SpiderChad from YouTube decided to make his own tribute to The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary.  Tell us what you think in the comments, or if you really want to impress us, make your own video and send us the link!

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    The only thing that came out as odd was having a second Royal Family emblem come in instead of the first one. Otherwise, absolutely beautiful 🙂

    • Makarthekorokwarrior

      Well, I think they were celebrating the series as a whole, "25 years of fun and adventure". It also featured the master sword in the lost woods, rather than the Magical Sword. Today isn't just The Legend of Zelda's anniversy, its the anniversary of the entire Zelda series.

      • Hombre_de_Mundo

        That's not what I meant. When the sword shines white we see the Royal Family emblem in the background (triforce and bird) and some text. The text fades out before the emblem, then the emblem also fades and then BOOM – same emblem.

        Yeah it's nitpicking. As I said,otherwise absolutely beautiful.

        EDIT: Now that I look at what I wrote first, I noticed I wrote "instead" when I meant to write "right after". Was I drunk?

  • Short but sweet.

    Indeed, thank you Miyamoto-San for 25 years of memory to players of all ages–may your creation move on through the generations and inspire its fans to live as Link does: courageous, without fear, a hero and true light to guide their peers beyond all worry and pain.

  • aeolus

    hmmmm it wasn't long enough… lol. It looked beautiful. It seems like there should be a montage of game footage after the light shimmer thing, with some awesome Zelda music playing in the background, then have the "thanks Miyamoto"

  • guest

    I'm glad I watched this. It's good to be reminded how lucky we are to get to play such amazing games that have influenced many of us since childhood, and will continue to affect people in the future.

  • TheMaverickk

    It's nice to see a fan put some work into a video like this. It is a shame it's a bit on the shorter side. It really is almost a "blink and miss it" sort of video. Meanwhile I'm sure the model and scene set up was a lot of work to create.

    Nice use of modeling and FOG though….. FOG muahahahahahahaha…..

  • I liked the animation of the Master Sword in the woods. The fog added a nice touch. Although I agree with many of the other people here that this was much too short. I just feel bad because I'm young and I haven't actually been around to experience Zelda for all 25 years…

  • Nice animation. It was short, but it was sweet. Happy 25 years of Zelda! ^^

  • starwebs1

    This inspired me to make one, and since you said send it to you and I can't figure out where to send it, here's the link:

    I couldn't think of another name for it. Lol.

    • bkarcher97

      Awesome choice of music for the video.

  • Pablo

    Nicely done!

  • Eric

    I actually made my own video BEFORE I saw this one dedicated to Zelda's 25th anniversary, ZU's 10th anniversary, and my 14th Birthday. Here's the link for whoever wants to watch it:

    P.S. I need subscribers!!!

  • Short and sweet? Try sweet but short.

    Also, Mario's 25th > Zelda's 25.

    And no, I'm not trollin'. u mad bro?

    • Querulous

      This is how you show appreciation to ZU after they've posted article after article to mitigate Nintendo's lack of activity for the grandest franchise of yore and hereafter? You are most CERTAINLY trolling!

      • Dude. I donated MONEY to ZU. THAT'S how I show appreciation. The article said for us to say what we think. And so I did. Gotta a problem with that? Tough. Go be a fanboy somewhere else.

  • dark_link121

    very beautiful, nicely done

  • I also did a video for the 25th Anniversary Tribute Video… its quite long about 15 Minutes, maybe its a little bit too long.. enjoy it tough 🙂

  • Does anyone have any Ideas on a 25th anniversary video or something? Your help is appreciated, thanks!

  • Erimgrewup

    I have found him! Erim is British, from England!.. and only I know his identity..

    ::photos flash before my eyes:: Yes, thank you my dear, beloved fans! I am now famous! However.. before I gloat on one thing has to be stated: I must verify that my location is true!

    Bwa- ahahahahahahahaha More Fog!

    • Punnutty

      No we don't want more bad weather in england, it's bad enough as it is.

  • LadyBastet

    Beautiful. It feels like a teaser trailer for a movie 🙂

  • Punnutty

    Thats it, why didn't it have awesome shots of Link kicking but and Ganondorf dead. Also having Link thrashing all the other more known (to my school) game characters.

  • Punnutty

    That's it there is no more news about SS so I'm leaving goodbye for ever I leave you with this, What else did link do with the ocarina of time after Majora's Mask ? hmmm.

  • anonymouse

    Why is this guy special and gets his video posted on the news of ZU?