The 3DS demo event in Japan has just kicked off! Many things were revealed during this first public preview of the console. What’s exciting is that a few more details were revealed from the highly anticipated Ocarina of Time remake for the 3DS!

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  • The bottom screen has a camera icon which you could tap to switch to view mode.
  • The circle pad is used to look around in view mode.
  • When Navi wants to speak, an icon will pop up for you to touch.
  • The touch screen is (once again) confirmed to be used for item selection.
  • Tap the bottom screen to switch between inventory, equipment and map. Making it much easier and quicker to switch tunics, swords, and boots.
  • The demo at the event has three save files to choose from: The first save lets you run around in the starting village(Kokiri Forest), the second is the dungeon inside the Deku tree, and the third is still unconfirmed at the moment.
  • You can also use the camera tap icon to physically move in 3D and look around.
  • The view mode is also used to aim projectile weapons (slingshot, bow, etc.)

And we finally have a confirmation concerning the game’s release date. Sadly, it was revealed that it isn’t a launch title anymore (at least for Japan). It would be available with a few other select titles during Spring 2011. While it still remains pretty close to the 3DS’s actual release date (February 26), we would still have to wait for more details concerning the console’s release date in North America and Europe.

We will hopefully learn everything at the upcoming 3DS event scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 19th this month. We could still assume that it’s possible for Ocarina of Time 3D to be released alongside the 3DS itself in the US since the console is confirmed to hit shelves a little later than Japan. And also considering the rumor of Ocarina of Time being bundled with the 3DS, which makes the chances of the game more likely being a launch title for the US.

Ocarina of Time is currently the most popular title at the event, with a wait time of over 90 minutes!

Be sure to check back as we cover everything that is going to be revealed during this busy month.

Update: The third save file for the demo has finally been confirmed as a boss battle,  specifically against the game’s first boss, Gohma. Check back soon as we keep updating with more information to come!

Source: Gonintendo
  • linkdude101

    Oh my god this is gonna be awesome! I can't wait! I already preordered my 3DS just please make this a launch title! (Oh…first)

    • Macsareback

      Where are the pre-orders at?

  • Google Says

    Bigger images of the bottom ones here: (Dutch site)

  • nicktheslayer

    Lets hope someone tapes more of the gameplay >.<

    I really hope they do.

  • bobbby

    That's a pity… I held off on playing my annual Ocarina of time winter playthrough just so I wouldn't be bored of this game when I got it… Oh well.

  • Callin

    The third event for the demo is probably a boss battle.

  • That's awesome! Too bad it's going to cost around $250 because now I have to wait until my birthday to get it 🙁

  • This remake is going to be BOSS! Watch out, Mario Galaxies; Ocarina of Time is coming back to soar way over your heads…again.

  • Anomynous

    I only have 2/5 of the money so far if its 250$ 🙁 , But if its for The Legend of Zelda Oot 3DS I will work my Butt off!!!!! Just To get Both The 3DS, and ZELDA!!!!!!!

  • KyleLink

    KING DODONGO!!!! The first pic I've seen of him! Another boss shown! 😀

  • Hero of Time

    I though i saw Ghoma (the GDT boss) somewhere earlier today! battling the new/improved Link!!!!!!!!

  • 最强 Dragon

    Too bad Ocarina of Time 3DS isn't a launch title… I wanted to see what they improved on the N64 version. ):
    Graphics look great, by the way.

    Anyway, I found The Minish Cap at a very low price today and I hope it's a cool game, even though I heard it's kind of short. 😀

    • Silver-Hero

      Well, it's only confirmed that it isn't a launch title anymore only in Japan so far. Since the 3DS is going to show up a little later in other parts of the world like the US and Europe, there's still hope for Ocarina of Time arriving on time for the 3DS launch.

      So to sum everything up, maybe the game needs a little more time, that's all. And the time that it needs is the length of time we'd have to wait for the 3DS launch in the US.

    • J t

      minish cap is a good entry into the franchise- enjoy!

  • Loaf

    People were saying earlier that SS probably won’t come out for a while because Nintendo wouldn’t release it so close to OoT 3DS. Well now that OoT isn’t a launch title, maybe SS all come out closer to the release of the 3DS?

  • hi i'm bob

    i hope i can rack up $300……… well… i hope my parents can rack up $300 lol. Even though i have Ocarina of Time for Gamecube, I wanna see it in 3D. And i'd really wanna be able to take it everwhere i go. 🙂 But i'm still hoping that the price will go down a bit (like 100-150 dollars) as it gets closer to its release date.

  • piiwii64

    The third game file was a battle against Gohma. source

    • Zarco

      I saw screenshots of Dodongo's Cavern and King Dodongo, though.

  • Hylian Pheonix

    they look awesome, just what I needed!!

    I have to say, Kokiri Forest looks AMAZING!!!

  • Shadowknight1

    Wow! The Skulltula and King Dodongo look great! I don't mind waiting, but I hope we in the US won't have to wait too long! I mean really…localization in this game shouldn't be too difficult. The script's already written. =P

  • Cactar_Link

    Sweet! This is good news Just like how At Game Stop they said LoZ:Skyward Sword is coming out March 27th 2011 or Apirl 2nd 2011! ^^ I cannot wait for those days!

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