Most of you are probably familiar with the commotion surrounding Mario’s 25th Anniversary, and Nintendo is celebrating by releasing new Mario products and accessories almost everywhere, and even remodeling their Nintendo World Store in New York. But the biggest surprise Nintendo has planned is the release of Super Mario All-Stars Anniversary Edition! We already posted regarding the game’s Japanese and European release dates, but it is now confirmed to be released in North America as well!

North American fans of the Mario series should worry no more, as Nintendo of America has finally confirmed that the game will also be heading to the US later this year on December 12th, right before the holidays!

As it’s already available in Japan and on its way to Europe (shipping on December 3rd), this limited edition set will be priced at $29.99. If you haven’t already checked what’s in the bundle, here’s the list of what is included:

  • Wii game disc with the SNES port of Super Mario All-Stars
  • Super Mario History 1985-2010 art booklet
  • Soundtrack CD with music from Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldSuper Mario 64, Super Mario SunshineNew Super Mario Bros.Super Mario GalaxyNew Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy 2

There is no word yet on the game’s potential release in Australia.

Just a reminder: Nintendo has said that sales will continue “while supplies last,” so that means that there will be a limited run of the All-Stars Anniversary Collection. If you’re planning on checking it out, get it while it lasts!

The game is already extremely popular, as last week, Media Create reported that the Super Mario All-Stars bundle is the top selling game in Japan, even beating the sales of Pokémon Black & White after their fifth week.

Source: Gonintendo