Just in time for the Black Friday sales, Nintendo is releasing two new DSi colors, orange and green. These new colors will come bundled with Mario Party DS to help commemorate the 25th anniversary of the famous Super Mario Bros. games.

The orange and green DSi will be available on November 26th for $149.99 USD. There is a limited amount released. Check your local retailers and online shops to see who has them!

Source: engadget
  • Cool! Neat way to celebrate Black Friday.

  • sj67

    Thats awesome! Do you think they will come up with a new Mario Party?

    • starbolt

      mario party 10 really

  • starbolt

    green and orange

    not the best combo

    • QueenxLink

      Add some purple in there and you're all set to have a jester-themed DSi XL! XP Ew…

  • Anomynous

    Orange and green? What about Zelda Colors

    • These aren't really for Zelda, unfortunately…but green could go with Link's tunic.

    • Blizz

      Screw Zelda for a while. It's MARIO's time to shine.

      • ChainofTermina

        you have no idea where you are, do you?

        • Blizz

          Mario > Zelda.

          Oh yes. I went there.

          • ChainofTermina

            Mario sucks.

            Oh yes. I went THERE.

          • bradley

            Zelda is better but Mario does not suck.

          • Querulous

            Mario is for lazy people who love pogo-jumping but won't get out and do it.

          • a smart guy

            shut up, nobody likes you

      • First off, this is a Zelda site. And if you just come on here to malign its namesake, then that counts you as a troll. Just stick to your own beloved franchise unless you come on here to prove Mario's fame, which is already first. So you've pretty much accomplished nothing.

        Second off, Mario games are impromptu; they have no plot whatsoever. You just go on certain levels and get certain (Super Stars, Shines, etc), and there's a ton of jumping involved in between. Really, no real thrills, just a pastime for enjoyment.

  • QueenxLink

    They'll probably come in February when Zelda's 25 aniversary takes place. Of course thats MAYBE. Let's just hope it DOES happen, cuz if it does, I'm seriously getting it.

  • QueenxLink

    Green is pretty, it's one of my fav colors. I originally wanted red… But then they came out with the Mario verison… It's the perfect red, its bright; just the way I wanted it, only, It has Mario logos on it and I don't like Mario games much…

  • Ashmic

    im scared to find out how many ppl are going to get trampled on blk friday, someone dies every year you know?
    im not being like, depressing its just true
    i thought this was for wii cause the box looks like it XD

  • Lach Menel

    Hum, this is awesome! Green is a color that has been needed! speeking of black friday, I saw some peoples in front of a Best Buy today. After asking about the reson, I fond that they where waiting the sales in two days. Wow, is it just me, or is that a little over kill for a tv?

  • ILiekZelda

    Dang, I see a lot of fist fights over one green Dsi XL…….

    • Mask of Sorrow

      Do you see a lot of fist fights over the orange one.

      • ILiekZelda

        Depends if they like orange……..

  • Blizz

    Orange! Not fair! NUUU!!

  • ChainofTermina

    wait, DSi? who's gonna buy a new DSi when the 3DS is right around the corner?

    • Blizz

      Not everyone can afford a 3DS, so a cheaper alternative…especially during the holiday season, is currently more inviting. Kind of like when the PS2 Slim first came out.

  • Why Nintendo?

    The actually sell a red DSIXL/Lite with a white mushroom on it in the Netherlands (Europe).
    It is much, MUCH cooler then this strange combination