The 3DS demo event in Japan has just kicked off! Many things were revealed during this first public preview of the console. What’s exciting is that a few more details were revealed from the highly anticipated Ocarina of Time remake for the 3DS!

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  • The bottom screen has a camera icon which you could tap to switch to view mode.
  • The circle pad is used to look around in view mode.
  • When Navi wants to speak, an icon will pop up for you to touch.
  • The touch screen is (once again) confirmed to be used for item selection.
  • Tap the bottom screen to switch between inventory, equipment and map. Making it much easier and quicker to switch tunics, swords, and boots.
  • The demo at the event has three save files to choose from: The first save lets you run around in the starting village(Kokiri Forest), the second is the dungeon inside the Deku tree, and the third is still unconfirmed at the moment.
  • You can also use the camera tap icon to physically move in 3D and look around.
  • The view mode is also used to aim projectile weapons (slingshot, bow, etc.)

And we finally have a confirmation concerning the game’s release date. Sadly, it was revealed that it isn’t a launch title anymore (at least for Japan). It would be available with a few other select titles during Spring 2011. While it still remains pretty close to the 3DS’s actual release date (February 26), we would still have to wait for more details concerning the console’s release date in North America and Europe.

We will hopefully learn everything at the upcoming 3DS event scheduled to take place on Wednesday the 19th this month. We could still assume that it’s possible for Ocarina of Time 3D to be released alongside the 3DS itself in the US since the console is confirmed to hit shelves a little later than Japan. And also considering the rumor of Ocarina of Time being bundled with the 3DS, which makes the chances of the game more likely being a launch title for the US.

Ocarina of Time is currently the most popular title at the event, with a wait time of over 90 minutes!

Be sure to check back as we cover everything that is going to be revealed during this busy month.

Update: The third save file for the demo has finally been confirmed as a boss battle,  specifically against the game’s first boss, Gohma. Check back soon as we keep updating with more information to come!

Source: Gonintendo