Nintendo is preparing to set up a booth at the upcoming Paris Games Week, a Video Game software and hardware event in France similar to E3 and Gamescon, starting off on October 27th.

What’s more important is that Nintendo is bringing Skyward Sword along with them! The last time people got a glimpse of Skyward Sword was during Gamescon and Nintendo of Japan Conference. Be aware that a few events have passed since then, such as Comic Con, where Nintendo has participated without showcasing Skyward Sword. According to French gaming site Gamekyo, there will be a presentation for the game starting on Wednesday the 27th at 11:40 AM Eastern Standard Time.

At E3 and Gamescon, Nintendo only focused on presenting the control mechanics for Skyward Sword. So will there be a new presentation with a new trailer, or a new demo build for the game? Or will the presentation only feature everything we’ve already seen? Anything is possible, but we’ll have our answers soon enough as Paris Games Week begins next week!

Source: GoNintendo
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