Here is (part of) another wonderful Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary tribute picture. This wonderful piece is part of a collaboration between almost 20 artists, including well-known ZU artist Feri-san (her work is pictured here). To see the whole picture and the artists involved in this piece, please refer to the deviantART link.

Source: The Legend of Zelda 25th Year
  • Zeldartist

    Eh? Too much of simple light-dark contrast/generical concept for my own tastes, and that "action pose" colorful pop-out Link is rather inappropriate given it's surrounding context. I'd fail the person if this was their final exam work in my college art class. Gosh, I'm being too harsh again.. OH WELL!

    • frannypacks

      No you are just being completely ridiculous, and founding a critique based on your own personal tastes. Tell me dear, did you ever go to an Art college? lol

      • I'm guessing no. I, however, am an art student and I don't think this is fail-worthy at all. It's flippin' fantastic. This would never be used as a final in the first place considering the Zelda franchise is copyrighted material. The fact that Zeldartist even suggested that makes me laugh. XD

        • CorvosKK

          Off-topic moment:

          Which art school do you go to? The one I'm about to graduate from allows us to use supplemental material, as long as we're not trying to use the art itself as ours, and as long as we have appropriate credits and a educational disclaimer. I'm not sure if that's something for certain majors or what though…

          And I could see this being like a group project (possibly a final, but unlikely) for like a 2D Design or Computer Illustration course

          • I go to Montserrat, in MA. It's a super small school. I guess it depends on the circumstances as to whether this kind of thing would be allowed or not, but I'm leaning more towards not. Fan-art just doesn't seem like it would be allowed, for various reasons. Chiefly, copyright nonsense and the fact that it's not entirely your creation. But I can't say I really know, so it's iffy.

    • CorvosKK

      Putting my Zelda-is-awesome bias aside, I still don't see how this is terrible. It's perfectly fine to have the characters pop out. they're not supposed to be part of the "scroll" in the background, so why should they blend more?

    • Art1st4786

      Speaking as someone with a B.F.A., I have to say that this piece was very well done. I'd probably make the contrast between Link and the background be a little greater (parts of him almost blend in with the background), but other than that, excellent work!

  • Beautiful art! ^^

  • KyleLink

    Such beauty! 😀 LOVE IT!

  • HAPPY B-DAY LINK!!!!!!!

    • Punnutty

      Zelda, Ganon , old woman and old man. They were in Zelda 1 too.

  • Alessandra

    I like this alot 🙂 so many different styles 🙂

  • Ferisan

    Loved working for this <3 Everyone has such a different style that when I saw the outcome I did stop to stare at it for a while x333 Thanks to Kichisu for organizing it!

    this came as a surprise, thanks for featuring it Jwalraven! <3

    • jwalraven

      No problem! I'm sure you guys put a lot of work into it. 😀

  • Korok12

    I like how Link, Zelda, and Ganon were featured on this work, especially how Zelda and Ganon are drawn in the background as a tapestry of sorts. It really brings to mind the nostlagia of the first game!

  • vick

    its funny how make more zelda crap then nintendo, almost like they dont give a shit

    • the_voice

      Nintendo is busy making full-length, high-quality games. Maybe they should be focusing on the really important projects, like fan art?

  • Vame

    The original Link's hair is too light honestly, but otherwise it's awesome.

    • Ferisan

      lol I wasn't sure what color to make his hair tbh, in the references I found it looked pretty light ;A; I made it darker originally but had to light it up in the end, buuuh :<

  • the_voice

    I'm not really crazy about how most of the Links look, but I think LoZ and MC Link turned out great. I also like the concept of drawing each of the four Links from FS(A) in a different style.

  • CorvosKK

    This is pretty sweet. I like the idea that it's a collab, it really lends itself well to the idea of the separate Links.

    Another poster to hang along with the 25th anniversary scroll 🙂

  • frannypacks

    If you don't like nintendo why the heck are you here? lmfao

    • shaelyn

      -because they are trolls. frustrating/pissing people off is what they do for grins. best to not even dignify them with a response.

  • Gui

    Hey guys you should check out meekakitty's video called "navi's song" i'd would be awesome if someone posted it here.