As part of their latest poll tournament, GameFAQS is currently at the semi-final of their Game of the Decade contest. Out of 128, only 4 are left, and one of these is Majora’s Mask. Unfortunately though, it is currently losing in the semi-final to Final Fantasy X, so go ahead and vote.

In other vote-related news, I’m now in the running for “Top Geek”, a contest that determines Australia’s top geek and then sends them off to conventions such as PAX for free. While you’re off voting, give this one a vote too, and hopefully ZU will be off to PAX!

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  • Headphoneguy

    People haven't been this wrong since we thought the Earth was flat.

  • KingMudkip

    All right, Cody, you got your vote. Your geekitude is undeniable, after all.
    At least if MM falls to FFX, Lunk'll be in the finals thanks to Brawl. I was so freakin' frustrated when Metroid Prime beat Half-Life 2, thus denying Gordon Freeman access to the finals. Come ON, that ain't right.

    • KingMudkip

      Ah, dang it. Misspelled Link. Can't type worth a darn today.

      • QueenxLink

        lol, Lunk

  • Keith

    I voted for Final Fantasy X. Majora's Mask, while my favorite LoZ, can't really compete with X to me. Personal reasons on that. That one game has done more for me and a friend than any game ever has. I know saying "oh a game did a lot for us" may seem a bit… odd since its a video game, but trust me, X has helped us become better friends, and helped me understand her situation a lot better. So for those personal reasons I voted for FFX over MM. Thumbs down me if you want, but my opinion won't change. FFX > MM. Very narrowly but still.

    • Keith

      yep. Two thumbs down already. Good going, fanboys. At least TRY to accept other opinions. "ZOMG HE PREFERS X!! WHAT A DOUCHE!". Yeah, you're the douche if you thumbs down me for preferring FFX. >_> Not everyone will prefer MM.

  • Darktoonlink88

    I'm not going to let Majoras Mask lose from Final Fantasy like how Ganondorf lost in the bad guy competition! And I'm not going to let Cody down either! Voted for both, I really hope MM and you, Cody, both win!

  • I went Majora's Mask, and not because I haven't played Final Fantasy, but because if I did I'd know that MM would still be better to me.

    And of course I went for Cody. Who else?

  • Majora's Beat Down

    GO MAJORAS MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Petridish27

    I voted for Majora's Mask, but I would honestly be happy if either won. They are both such great games. It's also good to see Brawl in the finals.

  • RydAma

    I looked through all previous rounds to see if I could find what OoT lost to, and as it turns out it didnt even enter, lol. Also the wastly popular FFVII wasnt in… not that I like FFVII but yea hmmm… Of course its not impossible I missed them but Im fairly sure.

    • That's because it was "this decade", nothing from 1999 or earlier was entered.

  • Kitakee

    I'm a Zelda fangirl, but there's no way Majora's Mask beats Final Fantasy X. In fact, not many games do, if any. Maaaaaaaybe Ocarina of time. 🙂

    • TP does…
  • Subrosian

    C'mon it's so close! Vote for Majora's mask guys!

  • guitarshank

    I'd like to come forth and say that you should really vote for whichever game is your favorite. If you haven't played both (or either) then you may be biased toward the franchise you prefer or the one you've played, which is fine. I'm not voting in this one. Personally, I preferred FFX (btw, the X is a roman numeral. Please just say "ten") partly because it was the last good Final Fantasy in my opinion, and also because I wasn't the biggest fan of MM :X I did like it, just not as much.

  • Guest

    Wow. From the time I posted, FFX has 50.13% and MM has 49.87%

    Now, this was a really hard decision for me. I love both of these games, but in the end.. I went for Majora's Mask. For any of you who've read Hylian Dan's articles, they are a huge reason as to why I love MM so much. He uncovered stories (or speculations) that I'd never noticed before, and it just added so much to the game for me.

    Maybe if FFX had a Hylian Dan on their side, I'd have voted for it.

  • QueenxLink

    WOW. Majora's Mask is loosing by such a small amount… I voted for it! And I voted for Cody!! 😀 Hope ya win, Cody!

  • CasualVader

    Majora's Mask was winning by so little when I voted just now! This is intense.

  • tsubasa_z

    Only 300 votes ahead!, but still ahead

    • Purlo_sux

      When the world ends, Europe will be the first to blow up.

  • Subrosian

    Did you really just say Final Fantasy "Ex"??

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Well, MM's up against Brawl now, and is winning!

    I've been looking at the back logs of this poll now, and to my surprise and delight I find that TWW beat out God of War II in the first NW division round. And then it lost to MM itself in the Div Final, beating out Assassins Creed II and Oblivion. 😀 Very pleased with how well TWW did.

    And then Paper Mario beat WoW. Hahaha XD. And TP beat out Dragon Age: Origins and Kingdom Hearts II.

    Overall I say Zelda as a series did really well.

  • Bob

    I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy… well the first nine games anyway. I felt that after the jump to the PlayStation 2 the series just went majorly down hill. Majora's Mask is superior to Final Fantasy X is ALL aspects really.

    • Subrosian

      Yeah. My main problem with X was the linearity. No more overworld exploration, although they did try to solve that with a less linear level-up system. But Majora's Mask is just a better game.

  • Murasaki-Mary

    I voted for M&M's! (^w^)/

  • MasterLink

    I like both equally.

  • CasualVader

    MM won game of the decade. Now there's a bonus vote between Link and Santa. Link is winning. XD

  • wayofthesheikah

    WOOT! Majora's Mask beat Brawl for Game of the Decade! Just goes to show you the true power us Zelda fans have when we unite as one! (Or it could just be because all the Zelda fan sites rallied or something…haha, just kidding)

    As for that "bonus" round, even though Link is winning at the moment, Santa Claus is putting up a good fight. It's a hard choice: A man who dresses in a red suit, lives with elves and has a sackful of free presents to give to people, or a heroic Hylian-easily-mistaken-for-an-overgrown-elf who dresses in a green dress (er…tunic) who has a sword, a shield, and a wealth of cool toys of his own.

  • Subrosian

    Majora's Mask definitely deserves it.

  • Skull kid wuz here!

    MAJORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WIN WIN!GO SKULL KID!I mean….yay majora!FFX SUCKS!

  • wow!!!

    la foto no. uno es mi favorita.

    Felicidades toni!!!

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