Chillin' with a chickin.

Jim Unwin, famous for his graphic design for Little Big Planet, created a piece of art called “Link, Chicken, Monster” featuring… well, exactly that. Using an adaptation of the Wind Waker style, the piece of art depicts a very modern looking Link with presumedly a Cucco beside him, and behind both appears to be a Moblin of some sort.

Have a view of the full-size piece after the jump!

Be sure to visit Jim Unwin’s website for his portfolio of fantastic art!

Source: Tiny Cartridge
  • ZeldaVeteran

    That's adorable. What's with the Wind Waker getting so much attention lately? Great Game, one of my favorites for sure, but why now?

    • CommenterPerson

      It's like the 2000s image of Link. Just , the picture in everyone's mind when they hear "Link."

  • LuX

    @Zelda Veteran Because WindWaker is beautifal, and artists, especially in the games industry, I think, are still in awe of Nintendo for taking such a daring leap into that beautifal graphic style, with such a well known big name franchise.

    And I think Skyward Sword is set to stir up, and rightly so, similar feelings.

  • Ashmic

    awww look at links little jeans hehehe i like the outfit

    • Joko tree

      Yeah its cute oh crud; I'm turning into a woman.AHHHH!

      • Ashmic

        if i was a guy i would have the same comment i typed :] its not really a gender infuenced comment

        • Joko tree

          Yeah I just wanted to make a joke.Besides if I turned into a woman it wouldn't realy change who I am inside.PS I know that somebody's going to make a joke out of what I just typed.

  • Joko tree

    You're right it's a mix of the Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Aw, how adorable! I love the way the Wind Waker graphics are interpreted and presented. It really throws a new spin on Toon Link, as well as the chicken. Great job on something so cute!^^

  • QueenxLink

    Awww lol thats cute, Link has some little converse and jeans! ♥

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