In today’s episode of the ZU Mailbag, our very own Super Moderator Pani is here for a guest appearance answering your questions. If you have any new questions you’d like answered, post them in the comments and they will hopefully be answered next week.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Pani, be sure to subscribe to her new channel so that she can continue her good work and more importantly so that it outperforms Jason’s new channel, which will make him cry.

  • Holy

    That was a good mailbag. I really enjoyed it and Pani's voice is rather awesome.

  • xosgni

    FINALLY some variety.

  • Reedsta

    Dear Jason/Pani/Jason,

    I heard a rumor about Sheik that Sheik wasnt actually Zelda but was really some other random guy that and zelda had used some kind of magic and put herself inside of sheiks body. What do you think about this?
    Could it be true? Theres no evidence that says that it could be but couldnt it be a possibility?

  • Dorium

    Ooh, I like Pani style!

  • Deikios

    Finally a woman. Bi-winning.

  • BGSchoolcraft

    I liked Pani's Mailbag… Jason and her have a really good presence. I do want to mention this, however: Tatl and Tael are supposed to be "Tattle Tale", as is someone who gives away information. So "Tael" would be pronounced "Tale". ๐Ÿ˜€

  • milenko

    reedsta you are thinking of the loz oot manga

  • BGSchoolcraft

    Nope, at the moment you get the Poacher's Saw in OoT, the Kokiri girl tells you that everyone becomes a Stalfos. Begin watching the following video at about 4:00 if you don't believe me.

    • Mahboi

      Oh, that's strange.
      When you 'l-target' a skull kid in kokiri forest and ask navi about it she says 'is this what happens to kids when they get lost in the forest?'
      But yeah, the girl sounds more sure of her buisness.
      Thx for clearing that up

  • MysteriousHat

    This world needs more girls that talks about nerdy Zelda stuff, because they're awesome.

    • mini link

      pani wats ur #?!!! lol

  • dfdf

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    • Liah

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    • mini link

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    • cloverplayer

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    • Punnutty

      Pani can read this find you and kick your but.

    • cresent soul

      come on, mate, grow up. Just because you're on the internet doesn't make it okay to say stuff like that. Respect is due to others, no matter what.

  • MusicMonkey17

    Please refrain from making stupid/ignorant questions.
    Anyways, pretty cool Mail Bag episode here. There was way too much use of the word 'Magic' in the last minute though :p

    • MusicMonkey17

      *Comments, not questions.

  • darkherodude

    i agree with the idea of the series going back to termina because the world of termina seems so strange and amazing i hope to see more of it

    • cresent soul

      termina and everything from MM should be a one-off thing. MM is that secret personal side adventure of OoT Link. Accordingly, revisiting it would really take away from the mystery and "one-moment" aspect that many of us fans had playing the original. Anyway, milking stuff is the last thing Zelda needs. Trust me, a game set in a new world with new material would satisfy more people. Just like MM did when it introduced us to Termina. Change, Change, Change.

  • herooftwilight

    hope we see more of Pani its nice to have some eye candy while watching the mailbag ๐Ÿ™‚ even though I do like Jason

  • cloverplayer

    hi Pani/Jason/Cody, I posted this twice before but I guess you didn't think it was a question.

    Do you think that they will add more items availible in skyward sword before the official release? In the demo it looked like there weren't too many items, and one thing I love in a zelda game is lots of items. (a link to the past)
    Also do you think that the "hyrule field" in skyward sword will be a huge, open field with lots of hidden secrets (golden bugs, poes), or instead just a bunch of different areas like the one the demo had?

    • cresent soul

      personally getting the feeling that they are going to have less items but make the player depend on each item more over time and have muliple uses per item. E.g. I notice that the bow was used for hitting enemies but also for attaching things to walls. Whip was used to take things but also to distract enemies.

      I think that's the way to go.

  • mini link

    she is hot she needs to do all the mailbags!!

  • I laugh at accents. Nothing against the person with the accent๏ปฟ I just think it's funny.

    • leprousretard

      You do understand that the concept of "accent" is somewhat loose and relative. So to someone from Australia for instance you'd be the one with the accent. . .just sayin'. . .

      • cresent soul

        actually, I thought she spoke perfectly normal. Then I realised I'm Australian too. ๐Ÿ˜›

        Funny how that works. If aliens came to Earth, they'd laugh their heads off listening to us.

  • Ammy

    Addressing the voice acting question…
    Personally I like the "voice acting" that was done in TP. The made up language/gibberish that Midna did was fine, and we still got the text boxes ๐Ÿ™‚
    If they did this for all the characters (excluding Link) and NPC's that would be really cool!

    • mini link

      yea its sound good, i mean it worked out good in dragon age, so maybe it can worke for zelda. but i still dont think they should do it.

  • Punnutty

    Jason is Better, but that was very good.

    • Punnutty

      Sorry what the fudge did I type, I like the mailbags and anybody that does the mailbags.

    • cresent soul

      Jason is more fun to watch because he's a great entertainer with those voices and energy and passion. But this person is fine too. She's just a bit, I don't know, monotoned. Not trying to be rude, that's just what I was thinking watching the video.

      But she does know her stuff and is answering very well. And she answered more questions in a single video. So overall, she's quite good.

      But I don't think anyone can ever really beat Axle The Beast on Zelda dungeon. Just saying. That's the current bar IMO.

  • protorpop

    link from OOT is in MM. Link from… some zelda game is in links awakening.

    • cloverplayer

      I think zelda 1 and 2

    • :3 OoT Link is the same Link as MM Link. WW Link is the same as PH Link. I think there might be a couple of others.. but those are the ones I'm absolutely certain about.

      • LinkmasterYoda

        Link from MM is in the Oracles Serieswith Links Awakening after that, seeing how Link rides back to hyrule in the title screen of seasons/ages

        • Punnutty

          So OOT, MM, OOS, OOA, LA Link is the same like WW, PH Link, oh Ganondorf said Link (WW) is the hero of time reborn. and in ST Lokomos could die and come back with no memory of his/her past life, HENCE my theory Link could be a Lokomo.

          • OOM

            Well I personally assume that link is, considering Anjean is generally accepted to be Tetra. It's probable that they both found the new land and became the Lokomo's together, but Link died before Tetra, causing him to be reborn and become a train conductor

          • LinkmasterYoda

            yess Link's art style in the title screen of OOX is similar to his art style in MM

  • asasas

    I definetly enjoy more your mailbag, i wonder why?

    • mini link

      i think its cuz shes cute and not as hyperactive as jason, but i don enjoy his way of doing the mailbag too. they need to take turns doing it.

      • Punnutty

        mini link that last sentence hahahahahahaha oh that was funny hahahahaha I'll stop laughing now.

      • cresent soul

        honestly, if you found a person in the world who didn't have a single bone of attraction to any sex, then I believe they'd most likely pick Jason. We can't deny that he's better at speaking and entertaining. He may not answer the best answers, but he's interesting to listen to and funny as crazy. I think that's quite important.

  • margar

    Pani, nice job. I never heard your voice before. You're so cute, I want to just put you in my pocket and carry you around :3

    • cresent soul

      slightly creepy

  • Liah

    Yeah, Panixxorz, you did great. Nice balance with Jason's enthusiasm and Cody's quirkiness. Maybe next time let Jodd poke his head into things too? :33

  • Genshai

    I AM jealous of your ice cream >.<

  • linkdude101

    Pani was great, her accent is awesome! She REALLY needs to do the mailbag all the time. Anyway, I've got a question.

    Do you think we'll ever see the scene in which Link's mother brings him to the forest shortly before Ocarina of Time in a Zelda game? Or will Nintendo avoid that to keep up the "you are Link" thing?

  • cloverplayer

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    • cloverplayer

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      • Genshai

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        • Genshai

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          • cloverplayer

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  • cheetagirl72

    i was wondering if link had any family other then his grandma and sister, like a mother or a father and why dont his sister and grandmother make any other apearances

    • Punnutty

      Because Ganondorf/Ganon hates Link and wants him to suffer and kills his family, oh also I think in MC he had a relative that was a blacksmith.

  • cheetagirl72

    pani should do all the mailbags she very good at it she has alot of fans

  • u mad? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Aaron

    Wow, the creeps always come out when there's any video involving a female.

  • Liah

    … You masturbate to people making videos talking about the Legend of Zelda? lol k.

  • I have a question… Why did one user say Ocarina of Time 3D is being released on a DS system… 3DS is unrelated to the Nintendo DS and it's big brother DSi – It's the next generation handheld console and it will be around for 5 years just like the OLD DS consoles. They said they always wanted to see Hyrule in 3D and remake the game because it looked "rough and ugly" and the guy who made it wondered why people ever played it. He wanted to build the game from scratch and have it be portable instead of attached to a home console, so all the engine; controls etc… other than the audio has been completely rebuilt for 3DS and it is not a port, rather a reversioning.

  • Greg

    Creepers! What is pani like 16?

    • OOM

      Hey, maybe said creepers are only, like, 16 themselves ๐Ÿ˜›

  • cloverplayer

    who the heck is the troll who is voting every single person in the last 20 posts down?!?

  • Punnutty

    Hey Cody if you realy want to rub it in use chocolate cake, or chocolate cake with ice cream.

  • Rurouni Rinku

    Actually, there are many references to the many Links being related. In ALttP, the legends stated that in Hyrule's times of need, a hero would appear to defeat the darkness, and a legend told later in the game mentions that only a descendant of the knights of Hyrule could be this hero, and the Windwaker pays attention to this detail during the second quest where the Hylian text has been translated. In the conversation between The King of Red Lions and Jabun, there are doubts of Link's chances of success, as he has no connections to the legendary hero of time. In fact, this lack of relation is the whole reason WW Link has to conquer the Tower of Gods, to prove to the gods his ability (It may also be noted that this Link may have defeated Ganon, but was unable to save Hyrule).

    • Isn't being a descendant of the *knights* of Hyrule different to being a descendant of one of the other Links? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      Correct me if I'm wrong! :3

      • Punnutty

        Well WW Link is the hero of time reborn (As said by Ganondorf) so he is technically OOT Link future self split after beating Ganondorf.

  • Addlink

    Dear whoever decides to answer the mailbag this week,
    In recent video demos we see Link raising the skyward sword while down in Hyrule to gather power from the sky in order to unleash an almighty blow on villains. What do you think will happen to the sword when you are in Skyloft considering that Link would (theoretically) be unable to gather power from the sky (as he is already in the sky)? Would this then eliminate any ideas of temples in Skyloft or do you think that Link would have a different item to help him through any such temples? (Assuming that the Skyward sword would be essentially useless).

  • First of all, I'd like to apologize for my previous question (that one regarding Zelda and her intelligence) I didn't really think you would put it on the mailbag, and I just posted it as a bad joke.

    Now I'd like to post a better question: Given that in OoT (and many other games) Zelda is Princess of Hyrule, do you think she won't be born yet in Skyward Sword? Maybe we will meet a Queen of Hyrule? Maybe Zelda's Mother is Queen of Skyward?

  • cresent soul

    MM should never be revisited. It's my favourite game, but its quality is its mystery and that secretive personal journey feel. If you milk it, even once, it'll just make the original feel weak as. DON'T MILK MM. Just make a new world and an new adventure, easy.

  • cresent soul

    ahhh, that's right. stupid me

  • KevinNorwad

    Pani, I've fallen in love, mind if we hang out sometime? ๐Ÿ™‚