.Everyone here is probably excited as we get closer to 2011. It will be a year filled with excitement with the anticipation of not one, but two new Zelda releases in the first half of the year alone. But will everything go according to plan?

In an interview with Pocket-lint, Zelda creator and Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto stated that Skyward Sword is “over half complete,” without giving any further detail. It’s a statement that might catch everyone off guard, considering an interview with Nintendo Power in July 2010, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma said that the “basis” for Skyward Sword was “very, very solid” and that the Zelda team was targeting for an “early 2011”  release.  And at E3 2010, during the Nintendo roundtable conference, Miyamoto mentioned that the game was almost finished, with only a few dungeons left to create.

It’s already a known fact that Skyward Sword‘s gameplay was nearly complete and was going to be released sometime during Q4 of 2010, but the Zelda team needed to add some final touches and pushed the game into 2011. Will it eventually face more delays, since it isn’t mostly complete yet?

Something also worth mentioning: Miyamoto stated in June that we would have already had our hands on Skyward Sword if the game would have used the graphics from Twilight Princess, but the switch to a more colorful and impressionistic look caused the delay.

Would we have to wait longer for you Link?

Now, the statement “over half complete” could mean anything, as the game could probably be nearly finished or even complete. But the question that comes to mind, is Skyward Sword progressing well? Or did the team decide to change something during the development? Only time will tell for now.

What do you think about Miyamoto’s statement? Could Skyward Sword face delays and take longer time to be released?

Source: Pocket-lint
  • I think he might have said that to be reassuring, but at the same time not give away the degree of how near completion they are. I hope they're actually almost done, but I also want the game to be the best we've seen so far.

    • Vibed

      I'm just replying so the info in my post can be near the top, but THIS INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED DURING E3, so everything IS still going on the early 2011 schedule.

      Feel free to vote down for taking advantage of reply. 🙂

      • Ah, I understand now. Thanks for posting it near the top so we could all get a look at it.

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        Bloody Hell! You're right! In fact, the original article stated "At the time of our meeting, the game is “over half complete"." If this was recent, why not say so.

        Plus, the interviewer wrote that Mario Kart 3DS was not announced yet. This is not a recent interview.

        • Well what do you know. I guess I was. But really, I commented off the hope that Miyamoto really didn't want to give their completion date away. And I guess that shouldn't be too far off now, or at least I hope so.

    • Skyward

      Mario Kart 3DS was announced during E3 along with Skyward Sword. What Miyamoto means is that a release date hasn't been announced for Mario Kart 3DS yet. Check other popular outlets like IGN.

  • Google Says

    Give us a new vid/screenshots then? We're all waiting on it, I'm sure 😉

  • TrustMe101

    Please, no delays! But by the sounds of Miyamoto and Aonuma's quotes, it will come out when planned, so I'm not worried about it.

    • franklin

      surprise us Nintendo its ok if you do

  • Scrivs

    an article about skyward sword!!! YES!

  • phantommajora

    Honestly, as DESPERATELY as I would love to just OWN this game, I can wait for the Zelda team to perfect this masterpiece.

    • franklin

      Long time good game

    • Eddy

      Yeah, look at the development of the Ocarina of Time. Miyamoto scrapped the initial development completely and its release was delayed twice before it we got the amazing product that is arguably the best game ever.

  • Please no longer release I have already waited 5 years. I wish it was TP graphics though

    • franklin

      thay can do whatever thay want to whith the graphics,but I a realees date somtime

    • Twilight_Princess98

      I agree with you, I will miss the realistic, dark graphics 🙁

    • mockingbird8

      no matter what people say about it,TP will always be my favorite game of all time. Everything about it was perfect, and the graphics are my favorite of all games that have ever been released. Still, I'm happy with the way things look on SS, graphic wise.

  • Hyruliant

    They can take as long as they want.
    I'd rather it be worked on then rushed.

  • Jamica

    At least one dutch game store is saying it will come out on february 15 2011. I know, because I made this photo: http://syanta.deviantart.com/#/d35cvj8 .
    I have no idea why they know it when here we are still guessing.

    • Skyward

      It would probably be around that date since the game was first aimed for an early 2011 release.

    • HenoK

      yeah I was wondering about that too, so I asked about it at E-Plaza (dutch gameshop) and they said that the 'release date' isn't really based on anything except assumptions, and estimations.
      So it's not like they know more than we do, they just think the game being released around that time…
      too bad huh 🙁

  • VanitasXII

    I can see it being delayed, after all, OoT was delayed numerous times. I'd actually favor it being delayed, because I don't want another Kinect (to me, it was rushed and is totally unresponsive).

    In other words:

    Delay = Longer wait time, better outcome.
    Already done = Shorter wait time, possibly bad outcome.

    Time will tell.

    • franklin

      Think about what we know they have down on this list,and when thay had it don.Music;working on/have.Graphics;working on.Control;finished/maybe ading.Story;finished.Enemis;almoste/have.Gamplay,temples,bosses,itemsand world;woking hard at,working on,more than 8,andfinished/had alredy.so as you can see about 94& is don .the rest is maketing,time,6& of going through what needs twiking.more than half way;)

  • X x7

    I don't mind a delay, because I was about 85% sure this was going to happen, but I'm really hoping that by "over half way done" he means, "over 90% done". If it is delayed, I wonder what additions they're putting into the game?

  • a;kldsjaf


    *facepalms* Is anybody ACTUALLY surprised? We aren't going to see this game in stores before 2012, you all know that, right?

    • Querulous

      I'm not surprised that some dickhead troll such as you would come on here, crap on the floor, and stand there, expecting us to clean it up.

      Now GET THE F*CK OFF you atrocious douchebag, you cynical ingrate! Don't feed us your pablum (really, Baby-face, what is your pablum) anymore.

      • Rohan

        Why do people get so pissed about comments on this website? a;kldsjaf (lol at random keys on the middle line of keyboard) is just showing his emotions, he isn't trolling. Here's an example of trolling:
        Zelda sucks, Nintendo sucks, Miyamoto sucks, you guys are all nerdish losers.
        Leave that guy alone, he's probably a fan of Zelda, and honestly, delays can get people frustrated (including me). Also, there's nothing wrong with cynicism, you don't have to bad mouth him.

      • CommanderLink

        are you a retard?
        He was being sarcastic if you didnt notice, Zelda games ALWAYS get delayed, they need to be perfect, miyamoto's an artist, hes not going to release an unfinished game.
        I think Miyamoto is a man for the people, he will only give us the best of the best, he's a patient man whos willing to make us wait forever because he knows that when we actually get and play the game we will looooove it!

    • strongfan

      So we'd only have a year to play it before the moon crashes :O

    • mockingbird8

      I'm gonna laugh in your face when, in spring,2011, SS is released, just like they said it would.

  • shareholder

    The reason why you wont see new screenshots right now, and also the reason why people are saying publicly that the game isnt coming anytime soon, is so you go out and spend more money on other Nintendo products during the holiday season. Holiday sales are all about hyping the products you have out now, not hyping for products that are coming later. Hyping people on Zelda right now is the opposite of good business. Hiding it away and telling people not to hold their breath is smart for holiday sales. Nintendo doesnt do this to be mean. They do it to please shareholders.

  • crazed zelda fan

    So if nintendo went with its original plan for an upgraded twilight princes graphic style, i would of already had my hands on it?? WHAT!!!??? Man, Miyamoto, that really grinds my gears! But 2011 is only 10 days away, so hopfully, Skyward Sword is gonna be released some time in January.

    • Subrosian

      Who said anything about the Twilight Princess style being upgraded?

  • ZFAN

    I was watching the E3 Coverage of Skyward Sword and the game looks awesome!!! I can't wait to play it, am a huge Zelda fan!

  • TuCara

    You're all Zelda fans and have experience under your belts from the other Zelda game delays, so grow some balls already.

    Mario is better anyways.

    • I agree. Well, said, YourFace!

    • And anyways, the wait will make Skyward Sword that much more awesome.

    • Brian

      This is a Zelda fan site, so if you hate Zelda, please get out of here.

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          • Gee, I wonder why they did. Oh, maybe because they don't want ditzheads coming on here and flaming the entire site with obscenities. But that's not a concern to you, is it, troll? No, you just want to anger as many people as possible. But here's some advice: find a better usage of your time–a hobby besides abusing the internet–and stick to that.

            And then stay off ZU unless you intend to contribute to the topic, not insult people you don't even know.

          • owen

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    • new

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  • Taggen 86

    I am afraid the new zelda will be a big let-down considering the motion controls and the change of director. I have never been so non-hyped before on a zelda game and I am a big zelda fan. I hope nintendo will make me wrong…

  • Taggen 86

    The zelda series need a restart similar to mario galaxy and I am afraid Skyward sword is not this game. Maybe the zelda team schould hand over it to the makers of galaxy:P Then we will see some magic!

    • The Super Mario Galaxy series is in no way a restart, but taking things to the next level.

      And I disagree. Skyward Sword is going to be AWESOME. But since the Zelda fanbase is the most contradictory and paradoxical group out there, many are bound to find SOMETHING to complain about and still lift up the aged Ocarina of Time in their eyes as the best game ever.

      Move on, people!

      • Taggen 86

        Well, OOT IS the best game ever =)

      • asdfjl;

        Dear @Blizzaga Lantean:
        You are part of the Zelda fanbase, you hypocrite.

        • I rest my case.

          • Guru-does

            If you're going to use multiple names on this site, then he has every right to call you a hypocrite.

            And with that, I rest my case.

            P.S. Make a case the next time, one you can actually prove and then set to "rest." (hehe, no duhr)

    • Cody

      Taggen, Mario is a great franchise, but it can NEVER touch Zelda. Ever.

      Tucara, your statement is outright trolling, so unless you can act like you're old enough to actually use the internet please stay off of it.

      • Cody

        Woops, sorry about replying to Tucara in this, too.

    • owen

      U sound gay, you know right. I hate being mean it makes me fell bad sry.

  • cukeman

    I think they should go back and add more content to TP

    • WeeGee

      Remake of TP? no if they did, Skyward sword would be farther away from reaching daylight cause then they would have 3 zelda games to work on, making everything farther away so bad suggestion

  • You're all Zelda fans and have experience under your belts from the other Zelda game delays, so grow some balls already.

    • Oh, what do you know. It was me who said that. I guess the jig is up! 😛

  • Phantom7

    "Over half complete" isn't even really grammatically correct. It's probably (and hopefully) a mistranslation that really means they're almost finished.

  • Calamitas

    Weeell, I guess he didn't say than HOW FAR "over half complete" it is… they could be a lot further than this statement makes us think. At least I hope so…

  • SMurph

    Whoa, whoa, whoa … TWO Zelda games coming out … what's the other one … and how did I miss that announcement??

    • He meant Skyward Sword AND Ocarina of Time 3D, for the 3DS, which both will hopefully be released early next year.

    • Morpheel

      Ocarina of Time 3D is the second Zelda.

  • zelda4ever

    Could it possibly be that this is all in their plan, that this move could cause some (NOT ALL) zelda fans to go into a sort of desperation for a game anticipated for almost 2 years, therefore allowing nintendo to put up a sort of "pre-release" price, allowing for them to charge more for an earlier delivery?

  • Keith

    I… honestly wouldn't mind a delay. I have Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, Pokemon Black/White, and the 3DS to worry about. So if ZSS was delayed it may be better for me financially. I am wanting the game asap but also not wanting to worry about spending a lot on games in a small time period. And if this delay means the game looks, runs, etc. better then its worth it in the end. I'd rather it be the best it can be than it rushed and not be what we're hoping for.

  • bobbby

    I really want some new games to keep me satisified. My parents don't let me buy video games till after christmas and I hate it. Also, are you saying that the game would have been done if it weren't for the graphical style? Damn… I love the art style, but if they could have done it already why didn't they?

  • gamez123

    this game better be just as awesome n amaizing as OOT, cuz they shur r taking their sweet time with it. I just hope its long and has realy difficult dungeons, and a good story line.

  • tsubasa_z

    Í went into a game store in by neighborhood (in europe) and it said 'reserve now skyward sword for februari 16'. And I could only thing about how stupid the are for claiming that.

  • Vibed

    THE INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED DURING E3. So this story seems sort of irrelevant.

  • Link-182


    If you read the interview carefully, Shiggy says Mario Kart 3DS hasn't been announced yet, but Skyward Sword has, it also says "at the time of the interview", its over half complete.
    This most likely means the interview was done during E3 but they didn't post it until now.
    Also, why would Shiggy be out doing a random interview in December? Especially with Pocket Lint, they aren't anything special.

    • smbmaster99

      hey, that's a good point 🙂

      It never really hit me

    • Skyward

      Mario Kart 3DS was also announced at E3. No reason to think this interview applies to recent news yet.

  • I think that's great actually. Art should not be rushed. Let it bake a little longer. We'll reap a larger reward for the extra attention to detail.

    • Skyward

      But if the team is working slowly, that would be a difference. Anyways, I'm also with everyone who hopes the extra time would pay off for the game.

  • bastian

    1) This interview is ancient (from back at e3) and thus is not relevant.
    2) Even if this interview was new and relevant "over half done" does NOT mean "ONLY half done". A game can be 99.99999 % done and still be considered "over half done."

    • Skyward

      1)How can it be back from E3? Anything to prove it would be helpful to correct it if it isn't.
      2)That's what I also stated in the article, but thanks for pointing it out again.

  • jacob

    miyamoto needs to give a more exact date
    ex: about xx/xx/2011

    • jacob

      just "in 2011" isnt good enuogh

  • nooo

    -Keyboard snaps in half-

  • asdfjl;

    Dear writer of this ZU article:
    ARe you like Sarah Palin and enjoy yelling "Fire!" in a theatre?
    This is old news, back from E3, so stop trying to hype people up just to get a story on here. Thank you.

    • Skyward

      Dear poster of this comment,

      No, I am not like Sarah Palin and enjoy yelling "Fire!" in a theatre, although that sounds crazy fun :3

      Point out anything that would suggest this interview is from E3 in order to help us correct anything if there's anything wrong. Also check other websites if this isn't enough for you to believe.

      And ZU isn't trying to hype people just to get a story on here, we report any news that Zelda fans should know about, and that's what we do here. Your welcome =]

  • TheMaverickk

    It could simply mean that they feel they want to add more.

    Video games in a way are much like art. When you are creating an image or painting, sometimes even when you think you are done, you realize or have a stroke a brilliance to add a whole new section or possibly image to the painting and make it even better.

    So maybe the game was almost complete, but now they want to push the development a little more and see what they may be able to add and build into the game. Simply adding more meat for eager adventurers to sink their teeth into.

    • Skyward

      I believe that might be it. Like Aonuma said: "We always try to come up with new ideas when developing a Zelda game"

      Who knows, maybe it turns out quite different than what we saw at E3.

  • Josh

    Never trust Nintendo release dates.

  • smbmaster99

    I think he's just saying that in the sense of debugging. Seeing as how Aonuma has already stated that the basis they have is very solid over 4 months ago, I'm positive that debugging and polishing is what Miyamoto is referring to.

  • Ashmic

    I'm happy there is more news on SS but Im somewhat disappointed, I mean I'm willing to wait forever if it means the game is gonna be awesome, but I'm not gonna lie, I knew it was gonna take long to make, but I am kinda mad Miyamoto said they only had a few things to go, and now he says its like 3/4 done (at the most) but its okay, just sayin it makes me a little down

    • No, Ash, this interview was actually done shortly after E3. A few of the details in the full interview were off, such as Mario Kart 3D not being announced at that time, and why Miyamoto would be conducting a random interview in the middle of December.

      I don't know why, but several Zelda sites have posted this, all at about the same time, and it's pretty much confused all the commenters. That is, till a few others caught the misunderstanding and set the record straight.

      Therefore, things are still going according to schedule, and we should be seeing SS hit the shelves in early 2011 as promised, so nothing to worry, or feel down, about. 🙂

      • Ashmic

        i still don't understand -_- it sounds like ur saying this article is fake or soemthin, sorry *lost* >.<

        • I'm sorry–I should have clarified that as well. It appears that this article was released a little late, and because of that lateness some of the readers became perplexed as to why Skyward Sword is "over halfway complete." The interview I mentioned <a href="http://(http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/37425/interview-shigeru-miyamoto-nintendo-zelda),” target=”_blank”>(http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/37425/interview-shigeru-miyamoto-nintendo-zelda), though, happened around E3, but none of the websites seemed to have posted an article on it back then. But now they pretty much all have, and the fans are taking it as up-to-date news, hence their bewilderment.

          Yet the interview I attached should help clear some questions of doubt you may still have, or still don't understand.

          • Ashmic

            ohhhhhhh okay thanks Thareous <3

          • Skyward

            According to the source, this interview is new. Look at the date when it was posted.

          • Fearsome Tooth

            21 December 2010 17:14 GMT / By Nigel Kendall

            Odd…now several facts don't add up. Not saying that you shouldn't have posted the article; just that the details around it seem a little loose. And that's how I view it, and it makes me feel confused.

          • Skyward

            The details could seem a little vague to a few most likely because of Miyamoto's translator. IGN.com has contacted Nintendo in order to hear a confirmation about the game's completion. '

            As soon as we learn anything new we would keep you updated as always. But for now, many sites have posted this news.

  • AXBHikaru

    I expected a delay, not that much, I was actually hoping it wouldn't happen, but hey, Twilight Princess was delayed how many times? And I loved that games so much I played through it over 42, I'm hoping Skyward Sword is better than Majora's Mask, which is my favorite game, but I love the art style in Skywards Sword, I'm hoping we see some links to Ocarina of Time, like the Deku Tree.

  • twilian

    As long as it's released /eventually/, I don't mind. I'd wait ten years for this game if I had to X) Besides, Nintendo games are always worth the wait 😛

  • Aethelbert

    Well… 51% is over half complete… but 99% is still over half complete… I just hope to have it by next summer

  • Frank

    i must say, i don't think is a delay since nintendo didn't gave an exact release date for skyward sword, or at least that's what i think, we only know it's gonna bye a 2011 release

  • Jack

    Ok now they are going backwords in devolpment, six mouths ago they say they are almost done making the game now they are saying that they are only half done with the game.

    Funny how it takes nintendo five years to release a halfway decent game for the wii when other companys release games with way more content in half the time it take nintendo to finish one game. It kinda make me question wether or not they are any good at making games. At any rate we can expect this game to take another year or two.

    • Guru-does

      Read the comments without voting them down, Jack(***). There's been enough of that over the course of this week.

      Nothing is going amiss with SS; it's still on schedule. Just research for yourself, 'cause I'm tired of repeating this on pretty much every site, ZU being the last I've visited, but not at all my least fave.

  • Link3force

    i just want to play the fucking game

    • Guru-does

      When it comes out, which shouldn't be too long, you can.

  • STUFF2o

    I have a feeling that, looking at these colorful OoT-esque graphics, seeing how much they're overhauling the traditional Zelda game, the placement in the timeline, and this long development period, this isn't going to be a half-assed game in the slightest bit. Look at Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, NSMBWii, Spirit Tracks, etc., Nintendo's game-making skills are on an upswing. I fully expect Skyward Sword to blow me away. Though I am getting a bit impatient. At best, they'll release it February for Zelda's 25th anniversary.

    • FilipeJMonteiro

      Hell yeah. I do see some of Majora's Mask atmosphere in there, but definitely the feel, overall, of Ocarina of Time.

      Can't wait to play this game, it looks very promising.

  • Foh

    To be honest, I want Nintendo to take all the time it needs to make sure everything is working the way it should. I'm willing to wait for a good game, rather than have Nintendo rush to get it out there like Twilight Princess, which was a good game, but the GC version that they put much more time and thought into was better simply because more time and effort was put into it. See what I'm saying?

  • Transient Link

    Yeah until he "flips the tea table" again…lol can't wait for the next delay xD

  • Sanity's_Theif

    They should've left the graphics alone and just released the game if it truly was already finished and the new graphics are the ONLY thing that caused the delay, I think more people would've been happy

    • Sanity's_Theif

      … I say this because there's a good number of people who don't care about graphics and also a good number of people who prefer the look of TP, I think both of those combined outnumber the people who would want to wait to have the graphics changed to what they are

      • Brian

        Miyamoto and Aonuma actually told interviewers that they changed the artstyle, because the graphics from Twilight Princess doesn't make the Wii MotionPlus swordplay more clear to the player. And besides, if they still use the Twilight Princess graphics, Skyward Sword is going to be delayed a lot more than Twilight Princess and no one wants that.

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Well, to be honest, I don't think there's a big problem on whether it will be delayed or not. I think the main issue on this, what I consider to be a, short-time developing could mean a not-so-good/polished Zelda game, what do you guys think?

    I'd chose, any day, a fantastic, incredible, LoZ game that took 10 years to complete than… well, a big version of the DS games.

  • Xenithar

    As far as I'm concerned, the longer they take on it, the better it will be.

  • CommanderLink

    seriously, most of you come across to me as idiots -.-
    you think anyone who has an opinion you disagree with is a troll, well guess what, not everyone thinks the way you think! wake up!
    We've all experienced delays in the past, stop whining, it only means the game will be greater.

    • Angela

      Thanks for posting this, just saying. Its not like anyone on here is completely bashing the game or what it stands for. Its a matter of delays. Honestly, I think the comments on the delays are kinda funny, because its true.

  • Tayo

    "Recent info has been spliced in. The interview itself is old–that is, all the info from Miyamoto was taken from an interview conducted before E3–and new stuff has been spliced in, because they held the interview back. Notice, for example, that Miyamoto himself doesn't make any reference to Skyward Sword by name; at the time, he wasn't permitted to discuss the name. He just calls it "our new Zelda game." The interviewer can call it Skyward Sword because he waited until the game's title was revealed–much later than that, in fact; it's already been half a year–to publish the interview. Of course, it could be more likely on the day itself–the 15th of June–that the interview was conducted. After Skyward Sword was shown off, but before the deluge of 3DS games came through. The opening paragraphs suggest this is more likely the case. So–I'd say it was half-way done on the 15th of June, then."

  • Siaarn

    I don't mind delays if it means making it better, delays are always worth it in the long run, it'd be weird if it was out in early 2011, it feels so soon, I know TP has been out for a long time now but it still feels new to me XD;

  • frank

    ehmmm… diddn't they say after E3 that the game just needed some polishing? Hell, some sources even say this is a re-release of an earlier Interview.

  • Faleel

    two zelda games?

    • Brian

      Yep. Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3DS! ;D

  • Hylian Dan

    "Half complete" does not mean "halfway through development," it means half of the game is now in it's finished state. This is good news.

  • Jared!

    What really bugs me and strays me away from this game is that there is no left-handed option, and right handed Link is SO stupid…
    Oh well, I'd rather wait for OoT 3DS. I just wish they'd release more info on it!

    • Angela

      Hopefully there will be a left-handed option put in as part of the finishing up that they are doing. Its not just to say that only right-handed can play, but it is also not just to call right-handed Link stupid. Its not the same Link in every game -_-

      • Subrosian

        I would prefer using my left hand (I AM left handed, after all), but I believe there was an article which basically said there will be no lefty mode, so…. 🙁

  • MarmosetB

    IF there is a delay (big IF), I would appreciate Nintendo making available the E3 demo for free download on the Wii. It would, at least, hold me over until the actual release.

    Plus, it'd be a nice gesture to give us common folk who aren't afforded the opportunity to attend the big conferences a chance to play, instead of being forced to base our expectations solely on other people's opinions.

  • Dark Link

    I heard somewhere that Skyward Sword is going to be released 1/29/11.

    • Brian

      That, my friend is TOO early. Aonuma said that Skyward Sword would be released in early 2011 which means it's around March or April, but I highly doubt it!

  • happydude

    im excited cause i know the realease date! april2! it comes out that day and im gonna buy it first!

  • midna

    I can wait for the game. Although I agree that the interview does appear to be old and irrelevent.

    With zelda… you have to expect delays… Zelda and delays come in a package deal… But it is always worth it.

    Nintendo takes their time to deliver quality, something even a lot of the games of the HD consoles are lacking.

  • Brian

    Is it just me or the puzzles in Twilight Princess felt rushed, so Twilight Princess can meet the deadline even though Twilight Princess has been DELAYED 3-5 TIMES?

  • axle4222

    I agree with Eddy if we wait until June we might get the next generation of a OOT release if they release it now well you got a half decent game

    (P.S Link would own mario a million to none)

  • Yoshi

    they definitely went backwards with something. miyamoto was so confident on how close they were to finishing the game that talks of it being released in winter of 2010 was talked about and as late as Q1 of 2011. so for them to say its over "half done" means they changed something. and not just something simple, it had to have been something huge for the gale to go backwards from "nearly finished" to "over half" finished….

    but im not complaining, w/e they have to do to make the game perfect then they can take as much time as they want. remember in TP when the twilight relm was shown in pure black and white and they were going to release it? then it was delayed and the twilight relmed looked more vibrant and not a dull black and white color. so i expect something like that with skyward sword. maybe they changed the graphics again at the last second?

    • Subrosian

      First of all, 'over half' could be 'almost done'. Secondly, this interview was conducted right before SS's announcement, I believe.

  • zelda freak

    i been waiting for the big new they should be done by now

  • MHlink

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nvm got it OoT for 3DS

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