It’s inevitable. Someone will pop into a random Wind Waker-related thread in a forum and comment, “I hate the graphics.” And then, before the thread moves on, someone else will retort, “You haven’t even played it yet! Can’t you look past the graphics? It’s all about the gameplay. Gameplay is more important than graphics.” The Celda-hater is left speechless. After all, it’s viewed as common wisdom of the gaming community that gameplay is indeed better than the graphics. And it’s true, but only to a certain point. In fact, I argue that some people will not look past the graphics when they play it, and not only that, but that it doesn’t mean they’re shallow gamers. Surprised? Read on.

Can they stand it?

Gameplay. It’s a common category in reviews. But what exactly does it mean when we say that a game has good gameplay? To state the obvious, it typically means that you have fun while engaged in the active portions of the game. Different people have different ideas of fun. Many people liked the platforming challenges of Super Mario Sunshine. I, on the other hand, found it mostly frustrating. Sure, I had a little fun every now and then, but even then I never had as much fun as I do when I play Zelda. So, the quality of the gameplay is partially subjective. But here’s the thing: a large variety of people might like Zelda (i.e. find it fun), but they might find it fun for different reasons. It might seem obvious upon stating it, but I think the forum dialogue I simulated above shows that many people don’t apply that concept to the situation of whether or not people like the new graphics.

Perhaps it would help to illustrate if I clarified what makes Zelda fun for me. Ultimately, I don’t have fun with it because of one particular thing. No, I have fun with it because a whole host of different attributes that come together to make it a good single player game for me. An essential part of that is atmosphere. To simplify things, on the one hand you have games that are ridiculously happy, and on the other hand you have gothic, dark, bloody games. I don’t enjoy either, especially not the over-dark ones. I might also add that I like games that occur in places with a lot of mystery-like a forest, with shadows beckoning the adventurer to explore. Why is atmosphere important to me? Because it sucks me into a new world. When I played Mario Sunshine, I was a bit put off by both the setting (it was too much like the real world, at least in comparison with the enchanting world of Mario 64) and by the over-high douses of cheerfulness. Of course, “atmosphere” is part of a larger picture-the story. I like a game that presents to you the world of light and the world of darkness, but with the world of light reigning victorious in the end, although perhaps not without a bit of sadness as to what the darkness has done. A game not unlike Lord of the Rings in its basic qualities. To me, Majora’s Mask was the perfect game. It is my favorite not only of the Zelda series but also of all single player games. You may disagree, but that is because you have different tastes in fun.

To tell the story and to provide atmosphere, the graphics, animations, character interaction, sound, and music must all work in concert to provide the desired effect. All of these things are generally considered peripheral to gameplay. I argue that they are not-for some people. For me, it is indeed part of the larger gameplay experience.

However, let me add the disclaimer that I agree with the old proverb (“Gameplay is more important than graphics.”) in the sense that atmosphere and story means nothing if the gameplay mechanics (here defined as what you “do”) is dry and dull. In an earlier article, I have alluded to a certain scene in Ocarina of Time in which Link leaves the Kokiri Forest and receives the Fairy Ocarina from Saria. That whole scene was an incredibly elegant, compact piece of storytelling, all told with having Link say not a word. But then, what if Hyrule Field was nothing but grass, was two hundred times bigger than it is, and Link was very slow? The gameplay (and thus the game) would be horrendously boring, despite the fact that you had just witnessed a fantastic cinematic. When people refer to the gameplay, they really refer to the action. Watching cutscenes or talking to villagers is (relatively speaking) a passive enterprise. (Even so, we cannot categorize things indefinitely. Having giant spiders in dungeons creates not only a gameplay element but also an atmospheric element.). In any case, what I have shown is that graphics truly doesn’t mean anything if the “gameplay” (meaning the action) is boring. That is what the adage “Gameplay is more important than graphics” means. But for myself, I find that the “gameplay” doesn’t mean anything-or doesn’t mean much-without the good atmosphere and story. Not everyone will agree, and that is because they aren’t the same person. Their idea of “fun” isn’t as dependant on being sucked into a whole other world.

So, can the people who don’t like the cel-shading look past those graphics? I think some will, but I’m not sure the majority will be able to. Sure, the graphics would be meaningless without the gameplay, but to an extent, the gameplay would also be meaningless without the graphics. As reader Ladybug19425 said, “As for the character itself I think it’s just not true to Link’s true character. Now he looks as dopey as Mario. When he used to be set apart from all the other games.” For her-and countless others-the atmosphere of the game has changed because of Link’s new look and personality, potentially taking much of the fun out of the game.

Cereal Boxes and Beyond

There is another reason why graphics are important. A love of science and technology is not universal, but a love of art and music is. Every culture produces art, but most of that art is not in the form of masterpiece paintings or sculptures. That art is in the form of everyday objects-an example for we in the West would be cereal boxes. “Graphics” are what we call “practical art.” Graphics adorn everything from cans of orange juice to boxes of detergent to the layout of furniture in the house to the look of websites. The point is, if you play Zelda but look at the cartoons as ugly, you might not even like the gameplay simply because humans are naturally such artistic creatures.


Some people like the new artistic style. Some people don’t. In fact, some don’t even like the fact that it’s a cartoon. But when people who do like the graphics retort back with the old proverb, perhaps they should back off. It is probably true that people should wait to judge the graphics until they play the game, but in the end, some people will end up not enjoying the game simply because the graphics don’t appeal to them. And that’s perfectly fine, because for them, gameplay is more than just battles and puzzle-solving. For them, graphics are part of gameplay.


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This retro article was originally posted February 17th, 2003.
  • OoTfanatic

    As the first to comment (1st time eva!) I would like to say that though most people don't like the cel shaded graphics (which are awesome) they must get used to the fact that as part of the Zelda fan community (go hardcore gamers [nerds lol]) the Legend of Zelda series is based on gameplay that keeps each new game fresh.

    • Ænglån

      Not when the series has barely changed since 1998.

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        Majora's Mask was mostly side-quests that mostly fitted in with the plot . Wind Waker was filled with the feeling of discovery and encouraged the player to explore every corner of the sea. The Oracle games had items that influenced the world around them. Four Swords was the first Multiplayer Zelda. Phantom Hourglass introduced us to a touch screen Zelda.

        Really, the only games that didn't change were Twilight Princess (Because it was meant to tickle your nostalgic bone.) And Spirit Tracks (Because it was a continuation of Phantom Hourglass.)

        In conclusion, the Zelda series did change somewhat since 1998. Not by changing its core, but rather by adding to it.

        • I figured TP did change the series somewhat with the new sword attacks. Then again, the Cyclone Spin from Wind Waker could already bear that title since it introduced a new move first. Or on another game I haven't played yet. 🙂

  • Joko tree

    Gameplay over graphics for life thats me Joko tree.

  • Zanio

    “As for the character itself I think it’s just not true to Link’s true character. Now he looks as dopey as Mario. When he used to be set apart from all the other games.”

    This quote here, to me, is quite invalid.
    "Link's true character?"
    How can you say this when Link is a whole new character in each game?
    AND the majority of the time, he's a child, not an adult. Wind Wakers art style compliment this incarnation of Link's child like innocence perfectly.

    Now, to this article. I agree with most of it, yes. After studying Games Design for 3 years, and working with other people around me that have many different tastes in games, it's easy to say that graphics make a huge impact on the general gameplay. Not only does it serve as a tool to put the gamer in a certain mood, but it also reflects the nature of the game.
    Wind Waker is the adventure of a child. He sees the world as a bright colourful place, and the dark parts of the game, they're very dark. I don't think anything BUT cell shading would have worked for Wind Waker. It was a brilliant design choice, it certainly would not have had the same effect on me if this game were realistic.

    To conclude this lengthy comment though, I'd really love both sides of the argument to just shut their traps. Different people like different games. I for one, enjoy just about every game I play. I can see that so much effort has gone into the choices of atmosphere and gameplay, but that's just how I've trained myself. If you can do that, you can enjoy and game that you play!

    Also, I'd like to agree that Majora's Mask is my favourite game of all time too. The emotions and feelings are naturally forced upon the player, I believe this is mainly because of the 3 day cycle giving us a real look into people's lives and daily routines. The only game that equals this FOR ME is Final Fantasy IX, which recieves the same abuse that Wind Waker does. The storytelling and character development in this game is quite amazing, although the depth of the game doesn't quite hit the peak that Majora's Mask does.

    Thank you to anyone who has spent the time to hear me rant. I'm actually just procrastinating the act of washing the dishes.

    • Chief

      That was very well put.

    • linkpwns13

      Procrastination FTW 😀

      • Zanio

        I managed to bugger around for another 2 hours before I did the dishes.

        I'm a master at procrastination!

  • Pietro

    I happen to love TWW's graphics and hate its gameplay. Typically the gameplay over graphics retort is a strawman.

  • Gameplay definitely beats graphics for me, especially in the Legend of Zelda. Even if they're applied to one as ugly as Jalhalla–the obese phantom Boss from the Wind Waker–I get a fun challenge. As far as gameplay goes, MM has the best mechanics than any other Zelda game due to the Transformation Masks (the most advanced game without those would have to be Twilight Princess, swordhandling-wise).

    However, as I play through the four highly-graphical home console games, I'm noticing one thing: The graphics help contribute to the game. It sets the atmosphere, the ambience of the world you have to save. And while Wind Waker wasn't childish, it was meant for younger fans who might want to join in with the fun.

  • RydAma

    Can anyone tell me what really came first in the production of WW, the gameplay or the desicion of the graphics theme? Or if you can, point me to a specific interview? Please =)

    • Hombre de Mundo

      Both Aonuma and Miyamoto have stated that gameplay comes first, always. I can't point you to a specific interview because I'm too lazy… but if you look in the developer quote guide in Theorizing you can probably find similar statements somewhere.

  • I personally don't like the cartoony graphics of WW, PH, and ST. It took me a little while before I would even try WW. Once I did, however, the fun gameplay won out and I really enjoyed the game. The graphics are still laughable, and I think they detract from some of the more serious cutscenes, but they don't detract so much as to make the game not fun.

  • Gamma

    This article could use some editing (and updating), but it has some important points nonetheless.

  • Cody, this is the most dastardly plan I've ever seen. I love this article, by the way.

    This is gonna boost traffic BIG TIME.

  • Fan1wwe

    Its all about Gameplay, even nowadays i still go back to play some of my old games including Zelda Ocarina of Time because in my opinion that is still the best Zelda game so far

  • Darktoonlink88

    Don't start bitching that the graphics of Skyward Sword are awefull, because that's just an opinion. A lot of people, like me, actually love them. And also, I think you're overreacting. Sure, Wind Wakers graphics aren't very serious, but they really aren't THAT childish, that they take all the epicness away. If you felt like that, you really are a graphic whore. Graphics do indeed matter, but not so much that it ruins an amazing game like Zelda completely.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      No crap it's an opinion EinstNo I'm not overreacting that's how me and all my friends and how everyone else I know feels. I play games with horrible graphics so don't start labeling me a graphics whore, if you paid any attention at all to what I said, I didn't like the contrast in atmosphere it made the whole game feel awkward, so much so I will never play it again

      It's my opinion and a lot of other people's too, deal with it, don't bitch about it

      • Sanity's_Theif

        *Einstein, damn messing up typing so much

  • Wally-G

    If graphics weren’t important, why then did they need to bundle Celda with Ocarina of Time? I’ll tell you why, cause without the game with the good graphics that everyone wanted, no one would have bothered to reserve the damn thing. Sales didn’t pick up until this move was initiated.

    GC was a horrible selling system. What kept people from buying the system? Seeing there beloved Zelda turned into Celda. After that horrible showing at E3 many people ditched the GC before it even came out and didn’t look back.

    Finally if graphics weren’t important, why is it that the Zeldas on the major consoles afterwards have all had good graphics, while the Celda type look has been kept to only the DS- where it belongs? Because obviously graphics matter. Nintendo may be stubborn and do things there way, but in the end like everyone one else they want money. And that need for money has made sure that those main Zelda games don’t tread on Celda territory ever again.

    So get off this high horse about gameplay, cause histroy shows us no one wants to play a Zelda that is a step forward in gameplay and 2 steps backwards in graphics. Get over it.

  • Headphoneguy

    I happen to like the graphics and gameplay of all the Zelda games, because if any of them were different it wouldn't be those games that like so much anymore. (Although I would probably like them anyway.)

  • By_Farore

    My opinion on the matter, because -you care-.

    To stick with Link's 'true nature' we'll have to bring back the short super-deformed brown haired dude that could kick ass without anyone telling him what to do, or being clear about it anyway.

    Or not really. Link's true nature is one of a Hylian youth doing everything for the land (or… waters?) he loves and keep a mature attitude most of the time even though he'll have quite a few boyish/childish moments caused by his inner innocence, no matter what his age.

    Putting him in Mario Kart or Mario Sports as a playable character would be going against his true nature. Making him an angsty teenager who complains at every turn about not having parents would be going against his true nature.

    • HylianGlaceon

      Putting him in Smash Bros is going against his true nature in a way too then, if you count the VS Mode/Melee/Brawl modes. I think he would've been perfect for Mario Kart, as would a lot of the SSBB cast could've been. I'm sure they could whip up a Story Mode if needed. Plus it's not like it effects the other zelda games at all.

  • By_Farore

    I almost didn't play Wind Waker because it wasn't visually appealing to me. I decided to try it out because of its story and now it's the one game I've replayed the most.

    I do hate people saying it sucks because it has horrible graphics, especially since most of the time they're actually talking about the artstyle itself, not the graphics. But to both sides, seriously, if you don't like how a game looks, no one's forcing you to play it. There'll always be another Zelda game and at least one of them is bound to displease you. DEAL WITH IT.
    Seriously, people take being displeased by this or that in a game as a personal insult.

  • ChainofTermina

    seriously dude, your starting to become like a troll with your CONSTANT bitching about your "opinion" on WW and SS cel-shading. your a graphics troll

    • Sanity's_Theif

      I can't post whatever the hell I feel like and I'm speaking for multiple people here who don't care to post on this site, what I'm wondering is why you bother bitching about someone's opinion, like it kills you on the inside or something, get a life

      • Sanity's_Theif


      • ChainofTermina

        you do realize that I NEVER see you post any comment on this site unless it's to bitch about the graphics, right? you're a graphics troll, and it's annoying as shit.

  • SkallaML

    "And I know a lot of people who will never play the game just because of the graphics"

    It's a double-edged sword. Personally, I'm not a fan of realistic graphics. And once you get TOO realistic, I don't give the game a second glance. I'm just as bad as the Cel-Shading haters, I know, but I play a game to be thrust into a magical fantasy world, not relive my ancestor's painful history or see into their dismal future. No thanks.

    I guess what I'm getting to is, no matter what Nintendo does, they alienate a group. Whether it be the realistic-philes or the cel-philes. I think what we've seen of SS so far is a lovely compromise between these two extremes. We should be grateful that Nintendo took both parties into account.

    In any case, great article, very insightful. Not sure how much I agree with it, but you bring up some great points.

    • Wow, I agree with this comepletely.
      That's the same reason I play games. And it's also a major reason that I play mainly Nintendo and only very (VERY) rarely venture off into Xbox or PlayStation.
      I think the reason Nintendo alienates a group no matter what is because of the variety of graphics and gaming styles they have. Take the 360 for example, about 90% of what they produce is super realistic, so it draws in that crowd of people and tends to their needs alone. Nintendo draws in a wide variety of costomers and fans, and tends to almost everyone of their needs eventually, whether it be a more realistic sci-fi adventure like Metroid, something fun for the moment with no real explanation like Mario, or a vast mystical world like Zelda. Heck, there's even a super realistic Dead Space and Resident Evil games on the Wii :

  • As you said in the first paragraph, some people just don't give the game a chance. If your so close-minded as to judge something based on appearance then you deserved to be trolled 😐 You can't give an honest UN-biased opinion unless you at least try it and see how it feels. That's what I think the problem is. Not that people can't play through the game because the graphics aren't their taste, but because they just look at it, say "Eww", and walk away.

  • Chaos James

    Personally, the graphics play a pretty big role in the games I play, because I like seeing the world around me while I play, and if the graphics are mismatched/out of place/ or generally ugly, the game loses appeal to me.

    On that note, I like both Cel-Shaded and Realistic graphics. Sometime I want to get back to the magical roots of the older consoles, when realism wasn't even considered because the games couldn't handle it. Other times, I want to sink into the fantasy so I can actually imagine myself in the situations the character lives through.

    On the Gameplay side, I love playing hard but fun games. While more on the childish side, I found Wind Waker to be a fun challenge that kept me entertained for hours (the sailing wasn't even that bad). When I played Twilight Princess though, the realistic world (and the fact that Link turns into my favorite animal), but the game lacked challenge for me and I ended up beating it with ease.

    But now I can't tell if Zelda Games are getting easier, or if I'm just getting too good for Zelda Games.

    tl:dr – Link to the Past is my absolute favorite Legend of Zelda, but that is my opinion because LttP was the first Zelda game I played and captured my hearts and challenged me so much that I can beat it in one sitting.

  • Luke

    I hate when people just straight up say "Gameplay is more important than graphics" or the now super-cliche "You don't play graphics."

    True. You don't play graphics. And gameplay is important. But you also have to LOOK at the game the entire duration of playing it. If you don't like looking at it, it doesn't matter how well it plays, you're not going to enjoy it to the fullest.

  • andis

    text wall… tl;dr

  • This article is a gross misinterpretation of "gameplay > graphics". When gamers express this idea, they generally are referring to graphics QUALITY, not graphics STYLE. I have no respect for the shallow gamers who complain that a game sucks only because zomg it doesn't run at 1080p. Developers complain about how "underpowered" the Wii is; how did they survive when PlayStation 2 was the strongest hardware???

    I dislike Wind Waker's graphics. The style just doesn't do it for me, and it detracts from the experience enough to make me not enjoy playing it. This has NOTHING to do with the gameplay vs graphics debate. Imagine for one moment that God of War replaced its art style with chibi characters and cotton candy enemies. The gameplay is exactly the same, and it'll still run at 1080p, but I guarantee there would be a huge exodus of fans since the experience is tainted.

    Gameplay IS more important than graphics. No intelligent person disputes that. However, Wind Waker's choice to use cel-shading, tiny feet, and huge heads is not some violation of that principle. I felt it ruined the game, and I'm allowed to think that without suffering Zelda fanboy scrutiny.

  • Gdvere

    Well, we're all entitled to our opinion, for sure, and mine is to judge gameplay first, then graphics. I consider both really important parts of the game, the graphics set the mood, the gameplay helps the game's flow and we can't forget the story that ties it all together. I do think it's irritating when people won't even bother playing a game because of its graphics. I have a friend who won't even tough Nintendo because she doesn't like how most of it's games aren't realistic and it drives me crazy. If you don't like the graphics, fine, but at least the game a try.

  • masterlinkace

    well i mean people complain about the wind waker graphics, but personally i actually prefer them to any other zelda game. I mean yes, Twilight Princess was cool because it looked great at the time, however, the graphics of it are pretty dated now, and playing it on a big television makes it look pretty bad in some aspects. however, when playing wind waker, i still find it enjoyable to look at, much more so than twilight princess. At the end of the day bringing stylised graphics to a game, rather than just going for straight up 'realistic' style graphics, is often a good choice. although it was contraversial to have cel-shaded zelda, at the end of the day, the graphics are timeless in wind waker, unlike twiight princess, meaning that the longevity of the game is increased.

    Also, let's face it, nobody in there right mind wants a game that looks fantastic but plays awfully, however graphics go hand in hand with gameplay, it can make the atmosphere much better, and of course people want something nice to look at when they're playing, it's just common sense

  • matt17

    you guys gotta understand, silly graphics means silly and immature gameplay. a lot of us wanna see something more mature, but not god of war mature. just no more kiddy stuff

  • linkpwns13

    I personally hardly even notice the graphics when I play a game. To me, it's all about being sucked into the storyline, something that you really think about even when the game ends. I couldn't care less if my sword looks too dull to cut a cardboard box, as long as I can swing it. Don't get me wrong, graphics are certainly important when it comes to storyline (like say, the Lanayru spirit in Twilight Princess; now that thing was awesome), but it just doesn't contribute as much to me. I love hack 'n slash games as long as there's a cutscene series in between.

  • Dodolad

    Look, does seriously EVERY game created in this world have to be a realism-wannabe? I'm seriously glad that Nintendo prefers variety with art styles in their games rather trying to mimic real life every darn time. >_<

    Besides, The only Zelda game I know of that was "trying" to look realistic was Twilight Princess, I refuse to call Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask "realistic". :/ Because they just blatantly don't look real at all, I don't know, maybe its the NPC models who (in my opinion) look probably just as deformed as the Toon Zelda ones. Just look at that women with that huge nose or that old guy of lake Hylia as an example.

    Besides, Ocarina of Time 3DS is on the way and from what I have seen so far, it doesn't seem like its trying to be a realism-wannabe at all, especially when I look at the character models, who in my opinion look allot brighter than they originally did on the N64.

  • Jerome

    I very much believe that gameplay is more important than graphics, though graphics play an important supporting role. The issue with Wind Waker, though, isn't just about whether the graphics are good enough technically, but that the style is off-putting for many people. They create a first impression that turns many people away. Personally, I don't think it's the cell-shading (which looks pretty good IMO) as much as the super-deformed character style. I don't mind the fact that Link has solid-color clothes and a black outline, but the fact that he looks about 3 years old somewhat undercuts (for me at least) the sense of his being a brave young warrior on a great quest.

  • Spodee

    To me, the only elements of gameplay that are a requirement for me to really love the game is story and ease of control. Graphics are a part of the 'envelopment' aspect that the story first puts forward, the graphics complete this atmosphere.

    I didn't enjoy Wind Waker all that much, it was a great game both graphically (as some would disagree) and controls-wise but I just couldn't get into the story. Although Twilight Princess kept the same 'kidnapping, epic adventure, other obstacles and eventual conclusion' plot, I absolutely adored it. Despite the flaws that everyone is aware of, the relationship that Link and Midna developed throughout the game really won it for me.

    I can also pick apart the game much better. Things like Zant's insanity, Ganon's power upon the Twilight World and Midna's past are all so interesting to research. Other fans have such fantastic insights into why things went down as they did… I just didn't find that in Wind Waker, which is a shame because I have nothing against Wind Waker.

    On a last note about graphics, can I just say that when I went down the Old Hyrule in Wind Waker, my first thought was that I wished the whole game had been that way. Thinking back, I now think it just would have been nice if there were non-island areas like it is below as there was something about it that held this absolute beauty that I didn't find in Ocean Hyrule.

  • @Deffpoised, that's a good way to put it.

    Gameplay > Polygons

    I think OoT is beautiful despite having a low polygon count on everything. Sure, it could benefit from an increased poly count, but the game is solid in all aspects.

  • The 12 year old

    I've never thought of it that way… but it still dosent really matter. No matter what the graphics are, the end goal is that a game should be fun.

  • The 12 year old

    Shut the fuck up, you small minded moron. I'ts you assholes that can't appreciate art that are polluting this world.

  • Jabun The Wanderer

    let's be honest here. while the gameplay is okay the graphics were horrible.(the gameplay lost marks due to the inferior graphics interfearing with MY gameplay ((don't fucking call me a moron, if there was a tunnel in the wall I couldn't tell unless I checked EVERY oddly colored object in the game!(((aka. EVERYTHING!!!))) it took me a F***ING WEEK to get adjusted to the anime-style (((read:Power-Puff Girls, not Full Metal Alchemist.))) graphics. to me all of the colors bled together into a tye-dye mishmash of acid trip proportions. it was like playing a videogame based off of Strawberry Fields and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (((the Beatles))) with some Dr Seuss thrown in.))] the best metafor I can come up with is a car made by ferrarii made of rotting skunks covered in vulture vomit. CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST

    • Jabun The Wanderer

      no matter how awsome and innovative the controls, and no matter how comfortable the cabin is, the car is STILL repulsive in appearance and would NEVER have gotten off of the production line if it didn't have the ferrarri logo plastered on a rotting skunk's ass.

      I know that I'm going to be trolled for this but it must be said. these games would have been better suited with the graphics from Okami. it might not have been traditional graphics, but MY only issue with Okami's graphics is that the faces were too stylized. Skyward Sword looks to be a combination of Okami- style, and Twilight Princess-style graphics. I know that many people had issues with Okami, and that the graphics are more confusing to some, but my main issue with WW is that the colors were too childish for a zelda game. I will admit that I had an issue with LOZ:TP's graphics as well, but that is a story for another post.

  • Violet

    This article would possibly have a point if Wind Waker looked anything other than fantastic, especially in motion.

  • eliot

    graphics and atmosphere are 2 different things, you can have a great atmosphere even in a game boy (pokemon, zelda LA, mario land)

  • cbarnett2386

    I believe when it comes to games the Graphics and Game play should have a good balance. I think Wind Waker was awesome with its graphics and the game play was top notch! A game can be a great game as long as the graphics and game play are balanced.