Anyone who has ever played a Zelda game has come across something weird, whether it’s a character, a place, a dungeon, or an item.

There’s the Guru-Guru from Ocarina of Time, there’s the Happy Mask Salesman from Majora’s Mask, and then there’s that weird guy named “???” stuck in a hotel toilet.  Have you ever wondered, “These characters are weird; I wonder who’s the weirdest?”  IGN has put out a list to answer that question.

This list branches from the not-so-weird, like Salvatore or the Tingle Brothers to the extra-weird, like Kamaro or Error–it’s a great little article.  But if you guys think as we do, some of these characters don’t deserve their respective places on the list. Plus, some characters who deserve a place on the list have been left out.  Do you all think so, too?  Let us know in the comments!

  • What? They didn't include Zant? I figured he'd be on the list because of his literal psychotic antics before the fight with him. There were several I could think he'd be over.

    Oh, well. At least they nailed number 1 (though I won't spoil it for you).

  • ChainofTermina

    I kind of thought they were out of order a little bit. Ooccoo was way weirder than some of the ones that were below it. but that's just one example…

  • The weird character who claimed first place definitely deserved it in my book, though like Thareous I wonder why Zant was not included. That guy was both creepy and insane.

    Oh, and the postman from TP. Weirdo.

    • QueenxLink

      Oh gosh, he really WAS a freak! But he just made me laugh so much… Really dude, what's with the getup? He runs around strangely with a sign stuck to him all day…

  • Wizardofzaz

    this guys oppinions are moot… and its obvious he doesn't know what "lobotomized" means

  • Erimgard Frodnonag

    Zant psychotic screaming baby! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

    Weird characters? What about…me? My name backwards? Put it to a mirror and see whatcha get. Kachow! I whip my hair back and fooooooorth! Random spider monkey climbing up my apple-Pod-ness. The Wah-Wah-Wah screeching babby from Ksam S'arojam? Was not he, she, you the player, weird, or wired, or something, or nothing, or anything///

    Ohhh, Que_Pasta!?!

    • ChainofTermina

      Wooo! Reading your comment was fun! Do it again!

      • Erimgard Frodnonag

        Stop replying to me!

        • People can reply to whoever they want. Deal with it yo.

    • QueenxLink

      Words cannot descirbe how weird that was. Yes, you're right. You DO deserve a spot on that weird list!

    • Erimgard Frodnonag

      I am invincible! Haha, not even Ganondorf Dragmire can stop me! HA HA HA HA HA!

      • Erimgard Frodnonag

        Wow, you *are* invincible!

        Not even "Dennab Nonnag" can stop you!!!!

        • Dennab Nonnag

          So bored with life (which you don't have) that you must converse with yourself, eh? Or is this one of those impostors your broached earlier? You spurious SoB. Can't you take a hint that we tire of you? (Tire of me? LOLolOlOLz1 winz1!/ – just took away your fun). You are capable of contributing naught. Psychologically, you will break down. Pridefully, you will fall on your knees, imploring mercy…and it may be given to you. But the sooner you keep at this rampage, the farther you will find us from leniency. Indeed, I foresee already its end. So soon, so close. Victory. Conquest. Triumph. The Hidden Order will stop you, because we do not tire. :B

          • Erimgard Frodnonag

            That really, REALLY is someone else..

            Oh- but he seemed to dissapear some time ago, though.

            So um, no, I guess there's no imposters now.

            ..and you're not teasing me with this "hidden order" crap, either.
            I'm bored now, so I'm DONE with this overly-abused-prostitute-of-a-forum of your's..

            PS- if it seems like I've stayed.. that's just the other imposter.

          • Dennab Nonnag

            Ah, you leaving us, Nacho? Sorry our prostituted "forum" wasn't good 'nuff for you, pimp…guess that's why you had to keep bring yourself…er-hem, the impostor (stop lying 'bout that) into help out with your boredom. But at least your gone, because your "impostor" seems to only be focused on Ruto statues, psychotic Zants, no replies to him, and us going to Hyrule hell. Ditz.

            Do not doubt the existence of the Hidden Order. You met one of our operatives earlier–the leader, in fact. A strong-willed being who cares for *others*–the total opposite of yourself. We combat your kind because they stand for the chaos in this world.

  • jau682

    chain chomp from links awakening.

    • Walweegee

      you can't just put chain chomp up there, it is there list not yours, plus every character has a reason to be up there and maybe CC didn't have a good reason or they don't think hes weird

  • shannon

    Now that I think about it, TP had a lot going for it in the beginning….I was truly terrified of Zant before the second half- The twilight realm (after the mirror was put back together) was the only challenging place in the whole game. The characters were really involved in the first half as-well; there were soooo many that had important roles, but they never developed after their "main purpose" (like getting a fishing rod, boots, earing, bigger quiver, etc….) was complete. To put it more simply- the characters never developed depth =(

  • QueenxLink

    Aw, I never thought that Fishman, Agitha or Oocoo and Oocoo Jr. were weird! Ok well, when I first saw Oocoo and Oocoo Jr. in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I did think they were weird looking, but I got used to them… And yes, ??? is very weird, gross, and disturbing…

  • LadyBastet

    They appear to have left out the Postman, the "Bunny Man" from Spirit Tracks, that icky kid with the runny nose from Wind Waker, the Cucco guy with the mohawk in OoT and MM, and the fortune teller lady from TP.

    Does anyone else think that "Honey and Darling" from OoT and MM should be on this list?

    Maybe the people who made the article should have made two separate ones: one for characters who are a bit abnormal, and one for characters who should be placed in the psych ward.

  • chad

    While I do feel tingle should be near the top of the list I don't think he should be #1 honestly I feel he should be number 2 or 3 and ??? or the happy mask salesman should fight for 1st or second. both of them are straight from my nightmares as a kid and in my book creepy is the epitome of wierd.

  • lunatic_san

    Majora anyone? Maybe I'm just weird myself, but the first time I got to his second form I seriously sat there watching him run around the room for five minutes before I could attack it because I was so weirded out.

    I'm also kind of surprised Zant didn't make the list either. He was definitely a few fries short of a happy meal.

  • lulooo

    What about Bongo Bongo?

  • Moophie

    xD happymasksalesman

  • Moophie

    Malo ,The Happy Mask Salesman , Ruto , those arent weird? :O happy mask salesman is just EPIC 😛

  • rogue

    i new tingle would get in first, man is he strange, i kinda wanted ??? to be first because he is just a zombie hand that just wants paper.

  • Artimus-Maora

    Yeah, I agree with the people who said the Postman from LoZTP, and Zant as well. Come on, did you not SEE how Zant died? XD

  • Random

    I agree with LadyBastet. No kid with the runny nose.

    I also thought of the Potion Shop woman from OoT. Much creepier than Ruto.

  • Greenwind

    Happy Sales Man…red eyes…a squeaky laugh like Vaati…intrested in dark objects…and very wise in dark themes…

  • Why wasn't Bongo-Bongo on there or Mikau? I didn't think the Happy Mask Salesman deserved to be on the list. Or Ruto for that matter. She's more creepy than wierd. Zant should've been on there as well.

  • Walweegee

    The postman should be on the list as well as skull kid but thats just my opinion

  • UltimaHedgie

    Yeah, totally agree with the first four… heh… especially #1. I love bashing him to death.

    Other good choices, methinks, would've been Zant and Kaepora Gaebora. I never really saw Ruto as all that weird, though… Malo? Hell yes.

  • Callin

    Malo ranks higher than the two clowns? Seriously?

    • Walweegee

      The list came from their points of view, not everyone sees the same things

  • ronluvhermie

    i agree with the list… #1 is by far the weirdest man i ever saw in zelda!

  • MYK1217

    No Koume/Kotake? No Zant? And most shocking, NO DAMPE???

    Terrible list.

    • Walweegee

      It is their list and their ideas so what maybe they never thought Dampe and the others was weird that doesn't give you the right to call it terrible

  • Lost Sage

    Dude when I go into the bathroom to see ??? hes not there! wtf?!

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