't feed the troll…

  • Keith

    Of course we get the crappy one. ;( Ah well, I guess its a "don't judge a book by its cover" type of situation here, no? Because the game inside will be worth it.

  • KingdomHearts

    I live in Europe, and im really happy ! But i cant understand why they changed the box so differently ? Wouldn't it be much better if they just looked kinda the same ?

    But im happy tough, cause i prefer the european version, but still …


  • X x7

    The European one is sexy, why not North America?! It's so unfair!

  • Darkurai

    Why do I follow you guys? Your news always comes out days late.

  • anon

    america never gets good box art anyway.

    • Zeldafan

      Of course we don't. Because we don't judge a good game by its cover. Besides, you guys got ocarina of time for the n64 like a few months ago? Just a joke. But they both look good. Hard to decide between them.

      • Ashmic

        "We don't judge a good game by its cover"

        yet you guys freak out over OoT 3DS a good game is a good game!
        graphics good or not

  • Ashmic

    lol how come every other box version is always better than america hahahaha totally

  • MDH

    Oh man, the European cover gets my nostalgia juices flowing. Hopefully there will be a high-res version some time.

    I don't want to get a 3DS, but I'll be sure to watch many gameplay videos of this.

  • katyerin

    The European one is beautiful!

  • IF the game comes in the form of a golden cartridge, then I'll prefer the amercian box art. If not, Europe is an obvious winner.

  • Link

    I think the European one looks better, but the American on brings back the nostalgia back with the bright gold color.
    Personally, I just love the American box art though. But both are amazing.

  • Linklover

    fffff i wish i had the european one!!!! Damn!!!

  • i like the European one better because it gives more color

  • UsurperZant

    I have to say I really like the european cover. And luckily I live in Finland so I get that one when I buy the game. Can't wait!

  • David

    I think the European box art is much more beautiful, but I can't let go of the fact that the North American one pays homage to the original Japanese Ocarina of Time box art. I think for those reasons, they are equal by my standards.

  • I would've loved if the NA one used the banner from the demo sites with Ganondorf and Link fighting against the black and flame backdrop.

    But honestly, I'm just going to import the UK version and just pop my NA copy in. Sigh.

  • robotortoise

    Europe gets the cool OOT 3D box art AND a special Spirit Tracks box? Why NOA? WHY???

  • VampzFelier

    Both are beautiful, but the European looks awesome.

  • EDracon

    I actually like the NA one more, its simple and still looks beautiful.
    The EU one appears to be trying too hard to gain attention.

  • seba

    Fu.K…. loved european =(…. maybe time later i can buy both 😀

  • Gorons4Sale814

    hey, US looks fine to me, maybe it means we get a gold cartridge 🙂

  • Shaelyn

    I want to import the European one for the box…geez…

  • Acesulfamez

    I think they both look pretty cool…

  • OniSkullKid


    That's what he said…

  • blabiblubb

    Prefer the european one, but the american one gives you more of a nostalgic feel ^^

  • MoronOfTime

    Wow ^^ I'm so glad I live in Europe ^^' though the American one is nice too 🙂
    Sorry to all the people that can't get the one they prefer 🙁

  • dragonchi26

    I much prefer the European one. The artwork is VERY well done, and makes me want to play the game even more.

  • milenko

    i like the european one alot more why cant we get it 🙁

  • Mathias

    Yay! Europa edition looks awesome 😀

  • zoraluigi

    Europe always gets the better box art. First Spirit Tracks and now this… WTF.

  • People always want what they can't have… That EU boxart looks awesome, but I really don't think that the picture of the NA boxart is going to do the real print justice. You *can* always print off your own EU boxart and put it over the top of your NA boxart.. or make the case double sided! 😀

  • starwebs1

    I think I like the European one better, but I'm not sure. Oh well, I'm gonna have the American one because I live in America.

  • Phobbi

    when I saw the first one(the american) box art I was really disappointed, now I'm very very happy that I live in europe 🙂

  • AgentLym

    I personally love the American version! It's design seems much more fluid, and it really brings the words "instant classic" to mind. The European boxart, while beautiful, just doesn't fit the feel of Ocarina or Nintendo, in my opinion. Very third party. I vote Gold.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Wow, the European version is just so much better lol

  • MusicMonkey17

    Wow, tempted to go to Europe just for the case xD
    For now I'll be satisfied with the American Box art though. The amount of gold color actually annoys me though >.<

    • MusicMonkey17

      Nvm, looked at it a bit longer. The gold color isn't annoying, but I still prefer the European one.

  • Tetra

    Is considering moving to Europe for such a pretty game case….

  • Alessandra

    I like the European version more since it's more colorful although the American version isn't bad.

  • We(America) always get the crappy box art for nearly every single game.

  • Mucrush

    Just buy the EU version and print out the cover for the US version (forexample with the 12 rated mark added) and put it in place of the original cover ;D

  • I might get the European one just because it looks cooler. I prefer European because the cover looks like a very adventuress world whereas the Noth American has just Link and Epona, they could have at least made it with a sunset background similar to the Z.R.E.O OoT wallpaper.

  • Miss Poe

    I like both of them. But I prefer the european art… Luckily, I am an european. 🙂

  • UnknownTaco

    Definately the freakin' European art. Does it not seem like Europe gets almost all the best box art? Localization for America SUCKS!

  • CorvosKK

    Dammit! Why do we always get the crappy box art???

    We should have the new art for the cover as well. I think it really defines the remake. But at the same time, I like our use of the logo better lol

  • doctorquin

    Not to be that one guy that disagrees with everyone, but I prefer the American version. The European version, while beautiful, doesn't give the same impression as the golden cover on the American one. It's as if the golden box art exclaims "classic."

  • Am I the only one who likes the American box art better? If that harp becomes integral to the story then I’ll like it better. The European one is prettier, but I’ve seen that picture around before. The American one is rather unique.

  • ZeldaStrife

    haha, yeah. that did look simply epic.

  • Casual Vader

    Man, sometimes the European box art for games is just so much cooler!

  • Johaun348

    The European one looks better, but I don't like how the logo isn't centered. And although the NA box art isn't as good as the European version it is better than the N64 boxart.

  • cresent soul

    Australia better get the European box art. They usually do right?

    • Ultimon

      yaaaaaaaaaaaay I get European art!

  • cresent soul

    Perfect box art would be the european one but tinted gold so it seems ancient and, well, epic. And the gold reminds me most of OoT anyway from my childhood. So a bit from both would have been the best. Both a great though.

  • aw9000

    Well I gotta say I prefer the European boxart, even though I appreciate the golden texture we americans will be getting just because it reminds me of the old golden cartridges and boxes. I really like the art and work done in recreating what looks to be hyrule field with link + epona riding in the sun. Well done. But i have to say to the NA cover that image has already been used so many different times. Im not complaining but I do welcome what new and intresting details they decide to do with the overall game.

  • Ammy

    … Why can't everyone just have the same box art? I want the pretty European one, the art is new! NA's is just old official art.
    I wonder if I order the European version online, would I be able to play it on a NA 3DS?

  • I love the European box art, would love that as a desktop wallpaper or real poster someday and it also tells us that Nintendo has created new art for OoT! The American one is okay, it sort of has a nostalgic feel to it that reminds me of how the N64 box looked. Who knows, maybe we here in the U.S. will have the Euro art in the instruction booket or something?

  • Marty-o

    I like the American i think is more original than the European, and is more simple like the N64 box.

  • LOL Since when did the Sun set in the north!? xD FAIL!

  • John

    I prefer the American cover since it seems more epic. Plus isn't Kakariko Village below Death Mountain? I know the geography was rearranged for artistic purposes, but come on, it's inaccurate!

    • John

      My bad! That's Lon Lon Ranch, NOT Kakariko Village! Fail on my part!

  • DryYoshi

    Yay, once again we get the better version of something 🙂

  • Guil.

    I'm glad that we get actual new art for the European box. The American one has old art of Link on Epona. Although it respects the origin of the game I think the European box really lets you know that this game has something new to it. I'm glad to get the European version.

  • xinistri

    Just like with Final Fantasy, Australia & Europe get the classy Japanese style white background with just the logo whilst Americans have to have a really busy action movie looking cover… Remember FFVII. VIII & XII… They looked more like a bloody Star Wars poster than an FF game.

  • AbyssBlur

    Ahahaha! Tough luck, Americans, we get nice Art Cover!

    Nah, kidding! The game will be great! Let's see if they can improve the so called *cough cough* "[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]!!1" to new level…

  • That Kid With The C

    I prefer the American box art. The classic gold is nostalgic, and its eye-catching, yet simple, which is without a doubt the best combination you can get when it comes to cover art. It's subtle yet flashy, so that when looking at it closely it seems plain, but from far away it stands out to you, which is what you want out of a piece of cover art: draw in people but don't scare them away with gaudiness or complexity, as generally people begin to doubt things the more they think about them. It just looks more sophisticated, more thought out, like it was put together by a team of ace marketers and graphic designers, not by a bunch of fanboys (i.e. the European cover art). Cover art is supposed to advertise the game (or other product), and the American box art does that perfectly.

    The European cover art looks like they slapped a logo onto a piece of concept art. Its a beautiful piece of concept art, don't get me wrong. I can understand why hardcore Zelda fans would prefer it, and I myself would love it as a poster on my wall or as a background on my desktop. But good art doesn't necessarily equal good cover art, and just because its a great piece of concept art from the game doesn't mean it advertises the game well.

    • DarkOwl

      I agree with your descriptions, but I would argue that fanboys are more likely to design the US one BECAUSE similar cover designs exist throughout the Zelda series. Fanboys respect the product more than any marketing team and would want it to look as high quality as they can make it. By contrast, a marketing team have one and only one aim: sell as many as possible – and that means putting on a pretty picture.

  • Jarmihi

    I like the American verson. Just about every, if not all, Zelda game has had a golden cartridge/box/case/disc/card. It gives them a sense of being "above" all other games with "normal" backgrounds.

  • Nan

    Personally I prefer the Gold. Reminds me of the old games.. Looks less "cheap" in my opinion. I mean it's pretty but there's just something about it..

    • DarkOwl

      I agree, the US one looks classy – at least it does to a Zelda fan anyway. Whereas, as Crazyfreak points out, I reckon the vibrant colours of the EU one is intended primarily to draw in new players. But I don't quite understand why different regions may have different marketing aims.

  • For Zelda fans, I appreciate the golden one of US but for new customers the EU one is way more eye catchy.

    I'll get the EU one, Oh well 🙂 I still prefer the old black Oot with gold like we got in 1998!

  • Octoroks

    Meh, I'll get rid of the box within days

  • Right. Us in europe get it a 12 (AWESOME), EPIC new artwork, and you in North America get a cross between TP and OoT. Cyool. Like the Europle one though. LOVE IT.

  • DarkOwl

    We've seen differences like this before – most notably in Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. Generally North America boxes get patterns and use mainly one background colour, whereas the European ones are more like photographs from Hyrule. There have also been some insignificant differences – take a look a the Minish Cap ones for example. View all box art here:

    But can someone please explain to me WHY different designs are made for different areas?

    • America easily had the best box art for Majora's Mask.

  • DarkOwl

    Aso – small observation: I wonder why Nintendo, when creating the 3DS banner to go on all box covers, chose to move it to the right, when it's on the left of the original DS games…?

  • Why do the American game boxes never look as cool as the international ones? The North America box is cool, but the European box is more colorful and definitely more nostalgic.

  • gg222r

    the european one is better in my opinion is definitely better but if you look at the american one in a bigger size… it kinda grows on ya, dont it?

  • Aeth777

    I have never been jealous of other Country's Box Art. I like America's but Europe's looks AMAZING!

  • European!

  • Ulises

    If that's the sun who´s coming out of behind the casttle, then the image is wrong, because that´s the north, and we all know that the sun always rises from the east (i think that's Death Mountain area) and sets on the west, (behind Gerudo valley).

    Don´t get me wrong, it looks beautifull and all, but someone just messed up with the geography of the so-called "Best videogame ever"

    P.D. If you really want to have the european version of the box art you can just print the image from the web, (there are places where you can get really awesome quality) then place it on your game's box and that's it.

  • Snowie

    I kinda prefer the European one more.

  • why do we get the not so cool cover?

  • The EU Box art is good, looks epic and simple at the same time, although they got the mapping all wrong. We can see Lon-Lon Ranch's Entrance facing the right side of the picture, but then the Hyrule Castle is in the background! They should be facing each other! And Death mountain on the left? Whut?

  • Brian

    the u.s one looks alright, in fact it looks like the N64 U.S box, but i might realy defending U.S box because thats what im getting

  • William

    European is the winner. Who wouldn't want to see Link riding off into the sunset, leaving with everything at peace again, thinking of all the memories. But I also find the N.A. one is more ancient, and looks cool too. It's a fresh cover against an ancient cover. I like them both, though.

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