Dun da da duuuun! You got Inked!

To celebrate their marriage, two Zelda fans got inked with sprites from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past of either Link or Zelda holding matching halves of Heart Containers.

Each pixel is precisely reproduced, lending to an awesome two person tattoo combo.

We at Zelda Universe congratulate the anonymous happy couple, and wish them many years of happiness and Pieces of Hearts quests!

View the full sized image after the jump.

And let us know: would you and your significant other get matching Zelda tattoos? Do you have any Zelda tattoos already?

Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku
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  • And their lives were complete by the joining of their hearts…

    Many happy years, and hopefully their love will flourish unto death.

    • melosfox

      Do they get a continue option when they finally reach it?

      • ;D Unfortunately, I doubt they will since none of us do…except if we die to self and repent. Then we can continue as if we never left this world, but we will be happier than anything knowing that death will never again claim us.

  • ChainofTermina

    yeah, I have a zelda tattoo. it's the only one I have (right now) actually. It's a triforce on my wrist.

  • DarkMajora

    Somewhere there is an evil ex-boyfriend with a tattoo of Vaati holding an empty heart container. Link better watch his back. LOL.

    • ganondox

      Why Vaati? It should be Ganon.

      • DarkMajora

        Because the only reason Ganon is interested in Zelda is because she has the triforce of wisdom, while Vaati has actually tried to force Zelda to marry him. I can't remember if that was the reason he kidnapped her in Four Swords Adventures but in Four Swords her wanted to marry her. I can't think of a time Ganon has ever done that.

        • Lozzy

          Except in the Zelda cartoon XD

          • DarkMajora

            I was only talking about the games. If you include the cartoons I guess Ganon works but I still don't think he can match Vaati in this case. In his very first appearance he calls Zelda "lovely", introduces himself, brags about taking over the world, then says he's going to marry Zelda, just straight to the point.

          • Lozzy

            That scene freaked me out XD

  • Death Killington

    fucking losers

    • Revthemoronoftime

      :L Get the fuck out.

    • Arrogant Troll! You, and all your kind, think you can come here and vote us all down for the pleasure of it?! We are just here to congragulate this couple, and we don't have to stand up to some vain slob. I can imagine you sitting in front of your computer screen, counting us down…1st comment voted down, 2nd comment voted down, 3rd… And for what? Malice, spite, sadism–all that, and just to get a laugh. None of you care how many times we down-rate you, because you simply *enjoy* doing this. Loser, yourself. Get off and stay off this site unless you get serious–we sure as heck are. XP

      • ChainofTermina

        Thareous-the Troll Slayer.

        (and I don't mean to make fun of you, I mean it in a supportive, "I'm very impressed" sort of way.)

        • No, don't think it's affronting at all. It actually reminds me of "Eragon Shadeslayer" (I wish the last book would come out already!), though that's probably where you referenced it from. And…yeah, we do not need these kind of people upsetting the order on ZU. This is a site that we can get on and share our hopes, opinions, theories, whatever…and rascals like this just ruin that for us. I don't think it's *fun* slaying trolls either, but it is very necessary.

          Anyhow, thank you for the new nickname and support, even though I don't do this to impress people…too much (JK). For all the aforesaid reasons, I merely prefer things to be peaceful and smooth.

          • ChainofTermina

            I know. it's just that this particular retort was a bit fiercer than normal. 😉

            omigod! you read Eragon too? cool! no, that's not where I came up with that name, but it is similar now that you mention it. it's so cool that you read that!

            we should totally get Saphira to eat all those trolls.

          • Fiercer…well, I've been able to negociate with a couple of trolls, and today when Death Killington the Ape (DK; get it?) cursed us "losers," I kinda flipped my lid.

            Yes, I absolutely love Christopher Paolini's work. Murtagh's admission at the end of Eldest really took me by surprise, but the latest shocker undid any of my misgivings about Chris being a spectacular writer. He brings out something new as we see Eragon's struggle to do the right thing, get over his impulsiveness, and save Alagaesia from Galbitorix's tyranny. It's sad that the final installment may be released pretty soon, but all stories, even the best, must end.

            And, hey, what's the deal? I mention a book series, and you have to bring up a blue dragon to take care all the scoundrels I'm supposed to put down? ;D

          • ChainofTermina

            oh, sorry.

            Nen ono weohnata, Thareous elda.

          • No prob. =}

            …Eh? I'm sorry, I had to run a search for a couple of those words, but they're not showing up in any translations. What does Nen and weohnata mean…or did you make up, Fricáya?

          • ChainofTermina

            I just went to the Inheritance wiki. according to that, it means, "As you will"

          • Guess I know where to refer to next time, and thanks!

            Se onr sverdar sitja hvass, CoT-elda!
            May your swords stay sharp!

          • James Widdowson

            What I find funny is that he's calling them sad, but he's the sad b*****d who has taken time out of his day to troll like an immature little child.

      • Doomjaw

        you Know You Have Been Trolled When….

        • …The Fat Lady Sings? idk… 8P

      • Death Killington

        u mad?

        • No, I'm custodial.

          Thankfully for you I'm tired right now and I am in no mood for a tirade. So I'm just going to leave off with an admonition: watch your mouth.

          • Death Killington

            What's wrong with expressing my opinion? I think that they're fucking losers for doing it and I have every right to express it. Stop being so butthurt.

          • The same way that you express your opinion, they express their love for themselves. Calling them losers just because they decided to tattoo their *expression* of that love should not make them losers. That is why I disagree with you; they can also express themselves any way they like.

          • Death Killington

            Well it does make them losers.

          • In their defense, I must point something out to you–something I know you're already aware of. This is a Zelda site. You'll get all sorts of miscellaneous articles which we can share our views of, and for that reason, I respect your right of opinion. Howbeit, your initial comment against them is utterly discourteous and disrespectful. Calling them losers precluded by the strongest existent oath, you make yourself appear as an inconsiderate donkey.

            I'm not judging you; I'm merely bringing this issue to the surface. Admittedly, I lambasted you originally since I thought you referred to all of us supporting the couple. For that harshness I apologize, yet must simply ask you that you accept their portrayal of love–and not defeat. This is no contest where we butt heads with wits and words. It's a misunderstanding on my part and disregard on yours. So let's just allow bygones to be bygones.

    • aethelbert

      wait… – 60 !?… wow, that must be a record for thumbs down in zelda universe

    • Joko tree

      You are what you say.

      • Death Killington

        So you're a fag?

        • Joko tree

          You've never felt love have you.

          • Joko tree

            I havent and I don't care what you think.Because you can't feel any emotions what so ever.

        • 123

          FUC you death killington your gay!

  • Starbit

    Aww that's so cute

    • guyomeprime

      It is!!

  • Ashmic

    Awwww im doin that XD

  • QueenxLink

    lol thats so cute. I dont wanna get married but I'd like to get a tattoo of the Master sword on my left leg, the complete Triforce (with the bird-thing :P) on my right arm and another Triforce (just the Triangle) on my left hand, like Link's. And maybe get Link on my left arm ♥♥♥

  • Margar

    Aw, that's clever and romantic :3

  • Defender of Hyrule

    That’s adorable! <3

  • Legender

    I know someone with a Goron tattoo… :3

    I wouldn't, but mainly because I'm a total wimp! D: I can't deal with pain :/

    • Ma´goria

      Im someone with a Goron tattoo 🙂 Althought, i live in Finland.

  • I now pronounce you Link and Zelda!!

  • twilian

    Aww, that's adorable. I wish the best for the both of them, may they both live long and happy lives together 🙂

  • hkhkh

    I wish them a very happy and long marriage together as link and zelda
    IDEA: name the kid Link ( or Zelda if it is a girl)

  • TrustMe101

    I don't care if I get a thousand thumbs down for this. To be honest, I'd never do that. Zelda is awesome, but I don't want a video game to be involved with most of my life.

    But that's still pretty cute!

    • hkhkh

      you just got a (I know this is geeky) One trillion thumbs
      down from me 🙁

  • Honestly, I would totally do this, although I'd rather stick solely with the heart piece or container theme and do without the character sprites. I especially love the heart container designs from TP, so perhaps that particular guy and myself could each get half of one, or each get a whole one. Because you see, if the relationship doesn't work out and we're each left with half a tattoo… well, that's kind of said and potentially embarrassing. But hell, I wouldn't mind having a full heart container on my body regardless of whether or not someone else is matching me, simply because of my love for the series and the large role it plays in my life – I work for a Zelda fan site, for crying out loud, and have met people in the Zelda community who have become very important to me.

    If a guy and I agreed to get matching tattoos like this, though, videogames (and especially Zelda) would have had to have played a significant part in bringing us together and building our relationship.

    But I primarily date nerds/gamers, so that's practically a given. : P

    And in conclusion, this is probably the most adorable newspost I've had the pleasure of publishing in a very long time. Congratulations to the happy couple. :]

    • LinksZelda12

      I agree with you 100% haha i wish i could find a girl who likes games ts kidna tough here in NY

      • Foh

        Sad, here in UT it's hard to find ANYONE who likes games, at least where I am. And when you do, (and it's usually a guy), they're in so much shock to find a gamer girl that they have trouble talking to you. It's rather sad, really.

    • Gunsarfun77

      I agree with you on that, it seems like a bit of a risk to do this. Hope it works out for em. Also I'd like to point out the TP heart contaigner design is probably my fave, however which one you get probably depends alot upon which game in the series is your fave.

  • x4Dennis24


    • Keith

      Yeah, they probably are pretty happy! 🙂

    • Death Killington

      Finally some common sense here.

      • I concur; Toonlink2660 makes a valid point in standing against that obscene remark.

    • Joko tree

      Yes we know you are.

    • x4Dennis24

      I actually wasn't trolling…

      • It was just a little prank TL2660 pulled, dude. Nothing harmful.

        • Joko tree

          Sorry, you're not gay.

  • What part of their body is that? Arms? Legs? If arms it would be good if they got it on different arms that way when they hold hands it would show the tattoo's together.

  • monkeyman

    i have a triforce on my wrist
    and the skyward sword on my back

  • DarkValoo909

    I have a tatoo of links head on one “cheek” and ganon on the other! Lol not really but that would be so awesome!!

  • Scrivs

    I have a triforce emblazoned across my chest and the hyrulian crest on my back

  • LinksZelda12

    See the only problem with geting tattoos with someone your married with now is god forbid you get a divorce your stuck with a tattoo that has a connection with someone else and every time you look at it its like a constant reminder and slap in the face. Ill just stick to the master sword on my arm like i planned =)

  • Darth Goron

    i would, but i don't do tattoos. permanently scarring yourself? even in the name of zelda, it still isn't worth it… and that's saying something! i've been a zelda fan my entire life!

  • hkhkh

    But even if they get a divorce they could just fill
    the rest of the heart container

  • Becky

    One of my tattoos is the Triforce but omg I love this idea! My boyfriend would never go for it though lol

  • Foh

    "I've waited a long time for this moment…" *pulls out Master Sword and bows* "Will you be my Princess Zelda?"

    *screams and jumps for joy* "Yes, of course, If you will always be my Hero of Time!"

    Tee hee, it's actually kinda sweet.

  • EvergreenTerrace420

    I don't have any Zelda tattoos yet but I'm planning on getting an entire sleeve dedicated to Zelda.

  • Joko tree

    Thats sweet.And thats coming from a dude.

  • Elf Link

    May the Triforce be with you!

  • LoZymugglegater

    Okay,just gotta say that's adorable!cheers!

  • Theowljosse

    Tuve has two and a half heart tattoo on the chest. he will fill in the half heart when he finds the right girl for him :).

  • sarah henry

    i have the triforce on my hand like zelda, my boyfriend like link and our friend like gannon

    • Chris

      Ive wanted to do the same for years! I'm going to get Links one, my friends called dibs on Ganon already and I just need to find my Zelda… 😀

      • Joko tree

        I hope you're friend doesn't try to kill you to get the other triforce pieces.

  • LegendaryLance

    Found another married couple with similar matching Zelda tattoos!

  • Audrey

    🙂 My boyfriend and I are going to get matching ones..! <3

  • br00d

    That is soooo sick! a) thinking about getting a triforce tattoo [currently have none and am really hesitant but if i get one..that is it. b) I hope i find a girl that loves zelda as much as i do! what i lucky man hahah!

  • No1ZeldaFanMan

    My girlfriend and I are already planning a set for our ankles if we make it to marriage. 😀

  • Farrhen

    My husband and I have a matching Zelda tattoo! He designed it for me to get, because my nana got me into the games when I was little, but he liked it so much he got it too!