Hello ZU members!

My name is Anna, and I am Zelda Universe’s newest news correspondent. You’ll be seeing me post around the front page quite a bit, but before I go into details, I’d just like to give a short bio about my own self.

I’m 20, I live in Illinois, and I am a part-time college student. I am majoring in Special Education, which is actually a lot of fun. Illinois is really boring; well, the part I live in anyways, and there are more Chinese food restaurants around here than anywhere else in the universe.  I also like anime, manga, video games, and sports. I will be going into little detail about those interests at this moment. If you ever want to know what anime, manga I like  message me on the forums (my username is Misha Locke).

Anyway, here’s all about my inner Zelda nerd! I first played Ocarina of Time as a child, which got me into Zelda. I did not know how to play it at first, but started to understand the whole “concept.”  The last time I have played Zelda would have to be Twlight Princess, and my favorite character from Zelda would have to be Midna. Why? Because she is definitely Nintendo’s best sidekick character idea. Sure, she was a brat at first, but she ended up changing in the end. Honestly, I believe that she was a well thought out, cohesive character.

So, yes, you can see how I’d never pass up the chance to work for such an awesome Zelda fan website! However, I’m more a casual than hardcore gamer. My real life stops me from playing video games too much, but I get to hang around Zelda Universe enough to make up for it. If you’d like to see me on the forums, I typically post around whenever I feel like it. I am usually online throughout the day, and even the late night.

Until then, I’ll be corresponding news here on Zelda Universe, so look out for me!