Titmouse... Heh heh heh!

What do you do when you’re an animation studio and in between projects? Doodle images from The Wind Waker, of course!

Titmouse, Inc. is an animation studio in Hollywood founded by Chris Prynoski (director of episodes from Daria, Freaknik, the cinematics in Guitar Hero, and Avatar: The Last Airbender). While not working on their given project, the artists and animators at Titmouse, Inc. post their non-work-related doodles on the blog Titblog, Inc.

They’ve recently started a new series entitled “Game and Watch” wherein they watch one of their own play a videogame and the rest draw pictures of anything related to that game. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker had the honor of being their first.

Hit the jump for more of their delightful doodles!

Want to see more? Of course you do! There’s nearly double this amount over at their blog here. Enjoy!

Warning: One of the images contains vulgar language.

Source: Titblog, Inc.
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