This is what you’ve been waiting for from this year’s Game Developers Conference: a new trailer of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. More information for our Skyward Sword information section will be coming shortly!

EDIT: Video has been updated to a higher quality one.

Source: Youtube, Game Developers Conference
  • SkallaML

    Whooo, been awhile since we got some footage. Looking fantastic. =D Pretty exciting to maybe see a glimpse of an (if not the) antagonist. Those bosses/minibosses look pretty snazzy, too. Seems to be heavy on the directional swordplay. ._. Not sure what to make of that. Release date, pretty please, Nintendo? =(

    • Keith

      Dec. 21st, 2012. <3 jk, but I do think we'll get an official date (or at least a confirmed month) at E3.

    • Blizzeta

      I think that they learned their lesson. Instead of setting a release date and then just pushing it back, they are not releasing the date until they are ready to manufacture the game. That's what I think.

    • rich

      they havent released EXACT date, but some time in April. i pre-ordered ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Keith

        Wrong. Ocarina of Time 3D was confirmed to release before Skyward Sword. And Ocarina of Time 3D has been confirmed to not release till post-E3 which is in June. So no, Skyward Sword is not coming next month.

  • Keith

    This game is going to be a "Must-Have" as Iwata was putting it. ๐Ÿ˜€ Going to definitely pre-order this bad boy soon. <3 Also, seems no Ganondorf this time. Thank god. Though it'd not have made sense anyways, but still!

    • Mugen Kagemaru

      While they would have to explain Ganon(dorf)'s presence if he did show up, it's not a good idea to use chronology as the sole reason he won't show up.

  • Brains

    That guy at 0:52 looks like he could be one bad-ass Zelda villain!

    • Z-MAN

      Or another one of Ganondorf's b**ches. I'm just sayin….

    • dobogo

      he looks like a transvestite.

    • naokun

      Reminds me of a Kuja (FF9) and Kefka (FF6) mix

    • Abodos

      He looks an awful lot like Vaati did in Minish Cap. Granted, there are plenty of pail, white haired villains in fantasy works that look more like what we've seen in the trailer, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that it's Vaati.

  • lucas

    If you look at his sword, its different than the one in the older trailer. Its a brand new sword.

    • cloverplayer

      the skyward sword!

    • Naside

      Fun fact: the guard is similar to the Four Sword's.

  • zeldarules

    It looks sort of like the girl from the first poster, with a little bit of Grog from OOT, and Vaati thrown in for good measure.

    • Ashmic

      yes but look on the wiimote during the whole video u can press down on the d-pad and it has the icon of (adelle or w/e her name is gonna be)

  • Beer and Zelda

    I like the emphasis on swordplay, and this trailer did a lot to ease my anxiety about the new art direction. The whole thing looked really washed out though. Just poor video quality, I hope?

    • Vio

      On the stream itself, it did not look as washed out as it did on Youtube, although maybe that was just my imagination. Even so, it was off-screen, rather than direct feed. The game WILL be brighter and not washed out.

  • zeldarules

    Check it out, at 0:21 there is some sort of hookshot in the item slot.

    • CorvosKK

      If you mean right before the lava scene, looks a lot more like a bottle of some sort to me.

      • yowazup

        I'm actually pretty sure that is the girl from the concept art. I bet you get to talk to her just like you talked to Midna

        • yowazup

          oops! silly me ๐Ÿ˜› I agree with CorvosKK but it is cool that you get to talk to her!!!

        • TrustMe101

          The girl icon is actually on the bottom control pad button.

          • Blizzeta

            A contrast from Midna, who was on the top control pad button.

  • TheMaverickk

    There's a better quality version of the trailer here;

    You guys should update to this one to give people the better experience.

    I'm happy they revealed a mysterious new character, and they've really illustrate some great use of the motion controls, and amazing character designs. I love the big fattie with the shield on the thin bridge. The stalfos is way more unique now as well (assuming it's the same Satlfos) and there is even a 4 armed stalfos to boot. Tarantula!

    Also it's been mentioned, but they show the starting sword now…. I assume it's still the skyward sword, which has yet to be formed into the Master Sword.

    I'm way more excited for this Zelda then I ever was for Twilight Princess… it reeks of adventure and amazing monsters.

    • TheMaverickk

      There's also a definite vibe as if the world is semi-based on Asian culture (china, japan, india). Similar to how Wind Waker took a lot of inspiration from celtic and carribean culture.

      These are good signs for a unique Zelda experience.

  • aeolus9812

    I can't wait to chop bamboo!! Ive always wanted bamboo in a Zelda game…

    Also… I'm a little nervous about all the mechanical stuff. Isn't this supposed to be the first game in the series? But then again, all the "ancient" stuff in Twilight Princess was really "high tech"… sooo… that works. Also, that villain person, Sheikah? lol

    oh yeah, and they BETTER get some better music. I was hoping to hear something mind-blowing. The E3 trailer music was encouraging, but this music and the demo music aren't too promising. If Mario got that AMAZING score TWICE and Zelda gets a load of garbage I'm going to… blow stuff up… or something

    • TheMaverickk

      The music played in the E3 trailer is actually generic music they've used in other Zelda preview trailers. If I'm not mistaken it was used in previous Zelda trailers for Twilight Princess and others.

      The music personally felt more suiting and original to this title.

  • NobleRath

    I didn't notice that at first. O.O Nice observation. XD

  • Gorons4Sale814

    his face was definitely updated if you look at in the first shot of link

    • TrustMe101

      YES! His face looked like he'd had plastic surgery a few times in the first trailer…

      • belster

        even more so now IMO

  • Ashmic

    Im sorry it looks absolutely amazing but that guy doesn't feel "familiar" like he looks like he belongs in Super paper mario, not SS………
    he doesn't have zelda-look, or anything….. : idk maybe its just me, but i am still unbelievably excited

    • aeolus9812

      thats what I thought. Some of the stuff in this trailer were very Mario. Some of the design and the way that one thing died when it got blown up reminded me of Mario Galaxy for some reason… Hopefully there will be enough "Zelda" to overshadow it

      • Ashmic

        yeah I rlly hope they do a good job cause if they don't that'll be it for zelda and nintendo for me, I still hope there is referance of ganon cause its pree OoT and it should like say whats up, it shouldbe be like him just popping up in OoT

        I think the guy could be a sheikah or maybe even zeldas brother or something who knows

        maybe even Vaati redone…

        we'll just have to wait and see

        • TheMaverickk

          I'm surprised no one has chimed in perhaps that he is the original Fierce Deity yet… I mean pale skin… eye markings… and white hair you know.

          • Johaun348

            That could be true. It would explain the possible sightings of the skull kid on 0:33. Afterall, this is supposed to take place before Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask right?

    • Vio

      That's only because he looks like Dimentio. But he looks like Dimentio crossed with Vaati, so it works if you ask me.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      if diamond guy is anything like dimentio in SPM I'll happily crap my pants and eat it! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ashmic

        it still doesn't feel right, he looks cool but its not zelda-ish)

        • LinkMasterYoda

          Atleast it isnt ganon for the millionth time (if ita the main antagonist)

  • freedom4

    Yes! I thought of Grievous immediately. I wonder if the Stalfos has asthma as well.

    Overall, the game looks MUCH better than the previous trailers. The graphics have a more realistic style and the enemies don't look like pathetic cartoons. I'm liking the direction this is taking.

  • JustAreminder

    That's not…realistic. It's nice, yes, but the thickness of his giant wooden shield and how Link could cut through with one slice like it was butter is nowhere near realistic.

    Now, this isn't a bad thing. I don't care about realism at all. I'm just pointing at that you're wrong about it being realistic. You take a sword and try to cut through wood that thick. I can tell ya right now, it won't do what you saw in the trailer.

  • This is spectacular! Those puzzles look so challenging and so innovative that I it will be more exhilarating than frustrating. This will take immersion to a whole new level, and though we'll have to focus at certain times on where to strike, I am utterly amazed by the smoothness of motion. The brighter colors really go along with it for me, not nearly as bad as I first figured they be. 8]

  • Miracle of Sages

    Wow…they felt Zelda was going nowhere so they decided to mix it with Mario. I wouldn't be suprised if the plumber joined with Link to stop Bowser in this one.

    Well played, Nintendo, but I caught right on.

    • Vio

      Nice troll post. Doesn't even make a lick of sense. Impressively done.

      • Vio

        Ha, people voting me down because they think I was complementing this buffoon?

    • No, idiot, only you felt the nonexistent stagnancy in Zelda and decided to make this superfluous post. Please don't come back unless you can comment something relevant.

      • Ashmic

        okay he is allowed to have an opinion tho, trolls suck but this is a valid opinion, he maybe shoulda worded it "nicely-er" but still..

        • I get what you're saying, Ash, but this guy actually wasn't putting an opinion down. You can tell by simply how he phrases everything that it's designed to depreciate the series. He's likening it Mario because he sees that franchise to have plenty of potential while Zelda is, in his view, the same thing repeated over.

      • vick

        hey smart ass why are you being such a dick and calling people names.
        you should know better then….. nevermind your just a smart ass zelda fan

        • I sure am a smart class Zelda fan, which is far more than you can boast, Erim. This causes me to wonder why you're even here if you don't like the franchise. So begone, n00b, and be sure to give your redundant Master Chief my best (which isn't saying much for him).

          • vick

            oh i dont hate the franchise i think zelda is childish and stupid. i think you guys are gay and its funny when you make an ass out of yourself.

          • Ashmic

            vick calm down and grow up

          • Obviously, if you hate think Zelda is "childish and stupid," then you do hate the franchise. Quit talking about yourself with these adjectives, and insulting this series. I know you are gay and make an ass out of yourself by thinking this is funny.

  • god

    the guy at 52 secs kinda looks like vaati just a bit

  • TheMaverickk

    Interestingly, there is a shield bar…. what is that for… will your shield break in this title if over used? I mean it would give people a reason to actually go out and re-buy a shield if their original one breaks.

    I don't get where people are getting a "Mario" vibe….. seriously the enemies are simply animated. They have expression. This is nothing new, look at wind waker when you kill certain enemies they can be ridiculous… like the Poes who run around after you expose them to light, and squeal at death…. Nothing new people.

    • Ashmic

      its a mario vibe because the "diamonds" when the guy teleported and stuff, well to me it feels like super Paper mario

  • BlackOwlDog


    • Vio

      Its Saturos's camp cousin.

  • Primus


  • xxx

    Hey it's Mario with a sword!

    • Vio

      Hey its that troll again!

      Seriously, what the hell? How is this game anything like Mario? Did you fall on your head?

  • I have a few ideas… The supposed villain shown looks to be like he could be either Vaati, Sheikah or I just thought he looks a lot like The Fierce Deity, but it might just be me. It looks slick and smooth and I'm gonna love having a motion plus game mixed with my favourite game of all time, Zelda. I just hope it's shipped with and without the Wii Remote Plus, for better choice.

    • Vio

      Somebody pointed out similarities in his design with the design of the Gilded Sword from Majora's Mask… and given he looks a bit like Master Sword girl as well, that makes some sense.

  • dont read my name

    0.09 OMG the fairy from wind waker is on the item HUD

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      it's the sword girl…

      • ztrl

        Yeah what he said.

    • ???

      well its a little after 0.09

    • mcdude910

      That wasn't the fairy from The Wind Waker. It's "Adelle". The spirit within the Master Sword

  • Silver Scale

    Sweet! This game really seems to be heading in the right direction. I LOVE the character designs and puzzles! It's *almost* a must-buy for me. I just need a little bit more info… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Z-MAN7

    Huzzah! I hope new info, artwork, and screenshots are soon to follow!

  • Ninjaofice

    there was no Ganon o.o nintendo i love you for giving em hope there will be no Ganondorf this game ๐Ÿ™‚ (not trolling telling my true feeling)

  • The last boss is awesome, like a Zant type character, they didn't show Zelda, there was a bar in the top left for your shield, the graphics are updated alot, there is a strange door in Hyrule, and there is the sweetest looking Stalfos Miyamoto has ever come up with. THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    I thought the exact same thing… seriously looks just like him. How very odd

  • He wasn't wielding the Master Sword!

    • Ari

      Not yet…DUN DUN DUUUN! I bet thats the Skyward Sword andit turns into the Master Sword. Or the two are seperate and have different abilities…

  • Jack

    You know what, I just watched the hi res video on fullscreen and hes on the next shot too, and its definately, definately him. I don't get why, but it definately is

  • ztrl

    At 29 seconds, on the D-pad Up THERE IS A HARP!

    • ztrl

      Also at 25 seconds some sort of bottle/vase? on the B button.

    • Blizzeta

      I still don't see it.

      • DaronB1

        The Harp is at 25 seconds if I'm looking at it right. Not 29.

  • Slender Man

    Is it just me or does that guy that looks like the Fierce Deity remind you of the Gilded Sword?

    • Coolxii

      I totally see it! He's got to blue eyeshadow like the swords handles. There are all the right colors in his clothes too. Those diamonds (the mario ones) when he disappears wold make total since if he was actually the spirt of the Gilded Sword.

      • gward

        Major problem…the gilded sword is MADE in majoras mask by UPGRADING the KOKIRI sword into it.

  • serena_1995

    AWWWEEEEEEEEESOOOOOOOOOME! guys… i think we just saw our bad guy!

  • xxx

    its more like that big spider enemy. i wish it was skullkid tho

    • Twilit_Dragon

      people see what they want to see

  • Andy Bacon

    I uploaded a good quality recording of the trailer here, that includes Iwata's preamble, for anyone who missed it!

  • Subrosian

    Awesome! Is it just me, or does Link's face look better? This game looks way more unique than Twilight Princess was in comparison to past games, like OoT. It looks fresh. I'm so excited.

  • Subrosian

    Nah, doesn't look much like either… Which is good.

  • Scrivs


  • Hyrule

    The story looks like TP all over again. Midna vs. Zant. Skyward Sword vs. Gilded Sword.

    • Vio

      Link vs. Ganon.

    • Coolxii

      Wouldn't it be cool if the 2 swords were related like brother and sister swords. Forged by the same smith using the same materials.

      • TelepathicPebble

        sounds like harry potter vs. voldemort and their twins wands man. bleh.

  • Scrivs

    Am I the only one who actually LIKES Ganondorf as a villain, and think that he is no more stale as a character than Link or Zelda?

    • Vio

      Given the art style of the game, I would like to see the return of pig Ganon. The giant trident wielding pig version of him has never appeared in a 3D game, and he has a distinctly different vibe from Ganondorf.

      • Grunt

        what if the diamond guy was actually the trident?

    • CorvosKK

      Couldn't agree more, with both of you. I love Ganondorf/Ganon as a character. There's so much room for him to still be in the games. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to bring back pig Ganon like Vio was talking about. The art style screams for the old NES/SNES version of the main villain to return. And I wouldn't be surprised if this harlequin-style character is just a tool…not like Zelda hasn't done that one before ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ashmic

        i love him but it doesn't do him justice to just throw him in there kill him, then thats it, if they were to do it here im glad hes nt in it but he does need a rlly good back story, so it has more of like a familiar-emotion feel, not just a random dude who wants power :

      • Coolxii

        a tool like a magical golden trident? Could be possible. We do have a magical sword who turns into a girl.

    • zeldafan4040

      I totally feel you, girl friend! I think Zelda without Ganondorf is like Mario with no Bowser! We HAVE to have him!! He never gets old! I freakin LOVE Ganondorf~ He's EPIC. He is my FAVORITE villain. I have to wait every 4 years+ to fight him. So, he never gets old to me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mario_master

    hmm…. i feel somewhat dull watching this. but the rope walk was cool and the puzzles too. also i like the sheild bar. quite often on a console zelda i have too many rupees and this way i can always find a way to keep up the rupees instead of getting rid of them.

  • Hyrule

    I think I see what Ninty are planning!

    -๏ปฟ TP was about Link helping Midna win her rivalry against Zant who was being powered by Ganondorf.

    – SS will be about Link helping the Skyward Sword win her rivalry against the Gilded Sword (her possible brother or lover) who is working for Ganondorf. Nabooru in OoT tells us a male Gerudo is born every 100 years, remember? The Ganondorf in SS will be a totally different one from OoT/TWW/TP.

    Man, this story will be EPIC!

    • ILiekZelda

      THERE WILL BE NO GILDED SWORD. But if there is, I think they nuked the whole story. >.> I think the sword is probably some key like sword like the Master Sword. Wait a triforce stealin' second here! Master Sword = Key to Time. Skyward Sword = Key to Skyloft? Hyrule? SPACE?! And that guy is the main enemy. If you look closely from about 0:50 to the end, you will see this weird four armed statue boss, and this new enemy ontop of it, most likely activating it. But we should take these rumors 100% until E3 '11. :3 That is when all shall be revealed. Also, any new story info? I must know information with the story! xD

    • Subrosian

      How does a legendary sword of evil's bane develop a rivalry with a sword made by random blacksmiths 100 years later? Doesn't make any sense.

      • Blizzeta

        I don't see where people got the idea that the guilded sword was a part of skyward sword. If he is the diamond character it could make sense since he looks similar to Adelle. Who we still need to see a 3D model of by the way, Nintendo.

      • gward

        I agree with subrosian.
        The gilded sword is just the kokiri sword after being upgraded.
        It has no powers whatsoever except being a better sword than the kokiri sword.

        he master sword having a spirit actually makes sense since it is the sword of evil's bane so the spirit could explain how the legendary sword came to be.

  • KyleLink

    ME TOO!

  • Vio

    Eh, if they're just plain obvious then they troll failed to start with.

  • MegaLinkX

    looks awful dungeon-y for a game that wasn't supposed to be focusing on dungeons…

    • CorvosKK

      It's not that there won't be dungeons, or won't be a focus on dungeons, just that the boundaries between dungeons and fields are being lost.

    • vick

      hey dip shit zelda is dungeon and dragons for littlekids, of course 90% of the game will be dungeon puzzle solving.

      • Don't insult us smart class Zelda fans, dumb***. Actually, about 50% of the game is involved in Dungeons, while the other half focuses on the main quest activities.

        • Ashmic

          Thareous ur comments always make me smile lol ur awesome <3

          • Thank you, little lady. I can be quite the entertainer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Subrosian

        How the CRAP is Zelda D&D for little kids?! It's not even an RPG. And it's definitely not for little kids, I know some adults who get frustrated trying to play it.

        • vick

          and those adults suck at life cuz zelda is so easy, and how can you not see its for little kids the hero dresses like peter pan. in ww the fucking boat talks to you, how can you say that is not stupid and childish

          • Brian

            If you're going to make fun of Zelda, get out of here. This is a Zelda fansite, not a random forum.

          • I remember you playing Peter Pan for that one play, you girl. Grow out of your callow fantasies and grow up. You can never ever go to Neverland.

  • His lips look better!!!

    • That was a weird observation…

  • Hyrule

    I wish this had realistic graphics. Hopefully the next Zelda will be realistic like TP. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Subrosian

      Wait, remind me again how Twilight Princess was realistic? Was it the anime eyes or the demented clown people? Oh wait, those lava frogs? Is that the realistic part?

      mature or gritty=/=realistic

  • Wooooooowiiiiiiiiie! I wish it'd come out today! What's Nintendo waiting for? Just seeing this already says its perfect!

  • strongfan

    I sure hope the difficulty isn't watered-down like it was in TP.
    I just got done playing Mario Galaxy 2, which is aimed at younger audiences than Zelda is, and it has the perfect level of difficulty, so I know Nintendo can make a fun and challenging game.

  • Mork

    Did anyone else notice at 0:24 that the harp on the HUD looks nearly identical to Sheik’s harp? I wonder if we’ll finally learn more about the Sheikah in this game. I have suspicions that the figure at 0:52 is a Sheikah. His red eyes, pointed ears, and his ability to disappear like Impa in Ocarina of Time are intriguing. It would also fit in well with the storyline, since in Twilight Princess Impaz, possibly a descendent of the Sheikah, says that her ancestors maintained contact with the people living in the sky… Skyloft?

    • Johaun348

      I always thought when Impa disappeared she threw a deku nut. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  • At this point, news of the new Mario game for 3DS makes me happier than SS or OoT 3DS ever did.

    • Querulous

      Oho! So this is how you treat ZU in appreciating them. You most certainly are trolling, you vile troll! How dare you mistreat my fav series with your fanboyism! You must leave now and never come back until a change of heart has been made.

    • Brian

      This is a Zelda site, not a random forum, so if you're not going to talk about Zelda, just get out of here.

  • TheMaverickk

    Where did "Gilded Sword" rumor come from? People need to stop trying to connect dots to other Zelda titles. He's a brand new villain simple as that… just because he visually looks kind of vaguely similar to this person and that item… really doesn't mean a thing.

    Lots of beings over the years have featured Zelda characters with various magic and the ability to warp. Veran, Aghimn, Zant, So just because a character has gold diamond markings, and warps about doesn't really tell us a thing.

    Sit back and enjoy the show, I'm sure we will get more details in the coming months. Probably at E3 again.

    • Mork

      "People need to stop trying to connect dots to other Zelda titles."

      The Legend of Zelda is a series. Whether you like it or not there will be connections drawn between the games. Nintendo has already stated that this game will explain the origin of the Master Sword.

      • TheMaverickk

        I'm not saying there isn't connections between Zelda titles, and I'm not saying there isn't similarities to be found.

        They just simply don't amount to any concrete fact at this point. I mean sure it happens and it's great that fans speculate, but seriously think it's ridiculous that people take some of these rumors as fact.

        Similar to how people thought that Twilight Princess was a pre-courser to Link to the Past… cause the Twilight Realm was similar to the Dark World (how both transformed people and creatures). Or how Anjean looked similar in design to Tetra, so people immediately thought it was an Old Tetra in Spirit Tracks.

        Mind you in the end these visual connections proved to farthest from what people thought. I just think people need to take a step back and relax a little since we really don't know anything. Speculation is one thing, and that's all good fun and games, but trying to say that we know something as fact is completely another.

        • Mork

          I agree with you there. Every rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt, and unless it has been confirmed by Nintendo, then people should NOT be passing it off as fact. I've always agreed with and upheld that stance. For example, I would never say something like "the guy at 0:52 is a Sheikah!" (or Vaati or the Fierce Deity or whatever), but I would likely say something like "that guy could possibly be the Fierce Deity, because of fill-in-the-blank."

    • Subrosian

      That's what I thought… How would an improved Kokiri Sword made by random guys in a cabin at Snowhead be significant storyline-wise at all? It's fun to theorize in Zelda, but sometimes people can over think things.

  • partyboy3543

    at the very end when that guy teleports away, it kind of bears a Resemblance to how you teleport in tp. He could be one of midnas people, in tp it said that they lived in hyrule before they were sent to the twilight rhelm. Just a theory

  • Subrosian

    Storyline prediction: the Sheikah are the communicators between the just-blossoming Royal Family of Hyrule (Hyrulians) and the "traditional" Hylians in Skyloft, but one of the Sheikah (Mr. Eyeliner from the trailer) starts using forbidden magic (interlopers from TP) so Link has to fix that stuff up and prepare the Master Sword for the Hero of Time's struggle 100 years in the future. There will be less interaction between Hyrulians and other races as the kingdom won't have united yet. The Gerudo, as keepers of the Spirit Temple/Arbiter's Grounds, will eventually join forces with the Hyrulians to seal the interlopers in the Mirror of Twilight, where they will later become the Twili… The last part is a little far-fetched, I know, but I want to throw something more far-fetched in… Mr. Eyeliner is Majora. The evil tribe from MM and the Twili are one in the same. I know, it's probably wrong. But that'd be cool, I think.

    • Mugen Kagemaru

      There was fanfic I read that said the Twili created Majora's Mask…

      Wish I could find it again, it was on but I can't find it again

  • Subrosian

    Just one more prediction, the little bar by the shield is empty. It WILL be a magic meter, Link just doesn't have any magic yet in this footage… The shield icon will get cracks in it gradually and eventually your shield will break after prolonged use. I love making random predictions and sounding totally sure about them… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • liala

    Its the prince from Zelda II…I mean, whatever happened to that kid? just sayn’.

  • ThatOneGuy


    That's the only way I can respond to this trailer.

  • Naside

    List of facts:
    The new sword's guard is similar to the Four Sword's.

    In all Zelda games that are specifically stated to be AFTER Ocarina of Time, they refer to the clothes worn as the same as those worn by a past hero: the Hero of Time. This indicates that Link SHOULD NOT wear it in this game. Yet, he does.

    In the next scene with the Ghoma/skulltula(?) spider, there is a meter by the shield.

    • Naside

      The totem pole-like enemy Link has electricity and runs as though from broken circuitry.

      There is one recurring desert in the series and Link is seen in the desert fighting another enemy that has electricity covering it. Furthermore there's buildings there. Can't tell if they're like a fortress or not, but there seem to be pillars with structures on top similar to the pillars that carried the emblems of the sages in Twilight Princess at the Mirror Chamber.

      There was a dual wielding Stalfos in the first gameplay, but not there is a dual wirlding Stalfos KNIGHT. There are two clips of it and the second show it with… four arms wielding weapons.

      The twin door in the previous clip that has a puzzle lock has a very distantly similar theme to the last door in Ganon's Tower from Wind Waker. Same style, but completely different design. No sign of Ganny.

      The golden statue Mysterious Enemy sits on has four arms and wields massive weapons, two of which it throws at you.

      Darkness is at the top of the statue.

      • Naside

        Oh. To the left of the giant door at the beginning of the trailer there seems to be a sign with Hylian on it.

        Big Blin(?) from Spirit Tracks make a return? Dunno. Something with a giant shield that looks like a big moblin with a squashed nose.

        Bamboo cutting minigame. I'm guessing for how many slices in an amount of time.

        Tightrope battle against an armed enemy.

        Lizalfos with tower shields and no weapons but those attached to their tails. They seem to wear Aztec-ish clothing, but they are in an Aztec-ish dungeon area with lava.

        An enemy Link throws a bomb at to destroy seems to have soundeffects similar to the monkeys in TP, although it doesn't appear similar at all.

        • Naside

          The logo changed. The words are the typical red, while the logo and Triforce are now silvery, which is unlike how the Triforce is usually represented. They also have vines hanging on them, which seems to less relate to this skyward theme.

          That's everything I can gather that seems to have the least theory-bound stuff in it. The most theory-bound thing is Mystery Antagonst(?)/Character that some seem to think is Vaati or the Gilded Sword from Majora's Mask.

          The 'Gilded Sword' theory fits due to similarities in design and the sword based theme. However, the Master Sword's hilt is seen as stocking on Skyward Sword's legs, whereas Gilded Sword's design is on its cape. They both have golden jewels around their chest area, perhaps referring to eachother. However, the 'Gilded Sword' visibly has pupils, while Skyward Sword has no visible pupils in its silvery eyes.

          • Naside

            Vaati fits less, unfortunately. This character has white hair and a completely separate color scheme. Vaati has a typically purple color scheme. This character does not have long enough hair, the Minish Cap (no sign of being Minish as a matter of fact). While their bang style is similar, Vaati's bangs are longer on his right side unlike this character. While this could make since considering Link's possible non-canonical right handedness in this game, it is still unlikely.

            This character has more brown eyes than Sheikah red, although he does have white hair. Unfortunately for this theory, his teleportation is not at all like Impa or Sheik's, and doesn't really fit any other race's typical teleportation as well. He is likely a new race or is ancient Hylian (before they were Hylians).

          • CorvosKK

            The logo is actually made of stone which would seem to fit in with the more ancient structures seen in the game.

            And just because both the enemy and the Gilded Sword have somewhat similar schemes (the Gilded Sword is gold and black, whereas this guy is gold, purple, white, and brown) and they both share the harlequin pattern, doesn't mean they're one in the same. I don't think the enemy has anything to do with a sword at all, because I think Ninty will try and make the Skyward Sword as unique as possible. Just my thoughts on it though ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Naside

            Yep. Perhaps a reference to 'ancient culture' as well…

            I'm half and half with the Gilded Sword idea. It's somewhat logical, but it'd be hard to connect. I like the idea, but it wouldn't work well.

            I'm guessing new/old race or Hylian.

          • TheMaverickk

            The Gilded sword is actually Gold Silver and red. There was no black.

            The colour schemes are completely different altogether despite sharing a gold/yellow commonality. The sword may have had a diamond pattern on it, but it wasn't as excessive.

            Either way though I'm simply agreeing with you that the two aren't necessarily related, and I think the concept that the character has diamonds because he is a Jester like character is probably more accurate.

            In fact looking at his dress and mannerism he seems more jester and acrobatic looking.

          • CorvosKK

            Yeah, it is silver. The icon was throwing me off., thanks for that. I like the idea of him being a jester-like character. That could end up being pretty interesting.

    • CorvosKK

      I think the hole "worn by the Hero of Time" thing was just because maybe they didn't have a name or anything else to reference it to. Since at the time that was the earliest known incarnation of Link, it would make sense to refer back to it like that. I think that's why more recent games have simply gone with "hero" rather than a specific one.

      I'm curious to see if they'll do like they did with Spirit Tracks and have all of Link's people wear the same clothes, although for SS it would be that he wears the clothes of the people, while ST has the guards wear the clothes of the protector of the royal family.

      • Naside

        Yeah… That's logical. I could see them trying to connect to the Kokiri afterwards just to fix the problem, since that's basically what they wear.

        • TheMaverickk

          Maybe the Kokiri wear the green garbs because an ancient hero did it in the past. Similar to how in Wind Waker every boy on Windfall would get dressed as the Hero of Time and where the Hero's Clothes, as a sign of coming of age.

          You got to remember that there were people who wear the heroes clothing apparently even though they weren't actually in the lineage of the Hero of Time.

    • Scrivs

      why are all of the responses voted negative

      • Naside

        I'm guessing a silent troll. =_=

  • nosy nose

    I smell a masterpiece.

  • Blizzeta

    Where is this harp people talk about? I can't find it.

    • CorvosKK

      It shows on the DPad's up button at the 0:24 mark during the bridge fight.

  • At 0:58, you see what is probably the main villain of the game. Some say it's Vaati, though I don't see much of a resemblance. Besides.. Vaati was a Minish. Also.. Take a look at the patterns on his legs. Look familiar? It's the same as the Master Sword child on the first released poster. Related? So many questions….

  • theyo72

    damn, new boss looks awesoem. gonna hav to preordir this soon, with all the directional swordplay it llooks pretty realistic

  • Way

    I really dont think that guy is the Gilded Sword. It's just doesnt make any sense to me D:
    The Gilded sword is from majora's mask and don't have any special story in that game. It was only an upgrade from a normal sword. Nintendo will have to be really tricky to make a conection between MM and SS.

    For my, that guy is the previous shown Skyward Sword. Or at least an anti hero.

    And I NEED ganon in this game xD

  • MoronOfTime

    I really don't want to sound like a troll or a negative person, because trust me, I ADORE Zelda, but am I the only one that feels a bit disappointed with this?

    Trust me, I'm getting this game and I'm sure I'll completely change my mind about it, but I just feel like Nintendo are trying too hard to make the wii motion plus look appealing as opposed to the actual game : That could just be my opinion though…

    • mini link

      that is soooo true, ur right on the money kid. the enemys look way tooo easy. and the background is not as goos as the other zelda games. but i think its still gonna b epic and worth buying.

    • ZOm

      Well, to put it bluntly, I think you are terribly off as to what Nintendo is trying to accomplish. However, you are entitled to your opinion as I agree that a gimmicky game is fun for the first five minutes, and then boring and repetitive for the next three hours. First off, the Wii Motion Plus was designed not to be a gimmick but a leap in gameplay mechanics. Although the first few applications have left a gimmicky, extremely technological feel to the new hardware (cough cough Wii Sports Resort), games like Red Steel 2 (although I thought the whole first-person-view idea was terrible) seamlessly intertwine the Wii Motion Plus into gameplay. Honestly, I felt like a bad-ass running through enemies physically slicing and dicing their guts while I charged the boss. What the Zelda game developers are going for is more connection to your actions on screen. In other words, IMMERSION. Now some reviewers and older gamers believe that controllers and buttons, namely things that reduce power output in the gamer are what increase immersion as they destroy the physical aspect of gaming to connect the mind to the person on screen as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.
      However, since my n64 days up to my Wii days. Killing people in Red Steel 2 was WAY MORE SATISFYING than rapidly pressing B.
      All of this is speculation; we can only wait to see what Nintendo will put out for us.

    • MoronofWind

      Lets see…..

      Some other times Nintendo pressed new control techology building a game around the mechanic….

      D-pad, Super Mario bros.

      Analog stick super mario 64.

      Gravity mechanic, Super mario galaxy.

      The best games nintendo EVER made they designed entirely around game mechanics and then through stories in.

      The most CRITICALLY panned games Nintendo ever made they focused on ''epic stories' and then stuck game mechanics to it.

      Of Nintendos greatest successes there are those that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

      Every game Nintendo ever made showcasing a brand new form of input has been legendary.

      This game is WAY past due. This game should have launched with the wii instead of twilight princess.

      The fact that it didnt would be like the n64 launching WITHOUT mario 64.

      If this game, or something that showcases controls like it does, in a game of its scope or calibur had come out in the beginning of the wiis life, this generation as we know it would be completely different.

      Change is scary, but Ive been through a LOT of it. I remember when the 'hardcore' gamers were scared of the nes, and calling it a generations behind peice of kiddy garbage that was ruining gaming….

      I know good change when I see it. This trailer looks like its focusing on motion plus BECAUSE IT IS. Its just showing off some of the varied game mechanics, its not a story trailer, its not a collection of tilting events strung one right after another, they didnt wii sports zelda, they just specifically chose to show off mechanics and not something cinematic. Nintendo would be wise to NOT release a story/cinematic trailer for this game… EVER and just let it be a surprise for players when they play it, because sadly, the internet and over exposure are really key points to ruining game enjoyment.

      Love the handle by the way, how can a troll try and troll you with a name like that? Whats he going to do, call you stupid? a Moron? THose kind of things clearly don't affect you!

      I pay homage to your title, moron of time!

      I am hereby the Moron of Wind!

      • MoronOfTime

        And aha, nice ๐Ÿ˜€ I am a Moron so it fits perfectly ;D

  • kid123

    omg i just jizzed my pants after seeing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • majorasmaslfan

    this is so geat this and then to tp it all off with the avgn episode 100 (it is a work of art) im happy now we gust need star fox wii earth bound 4 pikman 3 luifgis manshion 2

  • mini link

    i almost started to cry! it looks soooo epic! but what i dont like is how the background loos, idk why?

  • zeldafan4040

    I think the " villain " we see is actually just the human form of the Adele girl. Just like Midna's human form was the Twilight Princess. And Midna was not an enemy….so the " villain " may very well not be the villain at all. I don't think Nintendo would ruin it for us anyway, do you guys? When have Nintendo ever shown the villain in a trailer? Hmmm? They wouldn't wana ruin the surprise… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Artimus-Maora

    That blue dude looks almost Zora-like….But also like Vaati? Who could it be?

  • Ari

    People have said the enemies look too easy, I agree. It could be because we're not playing ourselves or that it's just a trailer. I hope they make the enemies smarter, stronger and in hordes. Iwant to see actual hordes of enemies encircling you, I hope to see it.

    • Subrosian

      How can you know if the enemy's easy to beat if you haven't fought it yourself?

      • Ari

        I know that. That's why I said ''It could be that we're not playing (it) ourselves..''. I understand that, but you have to remember to read everything.

  • triforcefan

    So is nintendo planning to talk again about Zelda at this or was this it until E3 (please don't take my "is that it" remark as rude, I absolutely LOVE this footage)

  • veeronic

    I simply doubt they would show the true villain in the second trailer… Zant didn't even make it into a TP trailer afterall
    I'm guessing anti-hero or minor villain
    that warp of his was awfully similar to the twili warp though… hm… maybe part of the shadow tribe…

  • mini link

    why do the enemys sound like monkeys? lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The trailer is good, what I wonder is who's the guy that showed up there ? I can't wait to play it.

  • BellaKazza

    Can't wait!! I'm so pre-ordering this, I'm gonna be in line when it comes out!

  • Paffe

    I watched the trailer, and now I'm dead.

    Proof that you can die from extreme awesomeness!!

  • Zarco

    Wow, this looks amazing! The new locales are fantastic–interesting, sleek, and good-looking. Enemies look like the typical interesting bunch, which is good, and although gameplay looks extremely gimmicky, I can't wait to try it out and I'm sure I'll have a blast playing it. I hope to see more environmental puzzles as opposed to "slash this way" though…

    Also, any guesses on the guy at 0:51? He looks like he could be a villain, but has a bit of a forlorn look to him. An ally? Maybe even the spirit of the MS (a tomboy kind of look)?

    • Zarco

      Nevermind about the spirit thing… You can see the spirit's face on the d-pad often during the trailer, it looks like she'll work like Midna in TP.

  • MYK1217

    I'm really loving how combat is starting to look in this game. It really does look like it'll be taking somewhat of a strategic Zelda 2-like approach. I'm really looking forward to it because one thing the Zelda series has always been missing to me was intense, satisfying combat. I'm not saying it's been bad throughout the years, but I have never felt truly immersed when fighting enemies. I always feel like I'm just getting them out of my way. In this game, combat looks like it'll be a challenging and enjoyable experience that adds to the game as a whole.

    I can already tell how much potential the puzzles in this game has. At first, I was worried about Nintendo "abusing" the Wii motion controls, but now that I've seen that wii mote twisting puzzle, I'm actually kinda intrigued.

    And last but not least….OMG IS THAT VAATI? That's GOT to be Vaati!

    Wow, this is a good day. Before I found this trailer, I came across the news of the new Mario game on the 3DS and was brimming with excitement. Now I've seen this trailer and I'm about to explode with anticipation and anxiety.


    That guy who seems to have summoned that golem boss at the end seems to be the new villain for this game. I really wonder what connection he has to the series overall.

  • Coolxii

    All of this Gilded Sword talk has got me thinking of another legendary blade we know of that came from the sky….. It's a little off topic but could SS also explain the origin of the Picori blade. MAYBE… just maybe that diamond guy at 0:51 is actually the Picori blade! Link seals the evil monsters away with picori and the major evil away with the SS.

    • Tri-link

      I think if they put the picori blade in this game it would have to be eaither the spirt of the SS being split into parts, ex: hilt is picori, and blade is the master sword. But I do agree that this game would be one of the best chances the Zelda team has of showing us the origin of the picori blade also.

    • Mugen Kagemaru

      The origins of the Picori Blade?

      That would make it the ultimate origins of the Four Sword. TMC is how the Picori Blade became the Four Sword, SS is how the Master Sword came to be and how the Picori Blade, which becomes the Four Sword, came to be.

  • yeippee

    Its not a harp at o.24 its a two sided arrow telling you how to move the wii remote.

    • Mork

      If you watch the video at a high enough definition you can clearly see both the strings and the gold bar along the top. Pause and compare it to Sheik's harp (or, more appropriately, lyre):

  • friendly friend

    Coupla things i love about Skyward Sword so far…

    1. Colored smoke/dust. Check out the subtle to vibrant color variations of smoke and dust when enemies are struck, or when that thing is kicking up dust rolling after Link in the desert. Subtle things like that are awesome.

    2. Since the only way you can kill enemies is by hitting them at the right angle, you have to be mentally "present" at all times to perform successfully. No more hack n slash nonsense. Precision is key.

    3. "Halo" effects on light particles flying through the air (when link slashes enemies).

    4. Enemy head tracking even when the enemy is already mid attack animation.

    5. Mario Galaxy-esque cartoon lava animations (which are great).

    Cant wait. Skyward Sword haters can leave the franchise for all i care. Good riddance.

  • prettyawesome

    I'm excited, honestly.

    But, I really hope they won't delay the release just like what they did with Twilight Princess during '06.

  • Alessandra

    I can’t get over this trailer, and I like how they made some changes to the logo, if you look at the old Skyward Sword logo it didn’t have vines of leaves on it like it does in this trailer, so not only are they finishing up the design for this game, they’re also redesigning the logo alittle bit.

    This is the old logo:

    Compare that with the one you see in the trailer and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • AzTno

    On 0.24 if you look at the arrow pointing up on the wii mote youl see that link haves a instrument again ! Looks like a harp ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Ari

    When's the Skyward Sword info coming from GDC? I'm getting scared!

    • Tri-link

      what do you mean?

      • Ari

        I'm just saying that I'm worrying that only the trailer was released and not concrete information. Are you saying new news is here?

  • ZOm

    Hmmm…. I'm concerned about the contrast and/or video quality. Scenes in the desert remind me too much of Twilight Princess (truly my least favorite area in TP). I agree with others that this video is poor quality, but at the same time the brightness of the game looks toned down and is less vibrant than, say this:

    Did they actually change the color palette? Just wondering, I thought the more vibrant and colorful palette shown off at e3 2010 was much prettier.
    Otherwise, enemies look incredible and the miniboss is freaking bad-ass!
    Also the golden statue left me in awe. Everything about this trailer quadrupled my excitement ๐Ÿ˜€

  • reshiramblack17

    first of all that is not skull kid that is a giant spider , fire factory and ice temple are shown and i see gerudo desert and some of forest temple, new sword , hylian crest , 4 sword weilding skeleton looks hard. There is no ganon. Oh and they toned down the color a tiny bit if you noticed. I CANT WAIT TO PLAY!!

  • Linksoer

    I thought the same too! but after whatching it over and over….over and over again, It is actually a skulltulla.

  • Ninjaofice

    wait out off all previews and everything ive seen….Links lost the ability to stab D: nooooooooooooooooo

    • Linksoer

      wait, did you actually watch the trailer?
      When fighting the spider at around 0:13 he hits the spider, making it stand up and showing its weak point, Link then STABS it to finish it off!

      • Ninjaofice

        yea i noticed that after i posted this without rewatching it i messed up

        • Linksoer

          lol XD
          Now you will be able to stab till your arm gets sore! =3

  • veeronic

    ok stop this nonsense about the gilded sword, yes the guy has a thing for diamond shapes but that doesn't automatically make a correlation especially since that blade had 0 backstory and… well wouldn't exist at that time anyway.

    furthermore the terra symbol from ff9 is pretty much the triforce with 3 extra lines… wait.. omg he must be kuja! jk jk… but my point is, its only a pattern.

  • Jake L

    i think ur wrong 100% dude cuz he in some clips has like 9 hearts and still has that same sword which isnt the master sword. i dont think in the begginging of the game u would have 9 hearts probs like 3 or 4.

  • Mockingbird8

    This game looks like it will be great, but something just doesn’t feel right. I hope this won’t be a completely linear game (ex. Epic Mickey) where you cant return to an area ever again once you clear it. But (this is my oppinion so don’t argue with me) I don’t want it to be completely non-linear either because the game would have a much better storyline then (again, just my oppinion). Still, looks great, but i just don’t get a Zelda feel from it.

  • Tucker

    I don’t think the should fature this at e3. The might blow it up.

    ’99, anyone?

  • TheMaverickk

    There's something funny I've noticed… people have been talking about toned down colours…. but I'm not sure that's the case, or if it's simply the quality of video that we are getting from the GDC event. Cause if you look at the logo, even the red of the "Zelda" logo is off… it's seems to me more like a minor digital technicality.

    Who knows though… I can't wait to see another trailer at E3 though.

  • TelepathicPebble

    Oh my…looks intense no complaints. I love the lyre!! yes song playing again! ๐Ÿ™‚ its been too long. Not since Ocarina have we had a legit instrument, howling and that wind waker stick does not count. I just wish the hub or whatever you call it–that giant wii remote on the screen can be turned off and hidden. !

  • Mugen Kagemaru


    If you look at the control guide on the right side of the screen during those shots, you can see the Skyward Sword's Human Form assigned to the Down button on the D-Pad, which I think implies that the Skyward Sword won't look like the Master Sword until he/she/it becomes the Master Sword.

  • DarkArrows

    my theory is this:
    The White haired man is the gilded sword. Now, either
    (a) he’s the main antagonist
    (b) he’s a boss controlling the golem-like thing with the arms.
    Or (c) he’s an ally that you can ask to join you, and you can change the swords you have. Like the biggorons sword, but changeable
    I think a mix of (b) and (c) is likely. After you defeat each boss, the sword joins you until you have all the swords and you can use them to take down the main antagonist *cough cough GANON*
    I don’t think you will be able to change swords, or even use them, but they will be in the most suitable temples, eg: kokiri sword in the forest temple, double helix sword in the shadow temple, gilded sword in the desert temple (which looks very likely)
    Just theorys though. Reply if you have any reasons for this not to be the case, I would be very welcome to hear valid theory’s if you can argue your case

  • DarkArrows

    Also, MoronOfWind you have an EXCELLENT point. One thing that I, personally love about a new Zelda game is all the theorising before it’s release ๐Ÿ˜›

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