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  • Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a bigger ego than Cody. Nuff said.

  • Vote for Skyward Sword.

    And, okay, who's been updating Zelda Universe the most? *cough*Cody*cough*! So I'm pretty sure that would make him "most Zelda Obsessed." 😉

  • Chancellor_Cole

    Haha!! I voted for Skyward Sword, it's leading huge!!

    • QueenxLink

      Ikr? I voted for it too! 🙂

  • Zombie Jesus

    Hold on.. when was Link's Awakening announced for the 3DS?

    • Not sure when it was announced, but it's going on the 3DS Virtual Console. Nintendo has been altering the graphics to 3D, though, so it'll fit with the new DS's specialty.

  • It's ABOUT TIME. *glares evily at ZU Staff*

  • Personally I prefer Skyward Sword over the other two because I'm more interested in new games than remakes. And is Link's Awakening going to be like Ocarina of Time type of 3d? Just curious thanks!

    • Shrub

      Nah, it's the original top-down game. And I'm not even sure that they've officially announced 3D effects for it (as in like, sprites poke out from the screen or whatever). At this point, all we know is that they're re-releasing the original game on the 3DS's virtual console.

      Anyhow, voted for Skyward Sword.

  • CorvosKK

    While I love both OoT and LA and can't wait to revisit those games in a new fashion… Skyward Sword is my vote. There's a lot of potential for this game, and so I think I'm most curious about how that one's going to turn versus the others.

  • _(0_0)_/

    Zelda Dungeon is crap. Their commenting pages won't open; pageholder says 'webpage might not exist.' So can I hang here?

    Vote Skysword!

    • I just checked out this issue and it appears they had a server hiccup, as told by the owner, Mases. So ZD isn't blocking you or anything; they're just having some technological difficulties. But until they figure out what's wrong, their culprit is BEN. XD

      • _(0_0)_/

        I apologize. Yes, I did think I was being blocked, because I saw the number of comments rise on one of the posts I wanted to enter. ZD really isn't bad. I was just upset about the incident. But I'll probably go between both sites now. They're equally awesome.

        Thanks Thareous!

  • Lach Menel

    Skyward Sword, all the way. Sure, OoT3D will be cool and I can`t speak for Link`s Awakening since I`ve neave played it, but I`m ready for some sword swinging action, cell shaded graphics,and Master Sword origin story! Who`s with me?!

  • Shadowknight1

    Honestly…I have to vote for Ocarina because…there's just so much we DON'T KNOW about Skyward Sword. Am I looking forward to it? You bet your rupees I am. But if they come out at the same time and I only have just enough money for one of the two, I think my hard-earned cash will go to Ocarina. It's tried and tested, and still my favorite. That said…I plan on saving up enough for a 3DS, OoT3DS, and Skyward Sword.

    • Dumb n dumber

      WAAAHHHHH!!! WAAAHHHHH!!! Just like Baby Goron from MM.

      Ooooooh, lookee mmeee! I got voted down once, so I'll vote everyone else down, cause I was attacked veraciously for stating my opine! Me n my hard-earned cash will be suckling on OoT while the rest of you toddle around the Moon-tree waiting for SS's release.

      And no one will play with me…

      • MoronOfTime

        right Dumb n dumbet…… but yeah I agree with Shadowknight 🙂 I'm excited about SS and all but OOT STILL makes me excited, and the fact that they're remaking such an amazing game? *shudders*

  • QueenxLink

    Voted for Skyward Sword! Congrats on all ur awards, Cody! Yes, you do have awesome hair, haha!

  • ChainofTermina

    there should be a 4th option, a "I can't decide! they're all so awesome!" option because I can't decide! They're all so awesome!

    I mean, SS is so new and fresh and cool looking, the story seems interesting, the gameplay looks fun, but on the other hand…..IT'S OCARINA OF FRIGGEN TIME!!!!!!! the most popular and successful game since…..EVER! Plus OoT with updated graphics is something I've been wishing for ever since it was first released o the GC. I want them both! I can't decide!!!

  • Denturion

    I would most of all like a ALttP in 3D. That would be awesome!

  • It was a REALLY tough pick because I’ve never played through any of them before (omg, a Zelda fan who hasn’t played OoT??!!!?? I’ve played most of it several times, but I can’t take my Wii or GameCube to school with me, and I don’t have excessive time at home). So ultimately it was Skyward Sword, only because I have it paid off, whereas it may be two years before I can afford a 3DS. But after SS, I think is Link’s Awakening, because I’m sure it’ll be cheaper than OoT, and I can play it and PH and ST again until I can buy OoT. I’m not making the mistake of buying the game months before the system again.

  • Raspoutine

    Cody, you are hip and cool.

    Besides that, I just wanted to let everyone know I voted for OoT3DS 🙂

    • Raspoutine

      And then voted everyone else down 🙂

      • Raspoutine

        LOL Who the heck are you imposter.

  • Dlord

    Skyward Sword For sure

  • lee

    a link to the past should be brought to the 3ds in 3d, with graphics similar to oot or higher. seriously it needs to be redone and updated with some extras, think how epic it would be and popular

  • Scrivs

    Skyward Sword definitely. For those who haven't played OoT though, I would suggest not waiting for the 3ds title… play it on the virtual console. For those who are absolutely OBSESSED with OoT, I bet the 3ds version will rock your socks off. As for me, I played OoT once and it was great, but im not going to get a handheld version even if it's in 3d. Skyward Sword offers an entirely new game with hours and hours of exploration. That and the fact that I can swing Link's sword any way I want with the wii motionplus earns Skyward Sword my vote.

  • YourName

    I agree that ALttP 3d would be completely and uttlerly epic, but out of the ones we know are going to happen, I'd have to say skyward sword. I'v seen the graphics for OOT3d (minus the fact that they'll pop out at you) and they arent that much better. then theres the fact that the controls will undoutedly suck. LA was by far the worst zelda and is natureally the weakest link here.

  • Woa woa woa, when did we hear about Link's Awakening being remade? This the first I've heard! Nontheless I am excited. Sounds like it will be awesome… though probably not as awesome as Skyward Sword. HECK YES!

  • Goddesses' pearls

    My vote goes to Skyward sword of course. BUT WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET SOME MORE INFO ON IT?? =) LA wont have updated graphics, it'll just have 3D effects…if that makes sense.

  • Hylian Pheonix

    I think LA should be remade with graphics similar to MC. That would be amazing!

    I voted for Ocarina of Time 3DS. It's my whole childhood. Skyward Sword REALLY turns me off, as it won't have a lefty option. >.>

  • Aquanam

    How DARE you compar Cody with Justin Beiber! Cody is like… WAAAAY Better!!!

  • Taha_Soysal

    As much as I like to see remakes of classic games, nothing can really beat that new Zelda game smell.

    Skyward Sword FTW!


    All zelda games suck!!! Go Call of Duty: Black Ops!!!!!!! XBOX 360!!!!

    • I've never said this to anyone, but your opinion sucks. Zelda Rocks! No go publicize your own viewpoint on a site that actually covers CoDfish. XP

    • ChainofTermina

      wow……… No, really, that has to be the most PATHETIC, ABSOLUTE WORST attempt at trolling I have seen on this site by far. That's….That's just incredibly hilarious. if you were trying to anger us, you fail. I am cracking up right now. I am seriously laughing at you. you fail at trolling in such a funny way. I almost want you to return and attempt at trolling some more so I can get a good chuckle out of you. you FAIL at trolling.

    • You Fail At Life

      You're a loser who obviously doesn't know how to game. Go be a fag bucket somewhere else.

  • You Fail At Life

    Anyway, I hate Skyward Sword. It just seems like the black sheep of all Zelda games. I also hate remakes especially of really good, old games. So I just voted for Skyward. Remakes are the absolute worse! Especially if they're for the DS. Are you guys kidding me? How about bringing back the N64s instead of making all of this new, gay crap. I'm sorry if you guys disagree, but seriously! All people care about is Black Ops, PS3, and Xbox 360. The PS2, Gamecube, and Nintendo 64 are such legends. How can anyone like the PS3, Xbox 360, and any type of DS? The gaming society has never failed so hard. I'm very disappointed. Especially disappointed that all of these dumb ass kids never got an education of what a real video game is. All because of the PS3 and Xbox 360. The Wii is really bad too.

    No.. just.. no.. I hope the original game systems would come back. NES, Sega, Gameboy Colors, GBA, PS2 (is about to be gone), and Gamecube (same thing.) !

  • OniSkullKid

    Ocarina of Time doesn't suck, but you bet your money Skyward Sword will…