Another video is here from our popular Youtube channel (which is closing in on 20000 subscribers). Who do you think could make for an interesting Zelda spinoff game?

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  • former fro

    cody thats an awesome idea i would definitely buy tht game if they made it.

  • former fro

    I also cant wait until 3DS!!! only like 66 days!

  • former fro

    We should all leave a comment saying what we think cody's game with ganon and the dungeons should be called. I was thinking Ganon's Feisty Fortification or something along those lines.

  • EJade

    Not Navi. Maybe something based off the Minish. I'd like to see more of their world. Or something based off the Korok.

  • former fro

    I'd like to see a game like the that game where the marbles go around on the track and you shoot them to prevent them from reaching the middle, except with the gorns in it.

  • Shaelyn

    guh, the only ideas I have are BAD ones.

    like…Navi. ugh…I wouldn't like to see this happen…but it worked for Tinkerbell?? >< …and…well…Tingle…

    moreso than the characters, I could see the races working together in a game. don't ask me how it'd work though. no one lesser character really sticks out to me from the rest, so I'm thinking of them in groups instead.

    I would like to see a back story on Ganondorf too, though. maybe Ganondorf was once the hero, but Shadow Ganon won and took over? okay, blasphemy, but Nintendo could come up with something.

  • Eddy

    That telescope guy from Wind Waker that always said, "HO…HO…HO…" or something and pointed out something in the distance for you to look at. He could star in some safari exploration game or something. Maybe it would be cool on the 3DS in immersive environments like the Amazon Rainforest

  • falconfetus8


    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      "The Tall-tales of Linebeck"

      I could see a Linkbeck game possible. Him searching for treasure and fighting huge monsters with his sidekick Lunk, the green clad boy. Fighting and saving the world from the evil witch Eviela and falling in love with a small village maiden named Jolene.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    I'll tell you who should have there own spinoff game is the happy mask salesman.I mean,considering all the interesting storylines and sidequests that exist because of him,you have to admit it would be amazing.

    • TrustMe101

      I was going to suggest him! For some reason, he's always one of the first characters that come to my mind when I think of Zelda. He's just the kind that stands out, I guess.

  • ChainofTermina

    I have an idea. How about they make a ZELDA game in which play as and save the world as………..FRICKING ZELDA!!!!! NO! YOU SHUT UP PHILLIPS CD-I! I mean a REAL, NINTENDO MADE Zelda game that stars Zelda! she has TWO badass alter egos for crying out loud! pick one, and give her a game!

    either her or Saria. that would be interesting I think.

    • Eveyrin

      Agreed 100%!

      Princess Peach had her own game in which she saved Mario (and Luigi). It's definitely not a bad idea.

    • crazymallets

      I agree, I've thought of that myself a couple of times.

    • QueenxLink

      Yeah, the games are named after her but you play as Link… It'd be nice for her to actually do something in a game for once.

  • Subrosian

    Wait, didn't Midna already get an entire main series game? What was it called… Twilight Princess?

    Anyway, the dungeon idea sounds pretty cool, but I think they should make a game based on Ralph from Oracle of Ages, and his quest to rescue Nayru in that game. It'd be cool, ok?!

  • DekuQueen

    Happy Mask Salesman!!!

    I don't just say this because I am a huge Majora's Mask fan, I say it because it has a lot of potential. Not only does he have a distinctly unique and explorable character, but he has been included significantly in probably two of the most successful Zelda games! Does this not make sense?

    Where did he come from? How does he get his masks? What's his NAME?! (Does he have one? Smack me if he does…)

    Anyway, you could make it a silly game or a fairly adventure based game. It could focus on his point of view of the zelda timelines/series. I have no idea, maybe he should just be left alone as the weird side character, but I think if there is any character it should be him. It would be great to see how he became so disturbed and weird as a child. Or just creepy.

    If not, maybe the post man. Make him run run run until he dies.

  • Rai Link

    A Fierce Deity game where it tells you his background story.

    A Goron racing game similar to Mario Kart.

    Or just a game with ice block puzzles.

  • Dustin

    what about the pirates of wind waker. a game of there side of the story

  • gvan

    My ideas are:

    A game where you play as Ganon and it would be like a backstory where you start off in Gerudo Valley and see how he becomes evil, because he may have had a gentler side while he was young and then something may have happened to turn him evil

    A game where you play as Zant through the game up until you conquer the Twilight Realm

    I agree with ChainofTermina about the Zelda or Shiek game

    Maybe a minigame of sorts where you play as Impa and have to defend Kakariko village

    and maybe some sort of Major spin-off game where you play as Kafei, it could be called The Legend of Zelda: Kafei's Quest or just Kafeis Quest or something similar to that.

  • AcesulfameZ

    I agree with some of the aforementioned comments,

    but specifically the Zelda game starring Zelda.

    Pretty easy if you ask me.

  • A Zelda or Sheik game, for sure (in accordance with CoT). I also agree with Cody: a game where you star as Ganon to overthrow his minions who got tired of taking orders (just like in the cartoon series, but a million times better).

    I have no one new to add. The ones I would have picked have already been taken by others. A lot of nice suggestions, too.

  • Goddesses' pearls

    Nintendo also already mane Navi Trackers, or tetra trackers I think it was later called. A stamp collecting game.

  • Celesteon

    A Midna game would be cool. It'd be cool to play as her and use all her nifty magic and stuff.

    Same goes for a Ganondorf game…heh…it'd be interesting to play the evil side – we could play that side when Evil reigns and the hero doesn't show up (in the Wind Waker prologue, thing…?) XD

    And a Zelda/Sheik game would be awesome. I dig it.

    • Subrosian

      A Midna game… We already have one too many!

  • Oh man… I was just thinking side characters, and I thought of Epona and the first thing that came to mind was My Little Pony. Bahahaha!

    But seriously, it would be cool if Linebeck had a little spin-off game. For all his cowardice I'd love to see what his kind of adventure would be like. Funny I'll bet.

  • ZEdashRaven

    Ralph from Oracle of Ages, I mean cmon! he would be perfect for a Zelda spin-off with his very own GBC game.

  • Steph

    I think a neat idea would be some sort of game centered on the main guardians and bosses (like the deku tree, Jabu Jabu, or Volvagia) i mean who doesnt love the bosses . How did they get there in to the temples or whatever places. How does the deku tree know so much and get cursed by Ganon. Where did Twinrova coem from and raise Ganon?

    Some possiblitly for awesomness here. Also Sheik of course, she is so badass.

  • Lunatic_san

    As much as I would like my favorites like Vaati(Though not with a hair salon. XD) of Fierce Deity, I think the best would be something with Zelda or her alter egos. Though say hypothetically they were going to, I doubt they would do anything with Sheik or Tetra considering how long their games have been out. It's probably be about Skyward Sword's Zelda whatever she's going to be like in that.

    Also, I'm surprised nobody's said Dark Link…

    • ChainofTermina

      I'm surprised I didn't say Dark Link either. He's like my favorite Zelda Character. A Zelda Game starring Dark Link would cause my entire body to explode out of pure joy. You are a genius.

  • So they already did the Tingle Series, and Link's Crossbow Training as some spin-offs. I can't really think of anything that might interest me besides maybe playing as Gannon although I know all of you might think that is stupid.

  • KingOfHeart

    Zelda. Give her another chance to save Link. Peach got her own game and it was decent, so now it's Zelda's turn. CDI Zelda made her a joke.

  • VoiceOfNoOne

    How about a game where Romani sets out to rid Termina of "Them" once and for all. She gets herself purposely abducted in order to infiltrate their base/hive? and discover the reason why they take the cow.

  • crazymallets

    Colin from Twilight Princess. It can be about him leaving the village and venturing out in the world to learn how to be a hero like Link. It would pretty much be a Legend of Zelda game with out Link and Ganondorf. Plus, sense Colin actually talks, we could have the first Legend of Zelda game with a hero who can actually talk.

  • ShadowofLight

    Plumm? ^^

    *Takes a multiverse trip for a mini game @ 3ds.

  • Bruce

    what about a Wii ware game about Hena ? fishing tournament!

  • QueenxLink

    Well I think that maybe Sheik, Vaati, Midna, Zant ,Dark Link, or Zelda should have their own game… Yeah, Ik Sheik is Zelda, but what did Sheik actually do in the time that he/she wasn't helping Link learn new songs or Link was out on his adventures?

    Zelda needs to do something with her life other than wait for poor Link to rescue her.

    It'd be cool to see how Midna got transformed into an imp by Zant and her life before that incident and meeting Link.

    I wanna see how Zant got tired of serving Midna or whatever and turned on them!

    Vaati's just plain awesome. He should just have a game for no apparent reason.

    And we should be able to see how Dark Link was formed and to play as an evil dude would be cool! An evil verson of Link? Awesome!

  • Octy

    A game in which you are a good Octorok.

  • What if the Zelda races had their own game? Like WoW or the upcoming DC Universe game? You could create a character (all Zelda races would be available) and fight in different dungeons. You could go to different lands and towns and interact with other people. If you were a Zora you would live in Lake Hylia, Zora Domain, or the Ocean. If you were a Gerudo you could live on the ocean, or in the Gerudo fortress. Basically make an all inclusive Zelda game with out the major characters. Creat Hyrule/Terminia/etc world.

    • Subrosian

      Either they should make an MMO like this, or a strategy RPG similar to Fire Emblem, with all the races and stuff.

  • Lingering Sentiment

    A spinoff of Zelda or Ganon would be interesting.

  • jtf337

    ganondorf. playing as ganon and playing events from his perspective would be interesting.

  • Create a Zelda Mass Multiplayer. No one gets to be a main character, instead, people get to create their alias based on the races of Hyrule. Hylian, Zora, Goron, Rito, Kokiri, Twili, etc. Everyone can create their own character and explore the vast land of Hyrule/Terminia/Windfish Island/New Hyrule/Etc. There can be dungeons, mini games, and side quests. People can trade with other characters and contribute to the overall economy. There are enough races for variation and enough enemies to make it interesting. Every race would have pros and cons and a different fighting style as well as home town.

    • Subrosian

      It's called "Koholint", not Windfish Island.

  • CEObrainz

    Play as Shiek in a Prince of Persia style game

  • TrustMe101

    I always thought that there should be a ZeldaKart… or something like that. But instead of cars, they race on HORSES!! 😀

  • Lach Menel

    I think that Linebeck`s Hair Salon would be more appropriate. I really like the Gannon idea, but what if we took it a step further and let the player choose which of the Zelda series’ villains they want to play as, such as Zant and Chancellor Cole.
    A game where you could play as a sage of your own making would be interesting as well. The player could take a test at the beginning of the game to see which of the six elements they were most compatible with. This would determine your race. From there you could personalize your sage with stuff like pigments, age, and weapon choice. Though out your quest there could be references to famous people that once live, are living, and will live in your tribe.
    Though I can loth them, a search and find game could make an excellent Zelda spin off. The main character could be Skull Kid and you could run around the wilderness of Hyrule and Termina, stealing from passersby. You could have special abilities with new items you find. This would also be a wonderful opportunity for Nintendo to give the poor imp a bit more back story. Think of all the possibilities! So many questions about Majora`s Mask could be answered!

  • TrustMe101

    Except in game credits, he had his own sword and shield… Maybe he changed his mind?

  • former fro

    I would really like to see a game with Linebeck in it because, well, hes frickin sexy!
    A game with the bombers from MM or possibly the mailman. Now my last idea is sort of like cody's, but you are ganon and you recruit bosses and level them up and stuuf and then kill likn with them. that would be cool.

    • Subrosian

      Sort of like Pokemon, but you're the King of Evil instead of a Pokemon Trainer?

  • Kiante

    Obviously we need a Sheik tactical espionage game. It'd be kinda a mix between Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, and of course, LoZ. I think it'd work. It could be about the time while Link was sleeping. Or a completely different era in which Zelda puts on a superhero costume and becomes Sheik.

    I guess there could be a game about being one of the Kokiri/Korok and trying to spread trees and stuff throughout the world. This could work with the Wind Waker thing of the Korok's trying to rebuild the world by planting their trees.

    I do like the Ganon idea. WIth a Tower Defense kinda thing. This could work with other characters too some though.

    Maybe you could have some kind of RTS during one of Hyrule's wars (I'm thinking the one where the Interlopers get banished). Or several of Hyrule's wars actually.

    Super Goron Racing. 'Nuff said.

    Super Zora Water Sports. 'Nuff said.

    Super Deku Acrobatics. 'Nuff Said.

    Oooh, you know, the most interesting group of characters, I think, was the resistance group from Twilight Princess. They could have their whole own RPG or Dungeon Crawler or Puzzle thingy, or some mix of genre, or whatever. They were all pretty cool. I could see them maybe doing a Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones kinda thing, with the one scholarly guy learning about treasures and the others trying to go after them, each in their own way.

    Vaati always needs more time. I dunno what you'd do with him, but he needs more. You know, something with Vaati versus Ganondorf could be really cool!

  • Cody, that Ganondorf game idea actually sounds really fun. My addendum to that, though, is actually you know… Vaati and Ganondorf. I mean, two villains? They have to have turf wars when Link isn’t wrecking their plans. So it could be like villain vs. villain or classic good vs. bad. I mean, there’s lots of possibilities for something like that. I sincerely hope Nintendo plans on doing something like that because it sounds seriously awesome. Heck, Nintendo could even make something like that multiplayer if they wanted to.

    ANYWAYS, I actually thought as something different, maybe something concerning Sheik. Maybe not a spin off game, but perhaps a game like Kingdom Hearts’s 358/2 Days. Just as that one is Roxas’s adventures behind the scenes while Sora’s doing Castle Oblivion, this could be something like Zelda/Sheik’s side of the story during OOT. I just think it would be something interesting to see. ^^

  • Insekt

    I would like to see a real dark version of The Legend of Zelda where you can play Ganondorf or even Shadow Link.

  • mcdude910

    I think I like Cody's idea, but it should be a two player game, or even three players! One player builds his castle/dungeon, and then one or two players have to go through it. It's Ganondorf's job to build it as difficult as he can, while still making it possible. Then, via online, people can submit their dungeons for people across the world to play!

  • Bruce

    I like the Skull kid idea =D you could get into all sorts of mischief. Steal lon lon cows and hide them. **LAST BOSS** Happy mask man! dun dun dun >=)

  • Jjj

    What about Tetra and the pirates from WW?

  • Evolet

    Impa or Zelda. I mean, the series is named after Zelda, naturally she should gave her own game. IMpa would be interesting to give the Sheiks more back story.

  • Arctic Yoshi

    One thing that bugs me with the series is that they barely ever have returning characters (apart from Link, Zelda and Ganon, of course). They just say "here, have these interesting characters and grow to like them" and then, as soon as the game ends, they just throw them all in the bin never to be seen again. Seeing old faces again makes me more attached to the story as I have already met and grown to like these characters and therefore care more about what happens to them.

    Also, if they made a game with Saria as the lead (massively unlikely) I would literally fly myself over there and give everyone at Nintendo a big hug.

  • Majora's Beat Down

    Here are some ideas for you flash game makers. GANONDORF, ZELDA (she really deserves it), SUBROSIANS, ZORA, GORONS, AND DEKUS

  • SpiritOfBelief

    Dark Link anybody? just think it would be cool to see Hyrule through his eyes.