Morpha by Tony Vargas

Morpha by Tony Vargas

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, IGN has scoured the internet, collecting 80 pieces of beautiful, original art featuring the antagonists of The Legend of Zelda series. These include the likes of some of the largest, most iconic boss fights featured in the games, to the smaller enemies lurking only in the darkest corners of Hyrule.

Each art post features commentary from some of IGN’s biggest Zelda fans, and paired with the beautiful illustrations, it makes for a great read. If you’re a fan of fantastic artwork and The Legend of Zelda (you know you are!), you should definitely check it out on IGN here.

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  • ThrowdownN64


    • Everybody that says "First" and nothing else should be sacrificed to Ganon!

  • Darkdoom400

    Did anyone see the Dead Hand and ReDead pictures? I could barely sleep for the past couple days, now I can't sleep at all!

    • Artimus-Maora

      Yeah; those were frickin' AMAZING. If they had looked like that in OoT…. I would STILL be awake at night. XD

  • Hydra

    Still going through it, some pretty impressive artwork here. The people who compiled the list, however, are guilty of a few glaring errors. Vaati did not debut in The Minish Cap, and miniblins are not the enemies on top of the outposts in the Great Ocean…

  • All of this artwork is so impressive and beautiful. It makes me drool! THIS IS WHY I'M GOING TO ART SCHOOL! So I can make art. Someday LIKE THIIIIS! 8D

    • Chief

      Same here!

  • starwebs1

    I submitted this article through the Submit News thing. lol.

    But anyway, yeah, Darkdoom400 is right, I like shivered when I saw Dead Hand. It was so disgusting and gross and horrifying.

  • Fuji

    Somehow this art-style reminds me of the one in skyward sword. I mean this mix between celshading and impressionism . It just looks great and also fits the typical zelda atmosphere. Yes Myamoto has made the right decision when choosing this art-style as the best suited for the new zelda . Imagine the final game with nearly the same visuals . Oh yeah skyward sword will be one epic master piece !

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