Along with all the the other important news about the 3DS, we now finally have some footage of the English version of Ocarina of Time 3DS, and even with its unstable recording method, it looks great. Hit the jump for a second such video.

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  • Alessandra

    The game looks good but lol he sucked at the boss fight but hey it was worth a watch!

    • Lach Menel

      Yah, it was funny, but dose this meen that Ghoma will be harder, or did he fail so bad that SHE looked more difficult? Any how, great video, and I can`t wait to see this in 3D!

      • Olympion

        I think it was just that he was really, really, really bad at the game, not that it was harder. Seriously, spamming the slingshot when Gohma was already paralyzed, wut?

        • Alessandra

          I know! XD!!! I laughed at that part too! I was like "'re supposed to strike with your sword when she's paralyzed!" XD!

          • LuX

            You laughed I turned the video off in sheer disbelief lol.

    • the guy said that he didnt remember how to play

  • djmattyg007

    "majora's mask was a better game anyway?" blasphemy!

    • AcesulfameZ

      I thought the comment was hilarious in sheer timing.

    • Mikaw

      no no! MM is my favorite Zelda game

    • QueenxLink

      I think it's true… OoT was… Kinda boring to me. Rate me down, people! Idc!

      • Kurt

        Yeah I think OoT wa a tad overratted, it was good don't get me wrong but I like WW thsi most, great story.

    • hiry45

      the story of majoras mask was much better

      • Guil.

        Same here. MM and La are my top favourite Zelda games. I'm actually more looking forward for 3D remake of MM that the OoT, but I'm still going to get the OoT+console bundle. OoT isn't bad just overrated. I do like the game, but there are better ones in the series.

    • You Fail At Life

      Most people agree that Majora's Mask is indeed better. In fact, Wind Waker was voted best Zelda game of all time.

  • Even though I only beat OoT a couple of months back, this makes me want to get it back out and start is all over again. And, AT LAST! A look at an actual battle with Gohma in 3D. I can't wait to try that out myself.

  • Phantom7

    Wow, this guy doesn't know how to utilize the targeting system… and he lost to Gohma. The game looks incredible, though, I can't wait!

    • Alessandra

      No it's not that he doesn't know how to utilize it, he had his set to HOLD to LOCK, you can change that in the file screen before you start so this way you just press the button once and it locks on, press it again and it takes the lock off.

      • Phantom7

        *Sigh*… That is not what I'm talking about at all. He doesn't seem to be targeting before he attacks sometimes; having played through OoT many, many times, I'm used to targeting absolutely every enemy (except Dark Link) before attacking.

        • Alessandra

          Oh I understand what you mean now, I target only when I need to. I have played OoT many times too.

  • dejiblob

    oh my gosh!!!! i cant wait for this to come out!!!!!!!!! ill have to start saving up. thats silly, heh, you cant even defeat the first boss, πŸ˜› (i wish there was a majora's mask game on 3ds cos it came out on nintendo 64 before my time :'(

    • Linkissuperawesome

      You can get it from the Wii Shop Channel.

  • manga ninja

    OH SWEET!!!!

  • TrustMe101

    Ahh! Must. Buy! But I don't have $250… D:

  • zeldafan206

    its either he sucks or the game's harder im gonna go with he sucks πŸ™‚

    • The new controls must make it harder, but it was foolish shooting Ghoma's eye repetedly, anyway.

  • dark_link121


    • linkwolf

      Omg your freaking lucky but i already preordered mine soooo yeaaaaaa

    • cloverplayer

      same here

  • OoTfanatic

    Footage was amazing! Finally understandable as well. The guy playing was retarded when he started firing slingshot at Gohma's eye πŸ™‚

  • linkwolf

    looks pretty awesome cant wait I am totally praying this is a launch title for north America

  • Z-MAN7

    People please! The dude was trying to do a video while playing a game. He was nice enough to do this and show us some good footage of the game in action and you all want to whine and moan like "uh lol he sucks at playing lol".

    • SteveJ2011

      Well he's obviously never played OoT before because he doesn't seem to even know how to defeat Ghoma. Spamming the slingshot repeatedly? Seriously?

      • No, he says in the first video that he hasn't played in a while. Plus, he's trying to get used to get to the controls, since they're new.

    • cloverplayer

      I agree. he just said that he hasn't played Oot in a LONG time

  • ChainofTermina

    hey! Link's Kokiri sword actually looks like a sword now instead of a sharp butter knife! I didn't even realize that until now. sweet….

  • Primus

    Who's with me! Im gonna play this game on max 3d!

    • I'm so with you on that one

  • aeolus

    Amazing…. I cannot wait to have this in my hands…. beautiful

  • Bryan

    Looks good. Hopefully this can bring OoT back into my heart. Since MM, I haven't been able to play OoT…

  • MidnightAsaph

    He's not retarded, people. He's just not a nerd. lol

  • robin haba

    Somebody knows or there is coming a 3DS Zelda Special Edition ?
    I don't want to buy a 3DS and buy another a few months later because there is coming a 3DS zelda special edition…..On the other hand, I can't wait to play with the 3DS !!!

  • Bahahaha. He died.

    This game is looking amazing though! Can't wait to get my hands on it! =D

  • Lunatic_san

    I came.

  • Raen

    I don't like it. I have 2 main complaints:

    1) The animations for link just feel. . . off. Kinda floaty.
    2) They've brightened EVERYTHING up. Ghoma's room was like a bright, inviting place. The best part of it was how dark and creepy that boss was, glowing eye in the dark and all, and that's not there. I noticed that all the texture design is a little cartoonie, which I actually like and feel fits the game, but it's the lighting that's off.

    • TwilightLink20xx

      What your noticing on the animations is the increased framerate. Part of the weight everything had was because OoT was running at around 24 – 25 frames per second. Although it gives a more cinematic feel to the game, it ends up making everything a little slower and less fluid. So yes, they are floaty, but that's because we're used to OoT at 25 FPS, this looks like it's running at 60.

      Anyhow, can't wait to play this on the go, this looks like the definitive version, though I do agree the lighting looks a few shades too bright in a couple of areas. I do like how the greens are less muddy, though.

    • Andrew

      I think that might be just from the camera. Anyways, you can just turn down your backlight…

  • Cookies

    Looks freakin' nice.

  • Mikal

    Pssssst, Raen… I’m quite sure the console will have some form of brightness setting.


    I dunno how to report some news but that there, at 66:55 there is some Zelda OoT 3DS footage there and you get to see Sheik, the Great Fairy and some of Zora's Domain. And right before that was some Star Fox 3DS footage. Oh sure it is short but still nice.

  • charles

    damn man i cant believe someone lost aganst gohma really? really?

  • MYK1217

    Hmm, they say that you have to see the 3DS in person to truly see the full effect of the 3D, but even in a video like this where he simply put a camera up to the screen, I really can kind of see the 3D-ness of the game. And I never knew until now that you could actually look in first person mode while moving the DS. That's so cool! Was this info that recently released, or did I just miss it?

    Anywho, i think he game looks great!

  • Moterhead

    That's some pretty badass graphics for a game system as small as a 3DS…

  • Hylian Pheonix

    Amazing! It actually looks like Link dies instead of just falling to the ground. It's better than I thought it was going to!
    I love it :')

  • Andrew

    Yeah, that guy needs some practice.

  • Xami

    Im just realy thrilled about this upcomming remake of OoT, i have a feeling its gonna be pretty awesome. Btw dont bash the guy for not playing hard, not all people out there are the kind of Zelda nerds we are ;>

    But to be honest tho im more excited about skyward sword.

    Cheers ^^

  • jakk

    haha wow cant wait till it comes out

  • bob

    if you play the 3ds for a long time will you go blind?

  • brian

    the guy just plain sucked.he didnt know what he was doing. he must be really dumb cause the scrub brothers tell you how to beat her right before you walk into into the boss chamber. the difficulty seems exactly which is kinda sad. nintendo can’t even get this game out at the launch 3ds time and their not even planning on adding any content. so what the hells taking nintendo so long. it shouldnt take this long if their just making the same thing over again with just graphic changes and subscreen changes. theres brand new 3ds titles that will be available at lauch so if their not going to add anything new than they are really slackin and are probly gonna rip us off. might sound mean but their really just taking their best game and remaking it because their are millions of of people addicted to ocarina of time like coke addicts and they know they cant get enough so why not make millions of more copies of the same thing because people are so obsessed with it they cant help themselves but buy it anyway cause they love ocarina of time. well if your buyin it for those reasons you stupid!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Can't wait!!!!