Konichiwa, Link!

Without an official English translation, the Twilight Princess manga has been coveted by non-Japanese speaking fans for years now.

Thankfully a talented group of fans over at Zelda Informer decided to take up the quest of translating it themselves, with Sarah Chen doing the translating and Damir Halilovic doing the editing.

That quest is finally finished, and Zelda Informer presents the first eight pages for your perusal. They plan on a weekly release of 15 pages of the roughly 100 page manga, so be sure to check them out weekly for your Twilight Princess manga fix.

Hit the jump for the first eight pages!

  • Gunsarfun77

    Huh. Looks legit enough. I'll definetly give it ago. I'm a big fan of TP so this should be great!

  • Foh

    I never cared to read the manga. They did a good job, I just hate how cheesy and pathetic anime is, so I would probably never read it. Sorry to anime lovers, that's just my opinion.

    • Violet

      You know that anime is a big influence on Zelda, right?

      Anime is only cheesy and pathetic if you're watching the WRONG anime. Its not a genre, its an art style.

      • LoZisSo69

        Hell yeah.

      • Jack

        not to sound like a douche, but like 80 % of the animes are cheesy for the most part in my opinion

        • Scott

          I totally agree. But the other 20% kick some serious butt.

          • Jack

            can't deny that

          • Darkwargreymon

            You must remember that out of that 80%, 20% of it used to be awesome but not anymore ๐Ÿ™

      • Ferisan


        • Jeff

          is Sparta?!

    • Rayus

      so true, anime is gay. i no this insults some people but thats just my opinion.

      • Auxora

        If anime is gay, then American cartoons are a super billion zillion times gay? Hey, that's just my opinion on that matter. *sarcastic tone of voice* ¬_¬ Speaking as an anime fan of 16 1/2 long years, I have to say that anime has made me who I am today. Anime opened a window to my drawing skills and spiritual awareness. Anime is for some people and sometimes it isn't. Although, I don't think you should judge an entire "civilization" by a "single person." Perception here.

  • Finally! This is the version I wanted to see most of all, and now that it's complete, I can't wait to dive into it. Twilight Princess is actually the first Zelda game I've beaten (though Majora's Mask introduced me to the series), and I'm whisking through the cnsole games to get to it, 'cause I'm playing them before SS's release. Anyhow, I'm off to read!

    • franklin

      Dido,I pree orderd it SS,im playing them one evry two weeks, play a mario or somthing when I need more time to buy the next one,and now im playing Majoras mask,and its taking a bit longger than I thought.PS graet manga

    • Zelda fan456

      me too,Twilight Princess is the first game I beat without a walkthrough

  • ChainofTermina

    …..a WHAT manga!? there's..there's a TWILIGHT PRINCESS MANGA!?!?!?! I didn't know that! oh, awesome! I hope it's officially translated and released over seas like the other ones were.

    • that's not an official manga, it's a fan comic.

  • CorvosKK

    Isn't this just a doujin though? I didn't think there was official version of it. Granted, I know it wouldn't have to be Akira Himekawa who did it, I just didn't think there was an official one yet. Still looks amazing in either case though.

  • Cody Gee

    Anime is just sad in my opinion, but when It goes into Zelda form I feel really bad for being a Zelda fan for some reason probably they are comparing Anime to my favorite game series and ruining it.

    • BlueEyedBeast0425

      wow… go die. Anime is the best form of animation you'll ever see.

      • Jack

        i have seen better, it have great quality when it comes to art style, i can''t deny that, but is not the best form of animation, not to mention that anime have alot of cliche characters, but since you said "go die" i assume you are a die hard anime fan or an otaku

        • Phera

          "die hard anime fan" and "otaku" are the same thing.

          Before anyone goes accusing people, get your facts straight. And apparently, you haven't seen much anime to claim that there are a lot of cliche characters… No, that would be most American Cartoons going on about guys with big guns and girls who need saving. Please, lets not forget that Zelda is in fact Japanese, and has a lot in common with manga animation.

          But whatever, "go die" was still a bit harsh, and people have their own, uneducated opinions no matter what you do.

          • Auxora

            *applauds Phera* ^_^d Everything you said, I wanted to say. Thanks!

    • Goro

      ….purist bigot

    • limkpwns13

      You liar!! Anime rocks!

      • Cody Gee

        How can I lie about my opinion?

    • bbo

      I love you! It killed it!!

    • Twiliwolf

      the videogame is already in anime form…….duh

  • Violet

    Zelda Informer is speaking as if this is THE Zelda manga, while it doesn't seem to be officially licenced at all. Is it? Or isn't it? I somehow don't think it is. Is it just the ONLY Twilight Princess manga?

    Still, it looks nice anyway.

    • Ferisan

      It isnt licensed, its' a doujinshi. I dont get why they advertise it as an official manga either.

    • Ferisan

      And actually, there's a TON of TP Manga out there but most don't get translated ๐Ÿ™

  • Meowth

    Hm. Kinda lame. Sorry, but I’m not a fan of Zelda manga. It really is…lame.

  • ZFAN

    Is this a real Zelda Manga or just fan made? If it's real, i hope they release it out here to america just like the other Manga's.

    • Ferisan


    • April

      it's fan made

  • Fuss-Budget

    Whaaaaa!? Twilight Princess had a legit manga release!?

    When did this happen? lol

    • Ferisan

      It DIDNT! This is a doujinshi! It says it on the cover as well! "fanbook"!

  • Khao

    Woah, is it just me, or this manga fails in comparison to other Zelda mangas? Only 8 pages and I already disliked it… Not to mention that it completely skips Ordon Village…. Still, congratulations to them for translating.

    • The Fiercest Deity

      If this is an official manga, yeah, it does fail in comparison to the others. I too already disliked it after these few short pages.

    • Ferisan

      This is not an official manga, it's a fanbook, a doujinshi, it says so in the cover itself and this was not drawn by Akira himekawa (official zelda manga).

      • LAdolphingirl

        Well, where can I find some, "Official Zelda Manga" of twilight princess?

    • it fails because it's not official, nor done by Akira Himekawa. this is a fan comic with a very fast-forward story and childish style.

    • TrustMe101

      I see your point. It just doesn't have the same feel as the other mangas.

    • LAdolphingirl

      I Like it! *Yeesh* Why so harsh?

  • Frank

    meh… i agree with Foh, the manga looks to cheesy and that's the things i don't like of anime and manga, they are to damn cheesy and you can't deny it unless you are a trully die-hard anime/manga fan, it may be good, but still i don't find it worth it, and while anime have an influence on zelda, the only zelda game i played that was to much anime-like was twilight princess, however this manga is just a cliche of almost every anime out there, link look like the typical "i'm so cool" character like many anime have and i could go on, but why bother, just to let everyone know, this is my opinion, don't attack me please

    • aethelbert

      I think you're referring to links personality mostly, right? That's what happens when link gets a voice

      • Frank

        yeah, that's what i meant, link's personallity wasn't like that in the game

        • Phera

          If you actually really pay attention to his personality in the game, and what is portrayed in this manga, i think it's pretty spot on. Link is a teenage boy, he's going to have his moments of laziness, and the parts in Ordon were specifically set in place as training, not all that important in the greater plot.

          Anyway, he may be willing to help, but you have to think deeper than that. Here's a seventeen year old kid who's been put in charge of saving the world just because of who his ancestors are. I'm pretty dang close to seventeen myself, and while If I were him I would still go along with it, but honestly I'd feel kind of.. i don't know, forced into it.

          • Phera

            Also, it's not like he actually objected to bringing the sword, he's still "helping people"

    • Violet

      You should read the official mangas, Link's personality is generally spot-on in my opinion.

    • Auxora

      Okay, if you don't like anime, then don't watch it. It's as simple as that. Why so serious???? Why complain? You're wasting your time. Do something more productive. o_o Gee.

  • Frank

    sorry i mean manga

  • Manga ninja


  • Aniday

    Where's the Link/Dark Link action?

    • Joko tree


      • Joko tree


    • ___

      Link/Dark Link action? Well, as horrible as it may sound, there isn't any dark Link in Twilight Princess

    • LAdolphingirl

      Yeah! I hope to see some of that!

  • DarkValoo909

    Frank… I could not have said it better myself. I realize there are some hardcore anime fans out there, but honestly I find manga to be just a little bit creepy. I mean it’s like those eyes are staring into your soul!

  • Khao

    The same way that 80% of movies are terrible, and 80% of video games suck.

    Saying that every manga/anime is cheesy, or bad, is a very ignorany comment.

  • suzettergreinwich

    Although this art style is very pretty and cute, I find some of the paneling a bit hard to follow and the characters' faces much too similar (for a second there, I thought Colin was Link). Even so, I love everything Zelda, so I'm looking forward to more pages.

  • aethelbert

    This is what happens when link talks, that's just… not how I picture link's personality, he looks like he is annoyed by everything and everyone in this manga. But don't get me wrong, I have read some of the Legend of Zelda mangas and I personally like the wind waker one. Check it out it's cool.

    • Frank

      exactly, like the typical "i'm soo cool" anime/manga character

    • yeah, i don't like the personality they gave him either.

    • ???

      Yeah, he does seem grouchy in this thing. But in other Zelda mangas, like OoT and stuff, he's pretty cool

  • matt17

    zelda has boobs?!

    • Oh, wow, she's so special! 8[

    • ChainofTermina

      when hasn't she?

      • When have no women?

      • LAdolphingirl


    • LAdolphingirl

      Well, Duh!

  • j.frankenbutt

    Zelda Universe, you sillies!! This is a doujinshi, or fan-comic for you non-otaku.
    Zelda Informer says as much: "Please note that his is a Japanese dลjinshi"

    Damn, and you got me all excited for legit, Nintendo-authorized manga!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Link seems too skinny to me, in TP he seemed pretty built but in this it looks like he's anorexic or something

  • Mudora

    I'm not diggin' this too much. Style is too… babyish. I don't particularly like the anime style, but Liked the other Zelda manga, but this is fan based. Not to my liking. Link's personality is also rather… off putting.

    Pacing is awful as well…

    • QueenxLink

      Link's personality IS pretty different… I have no problem with the manga but I'll always prefer the game style over the manga.

  • Valexi

    Oh boy, 7 pages in and I'm already hating this.
    I'll spare my rant, but I will say that it's not possible for LoZ mangas to be good in my eyes.

  • Ferisan

    Why does ZU advertise this as if it was an official manga? (Even ZI says its a fancomic, and it;s in the cover! FANBOOK!) It's a DOUJINSHI. A FAN MANGA NO WAY LICENSED OR CONDONED BY NINTENDO. I like it and all, and I look forward to the next pages (and thank to ZI's team for translating!) BUT THIS IS NOT A LEGIT MANGA. It's a doujinshi/fancomic/etc… Please don;t create false advertising :/ It's very misleading and it spreads fake information.

    I think I'll get used to the style. Yeah, it's very childish, but it;s cute and bearable. Not yet digging the "do I have to?" attitude they gave Link (He seemed quite agreeable in the game and willing to help) but Ill get over that too. :> Cant wait for more!

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, I kinda suspected that. it doesn't seem like a legit Manga created by a professional. it's still nice, but I had a feeling that it wasn't real. still, TP manga!

      • Ferisan

        Yeah, there's a TON of TP mangas out there but most don't get translated (a user named Melora has an archive with some titles she's been working to translate but she needs help and its been taking so long :<). A lot of japanese artists felt inspired and made their own take on Twilight Princess (especially at the lack of official manga adaptation by Akira Himekawa). Wish their stories would get translated though, some of them have neat artwork D:

    • bastian

      First of all, we didn't say it was Nintendo sponsored official.
      Second of all, I'm the one that wrote the article, and–sorry–but I have never read a single manga. I have no idea what "doujinshi" means. So even if ZI mentioned that word and everyone else would know that meant "fan created" I wouldn't because that's just not something I'm interested in/know about. But you'll also notice we didn't say it was or wasn't official.

      • Ferisan

        You didn't directly said it, but the choice of words you used in an occasion implied that it was some sort of official material, (And judging by a lot of other comments in here, I know I wasnt the only one who misunderstood your message because of that). I think i also went wtf because I've seen a ton of Twilight Princess mangas/fancomics (but most dont get translated, unfortunately) and yet this one gets a lot of hype (mainly because ZI's team was the one who translated it, so it's natural they'd advertise it, translating is no easy task).

        I understand if you don't know what a doujinshi is (not many are familiar, like you said), but the cover of the manga itself says "fanbook" so it's obviously a fancomic (it also wouldnt hurt to research the term ZI used just for a little extra info in case it was unfamiliar to you and to avoid any confusion). So in its core, even the translation is nothing but a "fan translation" (a very dedicated one though) and not actually official. Actually I think that's the troublesome word that got misinterpreted. by many of us to be honest [With no "Official" english translation… etc]

        I mean even a comment or two, commented they wanted to buy it?

        Sorry if my comment came out too aggressive the first time, it wasn't my intention but I did use caps a lot haha. Sorry about that.

    • i don't like his "do i have to?" attitude either. Too out-of-character for Link. i'm also not too fond of the childish art style, either.
      and yes, i don't get why ZU advertises it as if an official manga by Akira Himekawa has finally been released. a simple "a" before the title would imply it's not official, or "doujinshi"/"fancomic" instead of manga.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        Akira Himekawa aren't the only professionals that made Zelda manga, those are just the only ones that made it state side.

        I agree with everything else you said, though.

  • Eddy


    • Eddy

      I suppose my tastes aren't cultured enough for this

      • Joko tree


  • I'd like to see a TP manga done by Akira Himekawa. But this is nice too. I like how it just goes right to the twilight-covered Hyrule.

    • April

      Me too, they're better at making mangas

  • 1#Linkfan

    I want to get it where can I buy it

  • Zelda fan456


  • xzz


  • Ezlo

    I'd like to see a TP manga done by Akira Himekawa or other fan-made versions. This one looks a little too weird to me. Link's neck in the last panel is freakishly long.

    • Agreed on both points.

    • i didn't notice that, but now that you mention it… wow, i'll have nightmares with that neck.

    • suzettergreinwich

      Yes. Agreed. I can tell which character is who with Akira Himekawa's style.

      • Joko tree

        Wow Links odd, part Vulcan part Giraffe.Suzettergreinwich and Star Trek fans should get that joke.

  • Skorpious

    I dislike manga solely because many of them draw male characters with feminine features/proportions – this series is obviously no exception.

    However, I am aware that not all artists draw their characters like that, but I can't help by feel turned off from anime/manga as a whole because of the reason I described above.

    I will admit I read and thoroughly enjoyed the Fullmetal Alchemist and Trigun manga's. =p

    • Violet

      To be fair… Link has always had feminine features. This manga does emphasise them moreso than other art does, but yeah. Most official art of Link has been done in a manga style. It all depends on the artist, its nothing to do with the genre.

  • Bleep Bloop

    wow……… link looks different…….in a good way

  • too bad it wasn't done by Akira Himekawa.

  • it's not official, it's fan made, so that's why it wasn't what you were expecting.

  • QueenxLink

    Awesome! I was wondering when they were going to release a Twilight Princess manga… Link sure is different in the manga from the games… Sweet, they actually have swears! L:

  • QueenxLink

    Link kind of looks like a girl too… I mean the way they drew him. Still, I'd like to draw anime THAT great! Not that I can't though…

  • LadyIntomoe

    Hate to say, but I am not a fan of the art (nothing against the artist), nor the translation (nothing against the translator). I recognize the artist's style, however, and can tell that this is a doujin (doujinshi).

    Wish Akira Himegawa would do the Twilight Princess manga. Now, that's some manga Zelda's meant for.

  • LunarMew

    Not an official Manga, but I wouldn't mind a fan made one. I was always desperate for a Twilight Princess Manga regardless. Haha…

  • Meowth

    I agree with frank and darkvaloo909. Amen to that, bros. Anime and manga is, in my opinion, creepy, and this is no exception. Link doesn’t speak, so I don’t understand how these mangas are true to the franchise. I just can’t read them. I’d feel like I was ruining my favorite video game franchise. But that’s just me. Anime and manga will never live up to American comics and cartoons. But again, that’s just me.

    Except DBZ. Because DBZ is awesome.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Hey, this is pretty cool, But I'm not completely digging it….

    The artwork is nice and all, but Link doesn't look like the beloved Twilight Princess Link, and Zelda doesn't look like Zelda, atleast yet. Plus, I'm not head-over-heels for Zelda speaking such profane words, especially to the gods (goddesses). I mean she has the Triforce of Wisdom, surely she wouldn't curse the very beings that created her. Link seems a little lazy, and I don't really think it portrays him the exact way… I mean c'mon I'm a girl, Link has to be just right. xD

    Over all, it looks pretty interesting, and I'd love to see what others may be able to accomplish through their love of Zelda….I just wish that an official could be done. That would be pure awesomness.^^

  • Over9000Gingers

    I'd like to see a SS Manga. I think that'd be the only one I would bother buying.lol

  • Lord Gonzy

    Well I read the first 8 pages and I'm not very impressed. I never really liked the Zelda series brought into manga form. I mean, the point of being Link in the game is that it's you who's making the decisions. You're personality is Link's personality but when it comes to manga form, it's the writer's personality. Look at how Link acts in the first 8 pages. The game makes him out to be a humble and caring fellow. The manga makes him look apathetic to do anything. His response to Ilia's caring words are "Yeah, yeah". I don't know, I just can't see him being the heroic figure he's supposed to be, he's taking on kind of a Final Fantasy, gloating hero kind of feel. Oh well, I don't know if I'll read it, but so far I'm not impressed.

    • Maybe as he goes along and sees the shadow cast over Hyrule, Link will start to care.

  • LinebeckTheLemonhead

    Is Akira Himekawa doing this??

    • Triforce of the Gods

      No, they're not. This is fan made, not professionally done.

  • LinebeckTheLemonhead

    Oh wait.It's a fancomic….WOW THOSE GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY TALENTED!!!

  • Tayo

    I hope they don't continue translating it with their own stupid words. If you don't know, Japanese is completely different from English and it is translated according to the way it is interpreted by the subber. Most of these subbers are people who don't know how to control their language.

  • Ashmic

    well i hate to say it but this manga isn't good, they skipped a whole scene, the kids getting attacked by moblins, well it SEEMS like it, even if they didn't skip it, link already knows there is darkness?, when he wouldn't, i read like every zelda manga, and in this one, links' personality that he has in the official ones is definitly not captured…
    im kind of glad this isn't official, sorry

  • Shielk

    Dudes this is awsome!!! I can't wait for the next pages!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Petra

    *Thinking to self…* (hmmm… I don't usually post comments like this, so what the hell!) OMG, ZELDA HAS SOME BOOBAGE! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Joko tree

      Womanizer.Thats odd when a dude says that.

      • Joko tree

        But I'm a different dude.

  • runt

    Aww the art looks really stupid D: I wish the same manga artist that drew the Oot and MM mangas would have done this one too

  • Electra Goob

    want want want want WANT!!!!!! XD Very nice… I want more tho… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Just another fan

    Love the fact that someone finally made a manga out of TP, hate the fact that everyone in it looks like they are ten years old.
    Not my style at all, but i'll probably read it anyway just because its zelda-related and i'm a geek. But still… Uggh. They can do better.

  • April

    Link looks like a little kid, i'd get it if link looked like he did in the game

  • april

    too much bad language

  • Twiliwolf

    is that it? are there more? just 8 pages? what?

  • JustARandomAznChick

    Wow. What an ugly art style. :S

    • Auxora

      Quit wasting your time looking at "ugly" art then. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Seri

    Link is so feminine :O
    i was hoping to see this done by the same author as the others but oh well XP
    I kinda wish they spent a bit more time in Ordon

  • Knight firelorde

    it says fan book at the top, so of course this is a fake fan version xD

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!! I really love it! I'll give it a go! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • KHHero358

    While I do like the Shoujou art style of this, it's STILL not legit. I want an Akira Himekawa TP Manga because I like HER, not his, HER artstyle and I think she'll make a good personality for Link. I capitalize the "her" because Himekawa is a GIRL. Get it right…

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Himekawa is TWO GIRLS. Get it right…

  • DouglasLovee

    I Love zelda AND anime!
    i swear, you people probably have only heard of mainstream anime.
    If you think "Naruto" or "Dragon ball z" are the only animes out there, you are pathetic.
    Watch a good anime and THEN talk about how you don't like it.
    This manga's art is too childish. Link looks like an adult in the game, and 12 yrs old here.

  • GoronFreak87

    How do I start reading the manga?

  • LAdolphingirl

    Wow. This is a really good manga…I'm DYING to read the next. Where can I buy it? online?

  • That’s a doujinshi, Bastian. It’s not an official manga.