After the massive success of the previous ZU Minecraft Server video on Ninbuzz, it’s back for a sequel! This time we visit the Kokiri Forest, the next area being worked on now that the Deku Tree is complete. More video updates will be made as more Ocarina of Time areas are recreated.

  • Renamorcen


    • Joko tree

      Shame on you you firsting moron! shame on you! shame on you! I did warn everyone in a earlier comment that I would shame the next person to first.

    • Manga ninja

      stop saying first X(

      • Joko tree

        Ok I won't do that anymore It's just not me to shame people.

  • ChainofTermina

    Cody, that "house with the bridge thing" is Saria's house. and this isn't supposed to be a hate comment I just thought I'd inform you.

    they should do the Lost Woods next. that'd be cool.

    • 8bit

      After we finish Kokiri, we're probably going to finish up the deku tree outside (which would be finished by now if Toho would ever get around to restoring it… it was burnt down, destroying the entire treefro) we'll either start on the Lost Woods or Hyrule Field. Both will be challenging for different reasons, so I'm not sure which one we'll go with.

      • lockx

        Was that a griefer that burnt it? If so.
        Curse them ALL!

      • ChainofTermina

        well, if my suggestions mean anything to you, my advice would be to do the Lost woods first. then you'd have all forest themed ares done with, and free to expand into the rest of Hyrule.

      • sj67

        Is ZU doing all of Hyrule, or just fun parts to make?

    • Andi

      that would be AWESOME Saria is my fav but also link and i love epona

  • Headphoneguy

    This is so cool! If someone burns this down I will KILL them.

  • matt17

    Im sick of this minecraft stuff

  • Twin Goma

    Why would sum1 waste their time…this is silly sauce to the power of 3.

    • ChainofTermina

      your being silly sauce to the power of infinity.

      seriously, I don't understand how you people think this is a "waste of time" unless you also think playing Zelda, or any videogame, is a "waste of time" and if that's the case, get back under your bridge.

  • Awesome design similarities. Great work, guys!

    • 8bit

      Thanks! 😀

  • Lach Menel

    Yay NARNIA!!! To the wood between the worlds! Alsan! Crap, did I just type that….

  • Taha_Soysal

    Wow! This thing just keeps on getting more and more awesome! Keep up the good work.

  • Gdvere

    I really am impressed with these guys. They're putting a ton of hard work into this. Good job!

  • steve

    Press Z and then A to talk to a ………….. what?, who authorized profanity in the Zelda series??

  • zay

    are they going to do the whole hyrule on the ZU server!?
    if so that is fkn awesome and if not it doesn't matter cause it's already good enough and if somebody burns something else down i swear to god i'll end you all!!!

  • Armos

    Are you guys going to be constructing all of OoT Hyrule?

  • Nico

    You should do Lost Woods after this!

  • Phantom LInk

    That was epic. I want to do that with my Minecraft now.

  • StephenStills

    That was a beautiful haiku.

  • NightFrost

    wat the heck is the sever

  • sj67

    Are you going to do all of Hyrule, or just parts that would be fun to make?

  • awaite

    Hey man How do i go about in getting onto the server and doeas any1 know where t get the Majora's Wrath(final boss) skin?

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