The Nintendo 3DS has finally been given a US/European release date and a pricing.

Europe Release: 25th March
US Release: 27th March

Price: $249.99

Several other features were also announced, including a heavily streamlined Friend Code system which now only requires one FC per console as opposed to one per game, an interesting WiFi system called “SpotPass”, and confirmation of a Virtual Console for GB-GBA games. You can watch the whole event here.

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  • Alessandra

    The Friend codes were annoying I'm glad that now it's down to only a single code, this is something that they should have thought of when the Wii was released.

  • jau682

    i am so going to get one… used… D:

  • bradioso

    $250?!!! There is no way…

    …but I still have to get one…

  • F***. March 27th? Sweetness! $249.99? *stomps so hard the floor in his room breaks*

    You have got to be kidding.

  • michael

    lol not getting it

  • Shrub

    Yesyesyesyes GBA Virtual Console (as well as the previously announced GB VC) <3 Can't wait to play Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga again :>

    And the new Friend Code system will be much appreciated.

    Wheee! The 3DS makes me giddy.

    • Luke

      I thought that they are only going to release GB and GBC games on the Virtual Console and GBA games being a maybe in the future
      Although it would be awesome if we could play games like Mario & Luigi, Metroid Zero Mission and the Minish Cap again.

  • 3DS: $250; speculated price $300. Saved: $50. Thank you, Nintendo.

    • Lizzy


      • I know, it's more than even the Wii costs right now, but it's better than not saving anything.

    • Icy

      Amen to that! 😀

  • The Minish Cap and A Link to the Past on 3DS! Maybe even a reworked Four Swords game with wireless multiplayer. This is good news.

  • Bre

    i figured it'd be $250… but i was hoping for something like $225… either way I'm going to wait and try to buy one used for closer, if not under $200. or just spy on websites like amazon until the thing has a huge discount

  • Scrivs

    wow! 4 days after my birthday!!! awesome!

  • Lizzy

    It's not the price that gets me. It's the date….. for some reason I thought it was coming out in Feb…. I have to wait another freaking month, 😛

  • Z-MAN7

    $250, that's seems fair enough considering we are getting a beast of a machine.

    • Shadowknight1

      Agreed. Just preordered from Amazon.

  • ChainofTermina

    {sigh} It's gonna take me forever to have enough extra money to get that. I barely even use my DS now!

    oh well, maybe I'll ask for it for my Birthday…….in July.

    • ThatOneGuy

      Maybe they'll have better colors and more games by then. Always look at the bright side!

  • Soeroah

    @ Americans complaining about the price.

    The Australian dollar is worth 99 US cents, which means the $249.99 price would convert to $250.99 Australian dollars.

    Guess how much EB Games is charging Australians for the 3DS?

    If you guessed anything under $348, you’d be wrong.

  • Well, as much as I want this thing I certainly don't have $250 lying around. Guess I'll have to scrape something together or wait for Christmas. It's just weird that it costs more than a Wii does right now. Hopefully the price will go down or I can find one cheaper online somewhere.

  • Daniel

    Thank god they are doing the friend codes right. Those things were freakin annoying on the wii

  • The direct conversion to the pound is like £156, but it's going to be about £220 over here the in the UK. Still can't wait. We get something earlier than the US, finally. I guess they are paying us for the terribly overdue Kirby's Epic Yarn.

    What's the release date for MK3DS?

  • Jordan

    I believe 250 is worth it. To my knowledge, i think thats how much the DS was originally. If your still wondering how to get the money, i have a suggestion. SELL YOUR DS. I mean, chances are you have a DSI also, and also i think the 3DS can do regular DS games as well but im not totally sure on that, someone tell me.

  • robbies7897

    I'm excited! $250 for a handheld that offers great graphics and lots of gameplay gimmicks and quirks…not to mention the power of the thing (and the VC for ALL the GB-GBA games) makes me SUPER excited. Guess I know where part of my income tax is going lol.

  • Haayls

    Why must I be so poor?! D:

  • MaKaR543

    i am more exited about febuary thats when skyward sword hits the shops in australia i have been saving up for it

  • GaryG

    HAHAHAHA 4 days after my B-day too. March 23rd WooT

  • GaryG

    Oh and BTW where did you guys get GBA games from, as I remember from the recent confrence Reggie only said GameBoy – GameBoy Color.

  • Aveil

    I only want it for Zelda!! >.<