You may remember a while back we posted about First 4 Figures’ upcoming Darunia figure. Ripten has some production photos of the work in progress. Click the jump to see more!







Check out Ripten’s site to see more production pictures. To pre-order and see more photos of the finished product, check out Daruinia’s page on First 4 Figures.


Source: Ripten
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  • Millisar-san

    Kinda creepy with so many Darunia's lined up one after another 0_o;;

    • GorCoronSumo

      Darunia clones…

      • Millisar-san

        And lot's of em. ^^;;

  • Anomynous

    Dibs on the Darunia!!! 🙂

  • goronbot

    awesome but makes you wonder about
    if there is a Darunia in skyward sword

  • First 4 Figures has been releasing some awesome statues recently. I just got myself their Super Sonic statue and it looks amazing. They're really expensive, but you can tell they are very high-quality.

  • Partyboy3543

    Cool, wonder how much market price is though?

  • Drfeelgood666

    I would so buy this statue, but that oriental man wearing the bird-flu mask turned me off of the product.

    lol jk, These look awesome.

  • Kathryn

    That's a LOT of Gorons…

  • Those are fantastic. Very detailed, and true to character design. Next I want osme Darunia and maybe a GIANT DODONGO (rawrrr.) – an Odolwa would be near, or the Moon from MM – complete with a clear glass stalk to hold it up looming, staring menacingly down upon the (can't say unsuspecting, since its pretty obvious they all know what is kinda going on by now) townsfolk of Clocktown, and make that the rest of Termina, in fact. So many more cool characters, settings and objects. Another one? Raccoon-form Tarin!!

  • *some – and I meant Darmani XD

  • OniSkullKid

    Imagine Link being hugged by all those Darunias!