Hey, ZU fans!  I’m Caleb, and I’ve just joined the ZU staff as its newest news correspondent. You’ll see me posting around the front page from now on, but before I start that I’m just gonna do a short little introduction about me.

I’m 14, and I live in Winston Salem, NC, the most boring town in the world. I go to Hanes Magnet school, and I’m planning to be some sort of computer engineer, so this school’s really helping me get where I want to go.  Now, believe it or not, even though I want to work with computers, I love to cook.  Lastly, I like to tell myself that I’m funny, but I’m really not, which you can probably tell.

Now, to talk about the Zelda nerd within my soul.  The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask was the first Zelda game I ever saw.  It looked amazing, and I was drawn in immediately.  My dad said that I was “too young” to play the game, so I went on a search for anyone that had it.  I found Ocarina of Time at a friend’s house, and “stole” it.  By now, I’ve played and beaten every Zelda game ever released, including Zelda II, which took me practically a year to beat.  And if I had to pick a Zelda character that represents me, I’d say Makar from Wind Waker is probably the best.  I get into trouble and make mischief whenever I can, but I’m really good at heart.

So, you can imagine that if there was a way that I could be able to work here, at the ultimate Zelda fansite, I was going to pick it up immediately.  And I did, and now I’m here!

I hang out on the forums a lot as “ncocs,” so you can find me there.  I’m also on Facebook as Caleb Peters.  Find me, and I’ll be happy to friend you, and talk to you about anything you need. Until then, I’ll be corresponding news here on Zelda Universe, so look out for me!

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