It seems as though the DSi and 3DS systems are getting all of the attention with the releases of Pokemon Black & White versions while the Nintendo Wii is left in the dark, only to collect dust.  Nintendo Wii sales have gone down and its game releases for this year are at an all time low, with only Skyward Sword on the edge; nothing else has been announced for release on Western shores. So who knows what Nintendo has in store for this promising year?

In the video, Reggie discusses the Nintendo Wii sales and how it has sold over 7 million units in three conseciutive years; that’s pretty darn good! Next, he talks about how Wii Motion Plus continues to be distinct from the Kinect and the Move. He says that the software that Nintendo puts out keeps the Motion Plus distinct from its rivals and will continue to do so with the release of Skyward Sword. Plus, Reggie says that Nintendo has big plans for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. It will be very different from what they did with Super Mario, but at the same time, it will be special. Very special! And there’s much more info in the video. Don’t take our word for it; watch the video and find out all the info that Reggie has to offer!

What are your opinions of Reggie’s commentary on the Nintendo Wii’s current status? Are you reassured that the Wii will do well or do you have some doubts lingering in the back of your mind? Are you hoping that a successor to the Wii will be announced at this year’s E3 convention? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Dewii

    I wonder what they'll do for the anniversary of Zelda… Hopefully we'll know soon! 😀

  • 1. Movie opening up with the Super Mario Galaxy overture? Hell yeah! ^___^

    2. Watching Skyward Sword clips to said overture was AMAZING and fit really well!. I hope Zelda games will one day have music as epic as the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack (right now, none of the Zelda games even come close).

    3. Dumb move to continue leaving Wii in the dark. I mean, sure it would be hard to "juggle three big balls (XDD)" at once. But since Nintendo are focusing their attention on the 3DS, they should at least share all their plans for the Wii right now so that it doesn't CONTINUE to be in the dark until E3. Skyward Sword is just one game. Did anyone ever think that there's more to gaming than Zelda? I know that there's news of a new Kirby and stuff, but that is being seriously downplayed and Nintendo should hype us with their plan for the year RIGHT NOW since they are focusing attention on the 3DS and Skyward Sword.

    4. It's interesting how Nintendo views their first party titles as legendary gods that hold systems over for a lengthy period of time, ie, Pokemon B/W and Skyward Sword. If you ask me, Nintendo should have more variety and quantity of first party titles all year 'round instead of one big game per quarter. Reggie said that the Wii is still "alive and kicking," but Nintendo seriously fails at proving this right. I want GAMES DAMNIT. AND WORK ON THE VIRTUAL CONSOLE.

    5. Regarding Zelda's 25th Anniversary, Reggie said that it will be a lot different than Mario's, but still a lot of fun. This COULD mean that we won't be getting special Wiis to celebrate. Maybe not even a collector's disc. Oh well.

    I wasted my time writing this since blind Zelda fanboys are going to hit the dislike button anyways.

    • cloverplayer

      Galaxy music is great, I agree, but it and zelda are completely different. you cant compare them. Zelda is perfect for the style of music it has, and so is mario. I'm just hoping they won't go overboard with orchestral music like they almost did in mario (like I said, it was great in galaxy but it doesn't fit zelda too well).

      but again, we all have our opinions, and I'm just stating mine.

      • cloverplayer

        I also think that pokemon should end. There are already tons of pokemon, and the first few games were great, even the fourth generation. but its haad its time and its time is over.

        • cloverplayer

          fine dislike me you probly misunderstood me I'm not saying that pokemon is dumb i still like it and you do too. I'm just saying that it isn't as good as it used to be. oh yeah, i just looked at my past comment and it looks really negative… apologies, I worded that wrong.

          • Vio

            I think you picked a bad time to pick on Pokemon, given that the latest generation is probably the most fresh and grown up since the original one.

            Also, never a good idea to say that a series should end. Non-Zelda fans throw the same kind of comment at Zelda, and its always irritating.

          • cloverplayer

            I know what you mean, but it would be awesome if they could make a finale that would be the best one yet. but it would be like impossible so yeah… forget that idea

      • You're wrong. It fits PERFECTLY for Zelda. As the video just proved.

        • cloverplayer

          "but again, we all have our opinions, and I'm just stating mine."

    • zeldafan4040

      I am a " zelda fan boy " but I am not going to dislike you. 🙂 I actually very much like what you had to say. You are just spittin the truth and I respect that! I agree with you on everything you said! I want MORE games too and Nintendo DOES need to step it up on that damned virtual console! Why can't I download Banjo Kazooie??!! 😛

      • ThatOneGuy

        @zeldafan4040 You can't download Banjo Kazooie because Microsoft bought Rare, who made the Banjo Kazooie games, so you won't be seeing it on anything except for the Xbox, sadly.

        Still, Nintendo does have step it up with the Virtual Console. That's one of the biggest thing the Wii has against its competitors.

    • Guest

      In Nintendo's defence for them thinking that their first party titles can hold their systems for a lengthy period of time, Pokemon is the world's second best selling franchise, and Black and White sold over 1 million copies on it's first day of release in the US and 2.5 million on it's first day in Japan! I'm guessing that the first best selling is either Mario or Zelda (I haven't bothered to check, sorry), so Nintendo really doesn't even HAVE to make more than one big game per quarter. It still sucks that Nintendo doesn't have a bigger variety of games year-round, I'm just saying that business-wise, Nintendo is all set.

      • No, you're right. But if I were them, I'd capitalize on the money they are racking in right now. The Wii has so much potential, yet Nintendo has hardly done anything with it. For example, there could me new channels, a much stronger virtual console, and a new first party game coming out once every couple months. If the Wii is supposedly "still alive and kicking" as Reggie put it, it's still being malnourished.

    • cdizeldafanrofl

      im not just hoping for an upgrade on the virtual console, but also wiiware. The games on wiiware are all completely dumb besides a few like pkmn rumble and fluidity. But seriously, nintendo, FROBOT?! WTF?!

  • cloverplayer

    who else thinks that in the skyward sword second trailer they show the e3 demo at the beginning with the door part? proof that it is in the game.

  • Pacem

    "We're already juggling two big…balls"


    • vick


  • Keith

    Reggie is my hero. <3

  • CEObrainz

    This is getting me excited, although you do need to be wary of major spending, Maybe they will put Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS in the same package for the 25th anniversary. We can only hope…..

  • iFletchyTV

    please please pleeeeease let it be a Collectors Edition with all Zelda games to date!!

  • Keith

    I kind of felt this as well. Starting last year as it was. Most of their big name franchises have Wii titles and its lived up to its potential. And I do think I recall someone from Nintendo hinting at a console saying it is in the works but they're keeping it under wraps for now to prevent Sony and Microsoft from copying it before its released. I don't recall when or where I heard this so take it with a grain of salt, but it is something I remember hearing.

    So I think a holiday release of Nintendo's next home console is fairly likely. Skyward Sword could very well be the last big game for the Wii. And if we're right then I'm so saving my pennies up lol. But it is something I noticed. The DS game out short before the Wii and now we're getting the 3DS when the Wii's on life support so perhaps 3DS is a hint to the next home console

    • I fully agree with both of you guys when it comes to the Wii nearing its life expectancy. I too have noticed that when Nintendo is intensely working on a new console, they tend to ignore the last one. Skyward Sword may in fact end up being the last hurrah for the Wii. It's sad in a way, and I have no idea how I'd be able to afford a new system but hey, Twilight Princess was, in a way, THE game that I left high school with. Leaving college next year with Skyward Sword would only be all too fitting!

      Hopefully the next console will bring Nintendo's focus back to us, the core gamers. Wii has been innovative and cool, but in all honesty, I only own six games for it including Wii Sports. Some of that is due to me trying to save money, but it's mostly because I just haven't been too impressed with the games that have come out for it besides a select few. Compared to my other home consoles (all of which have at least 20-30 games each), my Wii has hardly seen any use at all.

      • cloverplayer

        but if you think about it, what can they do except add on to the new consle? They're still coming out with a new consle sometime, that's inevitable, but what do they have left to do? Maybe a 3d wii with a camera built in like the playstation camera? Or maybe a no controller consle? that would be interesting, but would take a while to get used to.

        • Yeah, that's true. I mean let's face it: most of Nintendo's systems only last for about 5-6 years before they move on to the new console. So yeah, a new console either this year or next year sounds about right. I'm really hoping that Nintendo improves the graphics on its next system (although I still hold gameplay and story in higher regard). I'm sick of fighting with Sony and Microsoft fanboys who say the Wii's graphics "are utter crap because they're not HD!" Better internet connectivity would also be a plus, as online gaming on the Wii isn't nearly as good as Xbox Live or PlayStation Online.

  • Anomynous

    limited edition zelda wii with skyward sword and a limited edition zelda Nintendo 3ds with OoT. Thats What I'm Guessing

    • jjjtttfff

      he said it was going to be different from the mario anniversary, not exactly the same.

    • dylan

      I would love a zelda 3ds, this needs to happen now

  • Peter

    YES!!! That would be amazing!

  • Well considering that they're just about tot release the 3DS and as Reggie said, they're going to keep pushing Wii to it's full extent, and if they do that with the 3DS, then I don't have to save up $300 bucks for a Wii successor until 2025! I commented this on another post but I was thinking something very strange.
    1. Maybe (although 99.999999% unlikely) they will make every single Zelda game up to date in 3D with Wii motion Plus!
    2. Maybe they will release all of the 2D games on one disc, or all of the 3D games on one disc with enhanced controls.

  • X x7

    I feel like the Wii is reaching the end of its days now. Maybe I'm thinking that because of how much I want a 3DS and how much they are pushing that, but still, I feel like it is. The Gamecube lasted from 2001-2006, five years, it's 2011, the Wii has existed for five years, I think that it's time for a new main console. The only problem is, I don't see how the Wii could add enough features to it to actually have to make a completely new console. I would love to see what Nintendo could pull off, and possibly, Skyward Sword could be a Twilight Princess type of game; made for the past system when the newer system is just coming out. Also, it really only makes sense that Nintendo doesn't care about the Wii anymore. History is repeating itself, my friends. With the DS release in 2005 and the Wii release in 2006, you can see how Nintendo didn't really care about the Gamecube anymore. The same goes with the 3DS release in 2011 and the (Insert Nintendo's next home console name here) release possibly in 2012?

    • Zeta89

      I do not feel the Wii has reached the end of its life cycle yet. First point, is that there are very few motion plus games out for the Wii right now. Second, Nintendo has released the Wii-mote plus (one with motion plus built in). Why would they update the Wii-mote if there were no new motion plus games in the pipeline. Finally, I think Skyward Sword is going to convince others to jump on the motion plus bandwagon. New motion plus games could be enough to keep the Wii current for possibly another console cycle.


    I am so sick of waiting for Zelda Wii. HURRY UP NINTENDO!!!

  • dark_link121


  • Nintendo is so good at keeping secrets. I actually admire them for their ability to keep things from leaking out. It makes it more enjoyable the less spoilers and hints there are when things are actually released.

    • Guest

      They're like Willie Wonka's Chocolate factory! They keep their crazy ideas and products to themselves :3

  • Jarrecko

    Fingers crossed for Majora in Skyward Sword.. well probably not. It's hard having Majora as your favorite villain.


    Would everyone stop hitting on the Wii please? That's my first actual game system (Who even cares about the PS2 anyways)! The Wii lanched us into the motion control era! I bet that Nintendo is realeasing, if a new system, a thing TOTALLy based on Motion control (Though there is nothing like a snug fit gamecube controler in your hand! =) )

  • cloverplayer

    shut up

    • zeldafan4040

      I'm sorry. I know that was rude…

  • QueenxLink

    oh my goodness… *Facepalm*

  • QueenxLink

    Awww… I guess we're not getting a golden Triforce DSi XL… :'/

  • 1Gannon1

    As IF. We need a new consol, or nintendo will be the handheld guys and no one will remember their consol titles. The Wii can't stand up to the move or kinect.

  • cloverplayer

    lol i've got a record of thumb downs already… like 15… you guys are jerks.

    thats right, keep voting down, i want to make it to 20!

    • cloverplayer

      *sarcasm* for the first part

    • OOOOHHHHH! So that's what you're trying to do. You want to make us think you're stupid and do the opposite of what your telling us to do so you can actually get HIGH THUMBS UP!

    • prada

      heee hee…lol

  • cloverplayer

    no… all i can say is no.

    • prada

      you beast you! rawr

  • mario_master

    … wow this is going all over the board. cancel Pokemon? (dear god no.) symphony for zelda? (HELL YES!) better graphics?(indifferent really.) Sony and Microsoft stealing ideas from Nintendo?(No surprise honestly they steal every idea from nintendo.) i’m sure they will squeeze all they can from the wii before it comes out. also think of it this way: the wii is the microsoft vista of nintendo and the (insert console name here) is the newest mac OS. Take that Microsoft! hahaha!

  • prada

    I agree completely!!!! althought the super mario galaxies were fun

  • GECK-101

    Zelda 25th anniversary Majora's Mask remake. I'm calling it right now.

    • cdizeldafanrofl

      omg that would be awesome thats my fav game although small chance of that happening

  • Valgaldr

    Maybe we're going to see two Zelda titles for the Wii, Skyward Sword will be the first one and then there will be a part II or III, who knows?

    The storyline seems very complex and maybe long enough to make two-three game out of it. And maybe they can get all their ideas across and have more details in the game. They are definitively going to make more money this way! 😀

  • They're launching a console. and at that, the 3DS, successor to the DS (for real this time). plus the launch of freaking Pokemon. he's not kidding, these are big deals which take alot of time and effort to promote.

    E3's not that far away. im sure there will be plenty of reveals for the Wii there. but just for now, it's the 3DS's time in the light.

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