Nintendo has finally showed us what the 3DS prototypes look like, and we’re glad they kept building, because these prototypes are none too pretty!

More pictures and info after the jump:

In the photo above, you can see the 3DS that we all know and love.  But the one next to it is a model used to see how small they could get the 3DS to be.  It’s about the size of a standard DS Lite, and, as you can see, is missing the analog pad, home buttons, microphones, cameras, and one more important detail: the 3D feature!

This photo is a DS Lite, used to see how placement of the analog pad and the + control pad would work together on one side of the console.  This could be put together like building blocks: control inputs on either the top or bottom, depending on your choice.  At one point, Nintendo was going to release the 3DS like this, but decided against it.  The actual 3DS is much bigger than this, so they ended up just putting them both on the console, as there was enough room for both.

Aren’t you glad that Nintendo didn’t give us these unsightly sights?  You can read a more in-depth article here that has commentary from Iwata himself!

Source: CVG
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