After concluding the ZU forum event Design a Boss last January, the leading participants were promised to have their Legend of Zelda boss idea showcased on ZU‘s homepage along with an illustration of the boss.

The latest round of Design a Boss, titled Hiver, had participants submitting winter or ice themed bosses that would be suitable for the upcoming LoZ title, Skyward Sword.

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TheGoldenSage of the ZU forums submitted the following boss idea to the contest:


Candy Maker:

Origin of the Boss


On a mysterious icy island, hidden in the clouds between Skyloft and Hyrule, is a little town known to few. A town made of igloo-like houses. And near this town, there lives a man named Blonblons. As a child, Blonblons found a basket of candy that had fallen from the sky. He had adored everything about it: the look, the smell, and the taste. There was chocolate, cotton candy, ice cream, and many others. However, after eating it all greedily, he tried telling the town of what he had found, but they didn’t believe him. Since then, he dreamed of making the same sweets. He tried everything he could to recreate the amazing taste, but there was nothing like it anywhere in his town.
The townspeople were sympathetic to his plight, and all of them encouraged him to follow his dream– they even offered to help him. He appreciated the help but declined, as he wanted to make it on his own.

After years of work, Blonblons was in despair, struggling to find the proper ingredients; however, one day, a stranger passed through their town and came to Blonblons. It was a small old woman, who had heard of his struggle. She gave him a small bottle of sugary liquids and told him to pour it on any ice in the land, and it would give him what he desired. Following what she said, he went to an area of ice and poured the special liquid on it. The ice changed and molded into the candy he had tasted so many years ago. With a new hope, he opened a shop, bringing the special sweets with him. He made gumdrops, chocolate, cotton candy, ice cream, and many others; but when the townspeople tried the new candy, many of them fell ill, succumbing to strange side effects. Thinking he did it intentionally, they exiled Blonblons from the city. He left the town and set up a house in a cave on a dark part of an icy field, while never stopping to find what he was missing in his pursuit to make the best candy.

Link appears on this icy island when he jumps off an unusual area of Skyloft and lands in the center of the town.

Boss Description:

Blonblons is twice the size of Link and is very a slender person, seemingly possessing very little muscles. He has a large red mustache and a bushy red afro, which causes you to overlook his small beady eyes, pointy ears, and skin that is as white as snow. And on his body, he wears a white coat that wraps loosely around him, while a crimson sash encircles his waist. A tattered red cape drapes over his shoulders, extending to his knees; and his feet are fitted with red shoes that have a curled tip, causing them to end in an amusing loop.


When Link encounters Blonblons, a chase begins throughout a cave that serves as the dungeon. At the beginning of the dungeon, your sword will change into a blue icy lollipop and fall on the ground. Press the action button over it and Link will break the white pole off the candy. The white pole serves as his sword, while the round candy, with blue and white swirls, sticks on Link’s arm, functioning as a shield. Throughout the dungeon, you will encounter two other candies that are the size of Link’s fist. They are hidden in the ground. To find them, Link’s white sword will glow a certain color when he is close to them. The closer he gets, the brighter it will glow until Link sees a faint glow in the ground. To eat the candy, stand next to it and press the action button. Link will dig the candy out with his hand and put it in his mouth. He can use these candies to navigate through the rooms, as each room uses a particular candy. This acquaints you with the abilities in the fight against Blonblons.


Candy Items:

· Blue Lollipop: Sword & Shield. The lollipop is your sword and shield that has been transformed into an icy lollipop. The shield has the added property of enemies sticking to it if you use a shield bash attack against them. If you go to your Item Pocket by pressing the B button, and select the candy shield, Link will lick the blue shield, allowing you to regain a heart’s worth of health; however, you are only allowed to lick it three times.

· Red Gumdrop: Sugar Dash. This is a red candy made of flavored ice, shaped like a gumdrop. Eating a gumdrop will cause Link to get a sugar rush, allowing him to run three times as fast as he normally does for thirty seconds. He will not stop until the sugar rush ends; however, you can control which direction he runs. When it does end, he will get somewhat dizzy. He recovers in three seconds.

· Pink Bubblegum: Bubble Link. This candy is made from snow and of another chewy substance. When Link chews it, he will be filled up with air, causing his waist to magically expand five times as large as his normal size. He can float high into the air like a balloon, allowing him to reach previously inaccessible rooms or enemies; however, he cannot use his weapons in this form.

When eating either the Gumdrop or the Bubblegum, Link will shiver and lose quarter of his health, so you cannot abuse the abilities. Also, when Link consumes a candy, a circular meter appears next to Link, showing you the duration of the ability and when it will run out.

The Battlefield:

Once Link follows Blonblons through the cave, they appear on a field that is as half as big as Hyrule Field. Instead of snow, it is covered with red, white, and pink ice cream. With every step Link takes, he leaves footprints on the creamy ground. There are hills that look like colossal scoops of ice cream that Link can travel across like a regular field. And traveling on the ground is like walking on ice, meaning Link can easily slip and lose traction on the surface when he runs.

Phase One: Sword Fight

Blonblons doesn’t use a shield. Because of Blonblons’ lanky disposition, he relies on his agility to dodge sword strokes, of which he is very adept. His weapon of choice is a large candy cane made of ice, which he can swing just like a sword. The candy cane also has the ability to extend its length three times its normal size for a short period. When he extends the cane, he will distance himself from Link and perform a horizontal spinning attack that covers a good distance. You cannot shield against this attack. You can dodge it by rolling underneath it at the proper time.

To beat this phase, Link must get close to Blonblons and perform a shield bash by using your Nunchuck, which causes Blonblons to stick to the shield. While stuck, Blonblons cannot dodge your attacks. However, it is not easy to use the Shield Bash against him while he is swinging his cane at Link. When Blonblons’ attack connects with your shield, it subtly knocks you back a foot, causing you to be out of range for your Shield Bash. The key is to keep dodging his attacks and wait for the right moment to perform the Shield Bash. Once he is stuck, Link can swing away on Blonblons for several free hits. However, after several hits, Blonblons will detach from your shield. After repeating for two more times, Blonblons’ candy cane sword will shatter into pieces, and he will ditch the sword fight.

Phase Two: Sugar Race

In phase two, Blonblons pulls up a large ice gumdrop that was hidden under the ice cream ground. He eats one, causing him to run away from you. This becomes a race. You cannot wait for Blonblons to get tired like Link, as he contains a constant supply of the gumdrops with him, so he will not stop. Find a gumdrop with your sword. Eat it and follow Blonblons across the ice cream field. Since the floor is slippery from the ice cream, Link will lean to the left or right after running on the surface for a time. Use the white pole that is functioning as your sword to correct yourself if you start to fall. For example, if you lean too much to the left, you need to flick the Wii remote to the left, hitting the ground. This will cause Link to rebound and remain balanced for 10 seconds. Sometimes Link might subtly shift to one side, tricking you into reacting on the wrong side. When you catch up to Blonblons, whack him with your white sword. After two more assaults, he will abandon this phase.

Final Phase: Bubble Fight


In this fight, Blonblons pulls out an enormous piece of pink bubblegum from his pocket. He chews and swallows it, causing him to turn into a giant plump version of himself that looms over half the field. While he floats over the field, small pieces of bubblegum fall out of his pocket onto the ground. These pieces are much smaller than the one Blonblons ate. After Link eats one, he floats into the sky with Blonblons. Link is much smaller than he is. While Link is floating in the air, hold the Wii Remote horizontally from your body and turn the Remote in a clockwise circular motion towards the television. This will cause Balloon Link to spin in the air and move forward. The faster you move, the faster Link will spin. Direct Link towards the body of Blonblons and ram into his belly. Blonblons will try to spin away from you, but if you hit him, Blonblons will get much smaller, and Link will float back to the ground. Repeat two more times, and Blonblons will float back to the ground, admitting defeat.

Story’s Conclusion:

Link brings Blonblons back to the town. After the people hold him responsible for his actions, and after Blonblons repays his debt to the townspeople, Link persuades the town to gather together to help Blonblons build his candy shop again. This time, Blonblons gratefully accepts their help. He thanks Link for saving him from his candy obsession, and he promises to give Link a year’s worth of sweets if he ever gets it right. Link politely declines.


Illustration of BlonBlons:

Illustrated by IGNIS of ZU


TheGoldenSage placed third on the latest round of Design a Boss and was awarded with Wii DLC.

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