Are you thinking about picking up a new hobby and don’t know what to do? Well I suggest crochet! Not only can you make clothing accessories, you can also make toys. It is also a great hobby for both guys and girls alike. As sort of a continuing segment I am taking upon, I am going to attempt to crochet various free patterns related to Legend of Zelda stuff. Keep in mind that I am a beginner and am teaching myself as I go along. If I can do it, you have a good chance of doing it too! First pattern info after the jump!

The first pattern I will share with you comes from Japanese pattern creator Becchin and translated by tanoshimou. Browsing around on Becchin’s site, you can see some more pictures of the finished project as well as other projects he has done (the site is in Japanese). This pattern is nice because a beginner can attempt it and Link has a pivoting head.

So many Redeads...

I attempted the pattern twice. The first time around, Link looked like he had too many encounters with a Redead. This plushie has since been ripped apart by my cat except for the hat. For this attempt, I used too big of a crochet hook and had practically no knowledge of crochet. Now to the recently finished attempt.

This attempt was a whole lot better in my opinion. It looks closer to the professional product and not attacked by a horde of Redeads. I used a smaller crochet hook and had more of an idea of what I was doing than what I did before.

As for materials, you need yarn, stuffing, eyes of some sort (I used safety eyes), a yarn needle, and some time. For each of them it took me about a week to make while balancing housework and a 9 month old baby.

If you are interested in attempting to begin crocheting and try this pattern, look around the internet for free beginners’ help on the basics. There are plenty of Youtube videos and pictured step-by-step instructions.

For the pattern, please click the source link below. Feel free to share your pictures of your completed plush for others to see as well as your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Link (Legend of Zelda) Amigurumi
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