Our affiliate JoshJepson has started his 100% completion video walkthrough of Ocarina of Time, which we will be archiving as a walkthrough for our Ocarina of Time section here at Zelda Universe.

He is currently up to part 3, and will be updating most days, so if Ocarina of Time is your thing, head over and subscribe as he completes the game.

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  • Sweet! I love Josh Jepson and look forward to his vids.

    And cool sword, Cody, even if it is 2D. ;P

  • Olympion

    I've watched the first few episodes and I really liked them, Josh is quite a talented LPer.

  • QueenxLink

    Well that was a crazy trailer… Haha! Awesome sword Cody!

  • Keith

    Subscribing to JoshJepson — Easy as horseshoe!

  • Nice can't wait to see his walkthourgh