Anyone who has ever played a Zelda game has come across something weird, whether it’s a character, a place, a dungeon, or an item.

There’s the Guru-Guru from Ocarina of Time, there’s the Happy Mask Salesman from Majora’s Mask, and then there’s that weird guy named “???” stuck in a hotel toilet.  Have you ever wondered, “These characters are weird; I wonder who’s the weirdest?”  IGN has put out a list to answer that question.

This list branches from the not-so-weird, like Salvatore or the Tingle Brothers to the extra-weird, like Kamaro or Error–it’s a great little article.  But if you guys think as we do, some of these characters don’t deserve their respective places on the list. Plus, some characters who deserve a place on the list have been left out.  Do you all think so, too?  Let us know in the comments!