The first Legend of Zelda game established a great formula that gamers all over the world fell in love with, and hopes for a sequel that expanded on that gameplay were high with every fan. What people got, however, was a completely different style of game – but is different necessarily bad?

For those who might not know, is a great site full of interesting commentary on all our old favorite 8 bit masterpieces (and occasionally some pretty bad ones as well, rest assured). They’ve been around for ten years, and to be frank, 10 years is a pretty impressive age for a website.

Well, they’ve written a great article on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and it explores what made the game different, how that difference may have been bad or good to the overall experience, and also interestingly compares the game to the newer 3D Zelda titles.

  • Zeldo

    The Adventure of Link can't be compared to any of the later 3D titles i mean they had amazing story lines and in time will become great classics such as OoT and MM. Zelda 2 was way off track when it came to THE Zelda experience

    • matt17

      true, but I still like zelda 2. I accept it as a zelda game.
      it remains the hardest zelda game ever

      • Joko tree

        Zelda 2 is a great game.

        • Joko tree

          Zeldo is a cool name. 🙂 It reminds me of that Phoebe/Phoebo joke.

  • In all honesty, there is nothing good I can comment about this, except that it would make for a spectacular 3D game. If you think about it, Nintendo put all the aspects to it that might have likened it to Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess in the independence one feels as Link. However, they merely didn't have the technology to actually set it into a 3D environment, but that's fine.

    For what it's worth, Adventure of Link was an enjoyable game, but it was just too hard too early on. Enemies like the Iron Knuckle or those boneheads who just charged at you got old and annoying really fast. If they put them a few temples ahead then the game would have been fine. One merely needs to gain experience to get good at something before he can advance.

  • humulos

    This game is freaking epic. Easily in my top 5 of all Zelda games due to its rather intuitive combat system and challenging difficulty. Freaking every Zelda Game after Link's Awakening became as easy as heck, especially since they all follow the exact same formula and use the exact same puzzles. This is the only game that will always be hard because it requires skill more than anything else. I love it so much. Thank you for showing love.

  • Zeno

    Zelda 2 is the worst game ever created,and I'm sorry but that's just the truth.Face it,it sucks.And if people don't stop talking about how it "could have actually been a good thing"*barf*Then Nintendo is probably gonna make another one like it,which would be even worse.Now you can call me an angry videogame nerd if you want,(which contrary to this post I'm not)But this is just one of the few games I totally and unepuivically despise.

    • ChainofTermina

      THE Angry Video Game Nerd already reviewed this game, and he liked it. I know your entitled to your opinion, but I just thought I'd tell you that, since you referred to your self as one.

    • Rohan

      Why do you hate Zelda 2 exactly? You really didn't state any reasons.
      I for one, enjoyed it. Sure it doesn't have that classic Legend of Zelda feel to it, but it was still a great game.
      Personally, I'm a fan of the Castlevania series, I even go as far as to argue that Castlevania perfected side scrolling games, not Mario (please don't shoot me down Mario fans).
      Maybe it's because of my love for Castlevania that made me also like Zelda 2, there are so many similar elements between the two, but when compared side to side, you can tell which one is distinctly Zelda.
      While Zelda 2 is pretty much the black sheep in the series, it did influence many of the later titles that were to come (in terms of enemies, story, and items).

      • Linksoer

        I agree with Rohan

      • LoZymugglegater

        Oh well Rohan,It's mainly because of the stupidly excessive amount of difficulty and just plain dumb stuff that happens throughout the game.But that's not because I'm a whiney little 5-year old who hates anything with any amount of difficulty.I love difficulty as a matter of fact,and I'm getting kind of TO'd at Nintendo for making everything so frikking easy these days,it's just this game is what I call hard for the wrong reasons.I mean the first dungeon is the hardest in the whole game (or so I've been told),If you die at the end of a dungeon,they send you all the way back to the beginning OF THE GAME!And there's only I think 5 lives in the entire game,and once you lose them,they never regenerate,like seriously never regenerate in the entire run of the stinkin' game.Oh and by the way ChainofTermina,I did actually know the Angry Video-Game Nerd reviewed it,and his words spoke straight to my heart.Well that makes me sound more then just a little bit evil,so I think I'll end with Happy Anniversary Majora's Mask!

        • Rohan

          I've played through the entire game (yay Virtual Console), and I will admit that this game is tough. It's the kind of game that needs practice, just like most older games. They don't send you back to the beginning of the game, just in the first area, and the map is relatively small, but yeah that can be a pain. Also, you do get more lives in various places through out the game.
          The first dungeon is actually not that bad, it's two and three that are the killers, tough enemies and tough bosses (maybe tough is an understatement).
          Overall though, while the game was hard, it was a good play, and you should try it if you ever have free time, after it's a Zelda game 😛

        • Zeno

          Wait,why the heck does it say I'm LoZymugglegater!?I'm Zeno you imbeciles!

  • RhysJ

    Maybe I'm biased because I grew up playing the NES and LoZ and Zelda II, but I thought they were both great games. I'll concede that yeah, the games are drastically very different from each other and Zelda II takes a while to feel like you're actually going anywhere and it's hard as hell, but I certainly don't dislike the game.

    In some way or another, the existence of Zelda II probably contributed towards the successful future games in some way or another, so it's not all bad.

  • PTC

    Get over yourself Zeno. Just because you have an opinion, doesn't make it truth. People who think their opinion is fact and everyone else is wrong really infuriate me.

    Oh and tbh I found the article very poorly constructed, unclear and rambling. Not very insightful at all.

    • Get over yourself, PIS. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but your opinion has no truth since you think everyone else's doesn't. So just shut up and quit attacking us with your misguided mindset.

      Oh, and tbh I find you to be poorly-mannered, inconsiderate, and rambunctious. Not very compassionate, which infuriate me.

      Bugger off. BP