A youtuber by the name of “criticalpeak” has shared with us a recreation of Skyward Sword’s demo theme from E3.

Even though it’s purely midi that is playing, it sounds great; very relaxing if you were to go to the park right now! And if Skyward Sword’s soundtrack sounds anything like this, then the game will be twice as good as what will be expected!

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  • Hyoi Pear

    It's a nice one, but you could already find a lot of them on youtube.

    • Ya I have already seen this six times before they posted it 🙂

  • This sounds amazing. It would be sooo awesome if this were the actual theme. I'm expecting great things from Nintendo for this game. Music that trumps Super Mario Galazy 2? YES PLEASE.

  • Chief

    This is absolutely beautiful… The windows are open in my house, the birds are singing and its so pretty outside right now. It totally goes with this song. I feel like I'm in the Lost Woods. Haha!

  • spirittracksmaster

    I wonder where this music actually played in the game? Wherever it it is sounds great! I love the simple melody played with the flute .

    • cloverplayer

      its in the demo area with the stalfos mini boss and the scorpion boss from E3

  • Kairai

    Ah…..so peaceful. I love it 😀

    Good job, criticalpeak!

  • PaulHenry

    Nice to hear a theme in 5

  • bobbby

    this was actually posted several months ago but is still awesome. And I just remembered, I can't f*ckin wait for this game!!!!!!

  • Dark Link

    I'm the one who recomended this video to be posted here. I'm surprised that they actually did post. I can't blame them though. This music great!

  • Paffe

    Ahh…You get the feeling of spring while listening to this!
    I'm sure that if you listen to this while sitting on a bench in some park, you'll feel like you're in heaven!

  • Austin

    sounds like if you put the Nintendo 64 games, and Twilight Princess together, Sounds good

  • Blueknight9000

    I always like hearing new music in a zelda game. It seems so new a fresh for every game. I wonder what society will look and sound like in this game? Also I thought about assasins creeds gameplay alittle bit when looking at the game which I thought was intresting cause, I imagine link to be somewhat like Ezio Auiditoure

  • QueenxLink

    Zelda music always sounds great. ^^ ♥

  • As I said in the forums, the music go's along with the graphics so at some times it may be like this, and at sometimes it will be like Twilight Princess.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Gonna be honest, didn't find it all that great, I mean it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very good, as in, it's not memorable compared to themes like OOT's hyrule field theme

    An I just noticed something, if the graphics had the look and detail of the SS Link concept art, I would be very pleased with the graphics, I just hate the lack of texture detail especially for something that's supposed to represent a painted look when it really just looks like Mario styled graphics

    • I do agree with the music part (specifically the part that it this is not as full as previous Hyrule Field themes in the past and if this was the theme for Hyrule then it would be a little dissapointing.) However, I DO NOT AGREE THAT IT HAS A LACK OF TEXTURE OF A MOVING PAINTING! JUST LOOK AT THE TREE AND THEN MAYBE YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR SANITY THAT YOU STOLE! http://gamerant.com/e3-2010-skyward-sword-info-sc

      • gward

        dude…the tree looks horrible
        Its texture isn't very good.
        Don't use the tree as an example when the tree is so bad, there are other parts that have better texture and looks better….
        like in the same pictures, the clouds are way better than the tree
        they actually looks like clouds, where as the tree as sharp, thin sheets of green that are supposed to be leaves

        • gward

          whereas the tree has*

          • The tree is a great example. I used it to show off the meaning of the textures not the quality of the textures. The "sheets of green" is what Miyamoto drew to make it act as a moving painting.

          • gward

            sheets of green don't look like fucking leaves.
            you don't see that in paintings you see that in shitty animations.
            I'm not saying that the whole game's painting style sucks I'm saying the tree is possibly the worst example to showcase because it looks horrible.
            Everything else in the picture looks great; even the other trees look better than the giant tree because they don't have square holes in the middle of the green sheets of 'leaves'

            I'm sorry but the tree doesn't even look like a painting.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        I looked at the gameplay trailer, for what's supposed to look like a painting, the textures are incredibly bland, resembling more of SMG look, it's disappointing

    • cresent soul

      if zelda music was just grand epic stuff one after the other, then the music won't fit in context of each part of the game world. Also, loud epic music becomes more of a distractor than an enhancer. We aren't making a movie here and trying to make the "moments".

      • Sanity's_Theif

        I'm not saying they all have to be loud and epic, I was only making a comparison as to how memorable hyrule field's theme was, same with the gerudo desert and forest temple, that theme just doesn't have that, when I first heard the OOT themes I listed I instantly remembered them, but this one, I listened to it yesterday maybe, and the only thing I remember is that there's birds chirping in the background

  • KingDodongo1

    So beautiful and relaxing! Too bad it's cold and cloudy outside, though =(

    • Alessandra

      I agree with you, it's like that for me over here too this melody is just so relaxing. 🙂

  • vick

    yea this song sucked

  • KingOfHeart


    • You obviously don't live up to your name do you?

    • cresent soul

      gameplay music isn't supposed to be great on its own. If it was so loud or distinct in sound, then it would be distracting during gameplay. Good gameplay music ehances the gameplay, not itself. The best music are the ones that aren't noticed by the player, but are ringing brilliantly in the back of their heads without them noticing. It should create the right feel without overdoing it.

      • vick

        still dosent change the fact that the song sucks as dose your arguement.

      • LinkMasterYoda

        thats not music, thats ambience

  • WOOW,so cool

  • Korok12

    Sounds like a Zelda theme to me :p Well done!

  • cresent soul

    even though its very simple, it hits the nail in terms of creating the "zelda feel". It doesn't try and hard and come up with some loud "epic" grand sound. It creates a very relaxing and most importantly fitting tune. Music in games shouldn't be so grand that it becomes distracting. Just like in film, music in games must fit each part of a game and help, not itself, but the other elements of gameplay. May not sound the best thing in the world on its own like this, but as background music during gameplay it'll be golden.

    • bobbby

      which is why it was made for video games.

  • BlackOwlDog

    It's not the Hyrule Field theme I hoped for, but I like it: it's nice and peaceful, yet the feeling of adventure and discovery hasn't faded!

  • trimph forks

    This is simply beautiful! Very Zelda-like– makes me want to play the game! (That's when it comes out and I get a Wii :P.) I absolutely love it, no more words I can think of to describe it….

  • asdsf

    Logic FTW!

  • Harvey

    the song sounds great. It's very peaceful. The graphics look great and the song makes me feel like if I was outside the Forest Temple.