"Gangbusters"... A movie about wacky feuding ghosts?

In a recent interview with USA Today, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto was asked if he could say anything about the new The Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword.

Naturally, Mr. Miyamoto was not allowed to say much of anything at all, but what he did say got an extremely quirky translation in USA Today.

Hit the jump for the full quote from the man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto!

“We haven’t prepared any press releases since the last one so there is nothing I can reveal that is new other than to say we are working on it and it is going along like gangbusters.”

While we’d love to imagine Miyamoto-san sporting that funky English lingo, most reasonably he simply said that the game was coming along well. More concise translation: we may see it sooner than we can imagine. For those of us worried that there could possibly be any delay, this should put those worries to rest.

Just when will we see the much anticipated game? So far we have had nothing more definitive than “early 2011” which could mean anything from January 1st all the way up until July to satisfy the vague term “early.”

With this new tiny quote from Miyamoto, we could actually be looking closer to the January 1st-ish side of of the spectrum…

What do you think? Will Skyward Sword be released earlier than expected?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: USA Today (via GoNintendo)
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  • limkpwns13

    Jeez, do I hope so. I'm so freaking excited for this game.

    • zelda freak

      i know right

  • I hope it does come in the "January 1-ish spectrum." Really, the sooner the better, just so that too much hype isn't built up.

    • Rohan

      I kind of agree and disagree with you. Sure there will be hype (like there was for TP) but honestly, the longer they spend polishing the game, the better playing experience it will be for us. Then again, Iwata did say in January that it would be released this year, which turned out to be a lie…oh well, that's just Nintendo's policy: delay games to make them better.

      • I can say that I agree with you for the most part, however I just want to point out one thing. If they spend too much time buffering it up, it could not be as titanic as we feel it will be. Really, I would be fine to wait a little bit longer, but Nintendo has already exceeded their promised deadline of this summer. I'm just a little more eager for them to release it so that the tension doesn't morph into disappointment.

  • Daniel

    By me it could be released today XD But I think if it comes out earlier, it won´t be anytihing big.

    • HyruleMonk

      Came out earlier than today? Great Scott, man! I want your time machine! lol, I kid! I think I know what you mean.

      • Mugen Kagemaru

        It's a TARDIS. I went for a spin in it. I made Chrono Trigger better, but sadly, it was a Splitter Event, where changes to a certain events simply create an alternate timeline, instead of altering the current one. Oh, well.

  • Link16

    I really hope it's released in January :D, I really want to play Skyward Sword (Zelda fan since 1999) and I hope we get a new trailer soon as well lol.

    • Xenithar

      I hope they come out with a new trailer too — I wish they would have showed a trailer that talked a little about the story at E3, although the trailer they did show was still neat.

      I hope the game comes out by the end of March.

  • Headphoneguy

    Man, I just want it too be released before x-mas next year, which seems very likly, so I'm happy! 🙂

  • ILiekZelda

    "Gangbusters"???????????? O.o btw I just got all the masks in MM including Fierce Deity's Mask just a few minutes ago :3

    • Joko tree

      Yay concrats on getting the Fierce Deity's Mask; I'm still stuck on the second temple.

    • Lach Menel

      Lucky! I still have a few more to go, and the Stone Tower ( I LOVE the music in that dungen =D)

      • Chad

        4th's the hardest took me days and a walkthrough to get through…

  • As long as it's not like Gran Turismo 5 and it doesn't get delayed for an unholy amount of time.

    Just in case NIntendo are worried, I'm totally cool with them releasing SS in the January window. I'll let them know.

    • Art1st4786

      It could be worse; the delay (if there is one) could be like Duke Nukem Forever o_o At least we know we won't be waiting THAT long for it! 😀

  • Alexander

    duuuu. im pretty sure it will come out the same date as wind waker did, on mid march. What do yo think?

  • painty

    I wonder if painting is going to be featured in the game using the wiimotion plus.

    • cuju

      Maybe….. o_0

  • Joko tree

    I hope it comes out soon I've nealy beat the Oracle games and OOT then I'll try and finish MM. But after all that SS is next on the list.

    • cel-sux

      You forgot TP!

      (You can skip WW, those sorts of graphics are outdated.)

      • cel-rocks

        Hey, you can't skip WW! Those graphics look much better than OOT's blurry "realism" textures! (though I love both of those games)

        And another thi- oh wow, this guy's name is cel-sux.

        • Joko tree

          I've already completed WW, PH and MC and I havent got ST, LA and TP but I'm getting TP for Christmas. Oh the last Zelda Games I will play Before SS will be AOL and the the first Zelda game.

          • cel-sux

            Great! Play TP and love it! Best Game EVER!!!

            @cel-rockssucks: There's been too much games with cel-graphs so forgive me if I insulted you. Plus the "N" has got too carried away with the trains and steamboats and such, so yeah no more of them. They're really got too interested in cel-graphs and now they should revert to other graphis, like SS's, which is awesome!

          • Mugen Kagemaru


            SS is cel-shaded, d00d.

          • Joko tree

            And also all of the Zelda games are great don't diss some of them because of the graphics its the gameplay thats important.

          • mcdude910

            Are you gonna get ALttP, FS, or FSA? 'Cause you didn't say those. And ALttP is my favorite Zelda game! Well, 1 of 3. ALttP, OOT and MM.

          • Joko tree

            Sorry I forgot ALTTP but I've nearly beat it just one more temple and also I've now got LA, and dude Mario is lazy leaving all the work to the man in green not Luigi, Link. Plus my timeline theory is better than ever. 🙂 PS FS and FSA hmmm I've got FS but I can't play it also at one point in my life I will save up enough money and buy FSA and the extras to play 4 player.

      • a dude

        Well actually if your a huge zelda fan like me, and you don't sound like your that much of a "crazed zelda fan" you would know that Myamoto chose those graphics to appeal to younger kids, and try to get younger kids to start playing zelda games. And he was originally going to make the graphics an improved twilight princess look. Untill he thought of the kids. 🙂

        • Mugen Kagemaru

          More like they did it to make combat easier to work with.

      • Darktoonlink88

        How can you call yourself a Zelda fan if you don't play one of the most succesfull ones just because the graphics are outdated? And the graphics of OoT and MM, and actually every Zelda before WW, has much more outdated graphics, yet people still play them.

        • cel-sux

          I meant the cel-graphs is overused. Nin should keep to OOT and MM and TP graphs cause they is and has the best visual perspectives. It's fine that they are for younger kids but they should stop with ST and focus more on the betters.

          • Aren't they already combining the cel-shaded graphics with the N-64 3D to make Skyward Sword? I don't know if it's mentioned anywhere, but Miyamoto might be wanting the impressionistic style to fit both young and old appeal.

          • Mugen Kagemaru

            Graphics-wise, I read they combined TP with TWW for SS.

          • ChainofTermina

            WW came out in, what 2003? yeah, Cel-shading is very common now, but when WW cam out it was kinda new for video games, wasn't it?

      • cuju

        Skip WW… what is wrong with you, aren`t you a Zelda fan. Don`t you know that graphics mean nothing and that games with N64 graphics are the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Joko tree

          Stop arguing over the graphics the gameplay is what counts.

          • Mugen Kagemaru

            Story and gameplay do it for me.

            Surprises and suspense and shit that spoilers eliminates, on the other hand…

            Yeah, no.

  • linkszelda12

    Early 2011 sounds great don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know if ninty will release skyward sword and the 3ds right after another. Those are 2 big marketing days for them so there will be a break in between. I just hope SS comes out first. I really want it that badly XD

  • triforceguy1

    I recon it's probably gona be released around the same time as the 3DS (march)

    • Hombre de Mundo

      But i can't understand why they'd want to release it around the same time as the 3DS, it seems incredibly stupid, marketing-wise. The 3DS is a new and very hyped console. Not just any console, but the best selling console of all time (by march it will most likely be, sorry PS2) and it comes with an impressive launch lineup. Why release Zelda around the same time? They should let Zelda have its own spotlight and not come second to the 3DS. As much as I love Zelda there's no denying that the 3DS is the bigger product.

  • cuju


  • cuju

    In soviet russia, games realese you… o_0

    • Mugen Kagemaru

      "I'll …hope they don't show too much trailers and spoil too much before the game is released."

      … I feel so alone. Am I the only one who is never put off by spoilers, but continues on anyway?

  • Daniel

    I can't wait any longer as well as all of you guys.
    But I want them to take their time, to make a good Zelda title.
    So if you ask me, I could wait another year for SS to come, as long as it kicks ass!

  • Thisisnot Myrealname

    I hope it comes march! (my birthday)

    • Hisname'sbob

      No, no, no! It should come out in Febuary! That way you I can get on my birthday and you can get on yours afterwards. Be more considerate!

      • Joko tree

        Ok I hope it comes out in January so everybody can play it sooner.

        • lawl. Then I want it to come out next week! That's my birthday! XD

          • Joko tree

            Ok read this next week Happy birthday.

      • LOL knight

        Yeah! same here!!! Mine's the 27th!!! (Just a few days short of the 3ds launch in Australia! Damn!) : (

  • Violet

    There's no chance it'll come out in January. If it was that close to completion they would have it out before Christmas. Missing Christmas by a month or less when the development is going well? It would make no sense. That would only happen if they had suffered a delay.

  • QueenxLink

    I hope it comes out soon! Cant wait anymore!

    • zelda freak

      same here

  • I would be SO happy if I could pick up my pre-order over Christmas break. I've had it paid off since June. Come on, Nintendo, don't make me wait for the summer!

  • phantom

    the way i see it the longer it takes to release the better because that means more work was put into making the most epic game ever.

  • Hálfdanarson

    I'll just hope they make a fantastic game, if they decide to delay it, so be it.

    It would be typical of Nintendo if they were to delay the game! XD

  • bradley

    I really hope it comes out closer to January 1st. I am really excited for this game.

    • zelda freak

      me to

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    I would really like a February along with a 25 YEAR Zelda COLLECTORS ITEM.

    • FreeArrow

      whats a 25 year collector item?

      • Joko tree

        It could be a silver Triforce.

        • Mugen Kagemaru

          'Ell naw! Copy of Miyamoto-sama's Master Sword Replica and possibly a Hylian Shield Replica!

  • "For those of us worried that there could possibly be any delay, this should put those worries to rest,"


  • RydAma

    Sorry people but Miyamoto would most likely have said "its coming along well" no matter how its going ;/

    • zelda freak


  • Ashmic

    right? i think SSB melee is still like 30-40 bucks

  • TLoZisSo69

    Can i has Skyward Sword?

    • When it comes out, you sure can. 😉

      • Joko tree

        But you will need to save up some rupees first.

  • Ben

    i think skyward sword looks lame
    if only it had graphic at least even with win waker

    • TrustMe101

      Skyward Sword isn't lame. You are.

    • Joko tree

      Go drown yourself again.

  • Darth Goron


  • Leonidas


  • Ben

    January-March release would be great! I can't wait for SS!

    • zelda freak

      ya it would

  • smbmaster99

    I'm hoping for anywhere from May, to early July ^( ^

    School will be out and it'd make a nice "getting-outta-school gift" sorta thing =P

    • zelda freak

      ya i Guss

  • TrustMe101

    By the sounds of it, Skyward Sword is just around the corner! Good, that means less waiting. All this secrecy is driving me mad!

  • Ashmic

    did anyone else think "ghost buster"s XD hahah

    • ChainofTermina

      If there's something strange
      In the land 'o Hyrule
      Who you gonna call?

      • bastian

        Hahahah! Love it!

      • Ashmic

        i loled XD

    • bastian

      At least someone got it. 😛

      • Joko tree

        Heres a good one.
        If you're playing Zelda,
        and the power goes,
        what you gonna shout,
        Oh **** it !
        This has happend to me before twice on the same day.

  • Sean

    Yeaaah. Probably March.

  • Yup

    I hope they release the game when they know it's gonna be good. If it's released too early, it might become less than it should be. I would just like it to come out good rather than bad.

    • Kev

      The game itself is already done, they're just improving the graphics, so it wouldn't affect gameplay… And since gameplay is the most important thing (:

      • zelda freak

        ya they started a day after when spirit tracks came out so ya a lot of time

  • loz

    ocarina of time

    • Joko tree

      Is awesome.

      • Mugen Kagemaru

        Is being remade for 3DS. Might be awesome.

        • Joko tree

          Always will be awesome.

  • EzloSpirit

    I have REALLY high expectations for this game! It had better come out around my birthday (end of February) because nothing I'm interested in ever comes out around my birthday. Oh, and I can't wait until Spring without suffering from spontaneous death syndrome.

  • Paffe

    I think it comes out at Zelda's birthday in February!

    • Joko tree

      Which Zelda ?

  • I don't have a Wii yet, and when I have one, there are lots of other games I'd like to get before this one. I am indeed excited about both Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3D, but for now, I won't hold me breath.

  • *my breath.

  • shadownin

    It should come out in may like Super Mario Galaxy 2 more time for development and more time to play it as well its perfect.

  • Alexander

    if not jan. 1stish then feb 12; Its my b day!

  • mcdude910

    ummmm… anyone wanna tell him the wii is a nintendo product?

  • Merkku

    I'm almost starting to hope it doesn't come out too soon, my financial situation isn't very good right now… And I don't want to have to unplug for ages just to avoid spoilers either. Though I guess Europe will get to wait longer anyway, so maybe this'll work out "fine" for me.

  • jesse

    ibeen a fan of zelda since i was 3 zelda forever

    • zelda freak

      really me to

  • Eli

    I can see your point of view. If they do it on January, no one may be able to buy it since they used up their money on Christmas things. It would be better if they do it in Febuary-March. I don't mind them releasing it in January; it's just that it may be a bad time for most people money wise.

  • gabeduro

    I would love to but I dont think it could possibly be release at the beginning of 2011… the 3DS is coming out in March, with Ocarina of Time 3D… If they want OoT to sale as much as they expect, they wouldn't release SS at the same time. I think it will be release for christmas 2011 Nintendo is good to delay a Zelda game. Remember Twilight Princess….

  • zeldafan16

    If it comes out in January 1st i will be so freaking HAPPY!

  • Jackson DivilBiss

    For god's sake, I hope not!
    You see: Nintendo games are somewhat notorious for relying mainly on graphics and sprawl, and not enough on polish or storyline. Having it come out on time would be good for allowing Miyamoto to get the physics and other engines down.

  • DragonChi26

    If it comes out in January, I will be so amazingly thrilled. It's the same month as my birthday. However, I highly doubt it will be out that soon. If it were, we would have a confirmed release date by now. Though it's not totally out of the question to assume that they have a release date, and they just aren't telling us. They just WANT us to think its still a while to come and then BAM!! we all have a stroke from a January release thrown at us. It's really hard to say, because the 3DS is coming around the same time "early 2011" so It's difficult to second guess their thought process on release dates.

  • zelda freak

    i hope your dang right

  • darkdusk19

    I can't wait! I already pre-ordered it!

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