Nintendo has finally showed us what the 3DS prototypes look like, and we’re glad they kept building, because these prototypes are none too pretty!

More pictures and info after the jump:

In the photo above, you can see the 3DS that we all know and love.  But the one next to it is a model used to see how small they could get the 3DS to be.  It’s about the size of a standard DS Lite, and, as you can see, is missing the analog pad, home buttons, microphones, cameras, and one more important detail: the 3D feature!

This photo is a DS Lite, used to see how placement of the analog pad and the + control pad would work together on one side of the console.  This could be put together like building blocks: control inputs on either the top or bottom, depending on your choice.  At one point, Nintendo was going to release the 3DS like this, but decided against it.  The actual 3DS is much bigger than this, so they ended up just putting them both on the console, as there was enough room for both.

Aren’t you glad that Nintendo didn’t give us these unsightly sights?  You can read a more in-depth article here that has commentary from Iwata himself!

Source: CVG
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  • Wow. Nintendo does indeed have good taste.

    So glad they went with the analog stick, too!

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      • Why yes, Christian here is happy to receive analog sticks over the arrow-pads that the classic controllers featured. XP

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  • Anlalog guy

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  • Shadowknight1

    Whew! Those wouldn't have been too good.

  • I'm glad they changed it. The prototype looks dreadful. Reminds me of the first DS that came out. It was so big and chunky. I didn't want to buy one until the lite version was released.

    • Ben60659

      I still have my original DS xP Got it when it first came out almost 7 years ago O.o

      • Wow… 7 years already? I feel old now. D=

        • DS? Heck, I still have my original Game Boy Pocket and my Game Boy Color from when I was 8 and 10! Unfortunately after Advance's time, I got off the handheld wagon, part of the reason being I broke half the screen on my cobalt GBA SP, ='(

      • Paffe

        *shock* That long aleready?!

      • QueenxLink

        Yeah, I have my original DS too. And I LOVE her so much! Honestly, I think the original DS was much better than any of the newest DS versions that've come out…

        • Chozodian Bagel

          Yeah, except for the design and I never liked the layout.

          I believe DS lite was really good, it was like a modded version of the original.

  • Keith

    I know I'm the odd one out here, but the prototype isn't all that bad. :/ I kind of like it. As weird as that may seem to most. Its the DS style we're all used to so learning it would be simple.

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah, I actually thought the prototype looked better than the 3DS' look now…

    • Chozodian Bagel

      I agree. Now since everybody thinks THIS one looks bad, maybe you guys should check out the first DS's prototype. *shudders*

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    I actually really like the idea of switching around the buttons, it allows you to control the game how you wanna. Plus it allows you to control games that either as the primary pad, equally well.

  • Scrivs

    it's just a prototype, i'm sure nintendo was far from thinking that the prototype version would be even close to the final version. They probably had the designers spice it up a bit after the initial blueprints

  • Subrosian

    This is a bit off topic, but everyone keeps complaining about how pointless it is to buy a 3DS when an upgrade is gonna come out soon anyway… Iwata said in this Iwata Asks… that they already used all the techniques for slimming down the 3DS as they did with the DS lite, 'and more'. I guess another upgrade is possible, but I strongly doubt it will be as drastic.

    • Justin

      If any it probably be a new generation all together….

    • Chozodian Bagel

      I just hope they make an upgrade for the battery life and maybe find a way to sneak in the GBA slot as well.

      I miss the GBA slot, high quality GBA games were awesome! |If they could do that, I would sell my old 3DS, get the money back, and get my money from before and buy the new one. But other than that, I'm perfectly happy with the 3DS that they release, for right now.

  • LinksAwakening

    NIntendo is really awesome in make hardware, hehe this look like a fantastic year!! but please… Nintendo… show us more about SS! btw, everyday more imaginative isn't it? 10/10

  • Wow, I'm really glad they fixed it up… part of the reason I'm actually buying a 3DS is because it looks cool. If it was as ugly as the prototype, there is no way I would spend $250 on it.

    I think there was a mistake in the text under the first picture: It says that the 3D feature is missing. I notice that the Depth Slider is absent, but I think a 3DS prototype would still have 3D graphics, whether you could control them or not. So, changeable or not, it still has the 3D feature.

    Sorry, I bet that sounded really stupid and snotty. It's just that I'm OCD and I notice little things like that and point them out on accident. *slaps forehead* Silly me.

    • How does that have anything to do with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

      • Querulous

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    • Also. I think the 3DS needs those two cameras in order to have true 3D graphics. So, if it didn't have those cameras…

      • Querulous

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  • X x7

    Wow I am so glad that they did what they did. Looking at these makes me want to throw up.

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          • Chozodian Bagel

            Okay, I'm going to be one of the ON TOPIC people here:

            Yeah, the prototype looks pretty bad, but you have to admit, it's pretty much a DS lite with a wider top screen, which wouldn't mind to have actually lol. It looks pretty good, but why would they call it a "3DS prototype" if there's no 3D?

  • mcdude910

    I really like the idea of taking pictures with 2 cameras and making it a 3D picture. Does anyone know if that's confirmed yet?

    • Heck yeah it's confirmed man!

    • Chozodian Bagel

      yeah it's confirmed, if you go to the nintendo channel and look at the 3DS virtual tour video, it shows you all of the confirmed applications on the 3DS.