Some of the new features coming to the 3DS are access to the Home Menu similar to that of the Wii with a couple of other goodies. With this you can quickly display the Home Menu to access your Game Notes, Friend List, notifications and Internet browser by pausing the game. You will be able to execute these functions by suspending a game, but without quitting it.

If you have not read up on the previous post about the Friends List and Internet browser, please do so. For information about Game Notes and notifications, please look after the jump.

Game Notes

Game Notes is a handy application that will help those that like to write things down to refer to at a later date. I know that if I set my game down whether it is a Zelda or Pokemon game, I sometimes forget where I was in the game and what to do next. I would usually write it down somewhere but may misplace my note.  With this feature, you can save your notes on the SD card of the 3DS.

Game Notes enables you to write and draw notes on the lower screen while you are viewing a game on the upper screen.  You can have the upper screen display a resized screenshot of both screens, or switch between screenshots of the upper and lower screens.  Your notes can be saved to an SD card.


If you look at the image on the left, you will see green spots circled in red. These green spots (minus the red circles, of course) are the markings for notifications. Next to the right side of the folding piece, there is an LED light that will light up certain colors for certain types of messages. The LED will blink orange when someone on your Friend List pops online and green if a message is received in sleep mode.

When your Nintendo 3DS receives a message in sleep mode, the Notification LED lights up in green. On the HOME Menu, the Notifications icon will change when you receive a message. Furthermore, when new information arrives for a certain software, a mark will be added to notify you of the arrival of the information, just like this.

Source: Nintendo’s Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
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