David Young, Associate Public Relations Manager for Nintendo of America,  has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D will include additional puzzles for players to experience thanks to the addition of the Master Quest mode.

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest was previously available only to those who pre-ordered Wind Waker for the Gamecube; this game features more challenging dungeons, tougher puzzles, and the familiar storyline.

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This video discusses one great new feature implemented in Ocarina of Time 3D. For those that don’t know, the subscreens will be on the touchscreen so that you won’t have to pause every time you want to switch your items.

  • Nein No Non

    Great news! and first btw.

    • PhantomLinebeck

      Who cares if your first!

      and yes this is great news.

      • QueenxLink

        HE/SHE cares! Let them say first if they want! It's not gonna kill anyone!

      • Nein No Non

        You're. It's you're! Jesus man, simple English.

  • retroliv

    Awesome, MQ as well!

    For everyone who's from Sweden, watch out my petite Zelda blog: http://retroliv.wordpress.com

    • Ryoni93


  • Punnutty

    Hell yes (guitar solo) (explosion)

    • Banooru

      That explosion caught me off guard.

  • MoronOfTime

    Master Quest was insanely strange 0.o it wasn't harder, it was just like someone had eaten the dungeons and spewed them back up again…with added cows from lon lon ranch xD That's still awesome news though~

    • Shadowknight1

      Not to mention running into an Iron Knuckle in the Fire Temple. O.o

  • xosgni

    Better had

  • zeldafan4040

    OMg ok in that video, thank god it was just hair on his chin…lol…at first I thought it was drool! EWww! 😛 But anyways, yay!! I can't wait to beat OOT and then do it all over again in the Master Quest version! 😀

    • dragonchi26

      OMG..I was thinking the EXACT same thing until I also realized (much to my relief) that it wasn't. Any-who, I think it's pretty kewl they are including the MasterQuest, despite that I failed miserably trying even pass the first dungeon so I quit, but hey..for those that are smart enough to get by it, all the power to ya!!

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah I thought it was drool too…

      • Johaun348

        I wouldn't blame him for drooling over such a cool game lol 😀

  • Muskiok

    At least it'll give us something else to do while we wait for an original Zelda 3DS title! (Plus, I've never played the MQ, so I'm happy :D)

  • That's really cool. That just proves how much data can be stored in a tiny little cartridge. I'm definitely playing Master Quest first!

  • I own Master Quest for my GCN but only got up to the Water Temple in terms of dungeons. It was very hard, definitely a real challenge for Zelda vets. Pretty excited Master Quest is being included, but I still wish we got a new sidequest or two also, =/

    • Ya me too. Like maybe have one that actually makes the Ice arrows useful or maybe an awesome quest like Kafe and Andju.

    • ThatOneGuy

      That's weird, I have master quest on the GCN too but I thought that the Water Temple in it was actually EASIER than the one in the original. Except for the Dark Link fight. I still haven't beaten it yet, I got stuck on the shadow temple, so hopefully I'll be able to give it another go on the 3DS!

      • It is? Haha, I never got around to starting it to be honest, the Fire Temple took a lot out of me and by then Wind Waker came out. All this talk about it now though makes me want to tackle it. Looks like I'll have something else to do over Spring Break! =D

      • Alessandra

        XD! I thought the same thing about the Water Temple actually being a hell of a lot easier in the Master Quest version, the difference was that not only was the dungeon different but you also didn't need to change boots every so often like in the original, man that got annoying but it was still fun! 🙂 The Shadow Temple did have some difficulty for me but I got past that and beat the entire game.

  • I just realized though that when I beat the original Ocarina of Time 3D, then when I play Master Quest for my first time I will despise THE WATER TEMPLE MORE THAN EVER!!! HARDER PUZZLES THAN EVEN THE WATER TEMPLE MEANS THE HARDEST TEMPLE IN EVERY SINGLE ZELDA GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh

      The Master Quest Water Temple is even easier than the normal one (I'm not joking).

    • zeldafan4040

      Lol the water temple was not that hard..

  • Josh

    I really don't care for the MQ, seeing as I already have it and have finished it.

  • MrFlox888

    From a old TV, a big console and a controller we come to this piece of AWESOMENESS!!!

  • Petra

    Jeez… I won't (probably won't) have the money to buy the 3DS when it comes out, or to pre-order it, but I really hope I can get that also!!!! >.<

  • zeldafan4040

    It was just confirmed..

  • KingDodongo1

    Yes! I've always wanted to try Master Quest!

  • Paul

    "THATS COOOL." xD No but, I'm excited for this release. I think the controls would take a little getting used to though.


    Am I the only one who noticed that thing growing on that man's face? Oh, and the Master Quest thing is good too. . .

  • yeippee

    Does this mean no new content for OOT?? I hope not…

  • Twilit_Dragon

    Only thing different in Master Quest is the dungeons and I found them easier, just use your brain and it's actually really easy, I beat the dungeons faster than the original.

  • CEObrainz

    Can you select the Master Quest version before you play the original, cos that would be great. And even if we have the Master Quest version, it does not mean it will be the same as the one for GCN, it might even be harder than before.

    Plus if there is more content, than thats a plus. If there isn't, than we still have the game thats arguably the best game ever with a "harder" version of it, in the cartridge. All in 3DS graphics…….I think thats a win for everyone???

    • Alessandra

      In the GC version you're able to select between the two games, I don't know or think it will be like that for the 3DS version but hey anything is possible. If there is new content in the game, great but if there isn't, then it's still going to be a great game. 🙂

  • Max Power

    I hope that means they can also add majora's mask. Greatest atmosphere in a game ever

    • porg

      Indeed the probably 'could' but I expect to see a MM 3Ds sequel. Nintendo wants to make that extra money after all..

  • So I have a question. The Master Quest Graphics are the 3DS graphics right? Or is it just a straight port from GCN to 3DS.

  • nothing
  • Alexmd7

    I´ll would love to play Majora´s Mask in 3DS, but i want a new zelda with those graphics or even better ones, or in cel shaded dont care, just throw me something new and amaze me. P.S. i hope OOT has the same lavel of difficulty of Skyward Sword, in terms of damage. cuz one half of a heart per hit…thats lame, one quarter…thats lamer jjeje

  • mario_master

    i honestly have no intrest in this 3d remake. i already bought for the wii why would i buy it again? it makes no sense to me

  • Hyrule

    Master Quest is included?

    Day 1.

  • VAST56

    guys, theres a team that is bringing to life the URA ZELDA!!!!!!! and he only has like 400 sub!!!!!!! plz, sub to this account, they are making an amazing job…trust me!!!!!