In an age where people are posting lots of random and useless things on the internet, webmaster Jason is doing absolutely nothing to stop that. Witness him walking around awkwardly holding his iPhone 4 up to his face while he talks about Zelda and other miscellaneous things for several minutes at a time! Marvel at the unscripted craziness! Help theorize about Skyward Sword‘s plot perhaps!

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  • twisted-indigo

    Jason rocks.

  • george

    kind of like tobuscus 😛

    • lifesavers2

      No, exactly like Tobuscus. 😀

  • GorCoronSumo

    A crazy thought struck. Could all your items have spirits and could Debbie be the Beetle? The teleporting could just be Debbie becoming the Beetle!

    • cloverplayer

      I seriously doubt it. Nintendo wouldn't do that to us

  • CommanderLink

    anyone notice the temple of time in the background at the very end @[email protected]

  • CommanderLink

    of the sword forging vid

  • Awesome, but don't try to be too much like Toby Turner. Do your own thing, Jason (though I love the references to him, hahaha).

  • ChainofTermina

    so wait, after you said that these videos will not be posted on the main site you proceeds to post the videos on the main site?

  • Ammy

    "Debbie could either be or not be the guilded sword. The big defense for that is the guilded sword is not actually a sword that is mystical or special in anyway, and I agree…there's no reason for debbie to be the gulided sword."
    YES, thank you! I'm glad I'm not alone.
    Aw, Jason, I'm disappointed you pronounced Gerudo wrong! ;P (sorry I'm a pronunciation whore).
    Anyway, this was an entertaining Video 🙂

    • Phantom7

      The guilded sword was forged from the Kokiri Sword, so it couldn't be possessive of any kind of spirit – especially that of a villain.

    • cloverplayer

      His jaw was falling off, remember?

  • I consider myself a diehard zelda fan. I'm 21 and wind waker is easily my favirote. Twlight princess was nothing more than a rehashed OOT.

  • cloverplayer

    IKR! I can't believe people were calling him retarded…

    • goronbot

      I agree with this guy hes not a retard but awesome debbie person

  • zeldarules

    It could be that the place in the sky was destroyed in the great flood that preceeded WW. :L

  • DarkOwl

    Is it just me who refuses to accept the split timeline theory?? I mean, there are a whole variety of plausible timelines that don't split into two, (and where there's a gap we can always assume another game will one day be made to fill it!)

  • orange juice box

    Jason should really get his own channel, like Cody

    • I keep telling him that :/