.Everyone here is probably excited as we get closer to 2011. It will be a year filled with excitement with the anticipation of not one, but two new Zelda releases in the first half of the year alone. But will everything go according to plan?

In an interview with Pocket-lint, Zelda creator and Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto stated that Skyward Sword is “over half complete,” without giving any further detail. It’s a statement that might catch everyone off guard, considering an interview with Nintendo Power in July 2010, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma said that the “basis” for Skyward Sword was “very, very solid” and that the Zelda team was targeting for an “early 2011”  release.  And at E3 2010, during the Nintendo roundtable conference, Miyamoto mentioned that the game was almost finished, with only a few dungeons left to create.

It’s already a known fact that Skyward Sword‘s gameplay was nearly complete and was going to be released sometime during Q4 of 2010, but the Zelda team needed to add some final touches and pushed the game into 2011. Will it eventually face more delays, since it isn’t mostly complete yet?

Something also worth mentioning: Miyamoto stated in June that we would have already had our hands on Skyward Sword if the game would have used the graphics from Twilight Princess, but the switch to a more colorful and impressionistic look caused the delay.

Would we have to wait longer for you Link?

Now, the statement “over half complete” could mean anything, as the game could probably be nearly finished or even complete. But the question that comes to mind, is Skyward Sword progressing well? Or did the team decide to change something during the development? Only time will tell for now.

What do you think about Miyamoto’s statement? Could Skyward Sword face delays and take longer time to be released?

Source: Pocket-lint