You guys remember the Song of Healing on wine glasses?  Well here’s three new videos from the same guy, Sp0ntanius.  The first one, which you can see above, is him playing the Lost Woods theme from Ocarina of Time, the next two, which you can see after the jump, are him playing the game over theme from the original LoZ with hair clippers and his own hair, and the Ballad of the Windfish song with child’s toys (and some actual instruments).  They’re really cool, so be sure to hit the jump to find and watch them.


Tell us which video is your favorite in the comments below!

  • twisted_indigo

    The Ballad of the Windfish one made me laugh.

  • The Rose

    I love how his hair turned out.

    • QueenxLink

      LOL ikr?

  • Ashmic

    I like the music, and I understand there is no Zelda news at the moment, but… sorry to say its messed up everyday its a youtube video of someone making music, yes its cool, but still, im not trying to be mean but i know im not the only one thinking this

    • wfgagd

      nigga you trippe

      • link man 606

        yes yes u r the only one thinking this

  • This man is amazing. I love the haircut one. That's such a great way to respond to all those comments. hahaha.

  • starwebs1

    My favorite was Saria's Song.

  • zeldarules

    I made that papercraft, it's hanging in my bedroom!

  • dark_link121

    random egg, lol

  • yanoit15

    the haircut 1…it burns the melody into my mind and makes me remember all the times i died….gotta love zelda!

  • QueenxLink

    Haha, I saw the first video a couple days ago! lol the comments on the haircut vid were so messed up… XD And that was a random egg..

  • Punnutty

    This dude is awesome, he is spontanius.

  • cheetagirl72

    he should chase a bunch of squirrels with a pogostick

    • cheetagirl72

      actually no he should chase squrrels on a pogo stick

    • link man 606