Even after all of these years, official art has been hard to come by. The original releases had dark shading and weren’t very large to begin with. However, I have stumbled upon the “Holy Grail” of high resolution re-releases of the official art at the German site ZELDA EUROPE. All appear to be touched up, recolored, and will make a great addition to any Ocarina of Time collection whether printed out or kept on your computer.

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There are a lot of new details in these images. Textures can be seen on skin, clothes, and armor. Examples include Ganondorf having two toned irises and Zoras actually have green lining under their eyes. Remember, these are just a couple of examples of new details I’ve seen. The high resolution pictures can be seen at the Artwork and Illustrations pages. But I warn you, th0se images are HUGE. Please share what new details you see in the comments below!

Source: ZELDA EUROPE, crazyfeak
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