What's so "Great" about him anyway? His mustache?

Many of us have wondered just where the Great Deku Tree was in Twilight Princess.

The sentient tree was noticeably missing from that Zelda title when, for all intents and purposes, it should have been standing tall.

Its absence has been a much debated mystery, but we never knew for sure exactly where the mystical tree had wandered off to.

Until now.

Some sharp-eyed Zelda fans playing the recently released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow discovered the Great Deku Tree within that non-Zelda title!

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While playing only a minor part in the Castlevania title, the Great Deku Tree’s presence can be found in a passage which discusses a sentient tree whose “magical power protected the forest from dark creatures.” The tree’s name? “The Great Dekuh.” And the fate of that great tree? A Dark Lord cursed it, causing it to die…

See a screen shot of the scroll within Castlevania that describes this.

So put to rest your questions about the Great Deku Tree’s absence in Twilight Princess. Now we know: he vacationed to Castlevania and met his untimely demise. Again.

Source: GoNintendo