What's so "Great" about him anyway? His mustache?

Many of us have wondered just where the Great Deku Tree was in Twilight Princess.

The sentient tree was noticeably missing from that Zelda title when, for all intents and purposes, it should have been standing tall.

Its absence has been a much debated mystery, but we never knew for sure exactly where the mystical tree had wandered off to.

Until now.

Some sharp-eyed Zelda fans playing the recently released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow discovered the Great Deku Tree within that non-Zelda title!

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While playing only a minor part in the Castlevania title, the Great Deku Tree’s presence can be found in a passage which discusses a sentient tree whose “magical power protected the forest from dark creatures.” The tree’s name? “The Great Dekuh.” And the fate of that great tree? A Dark Lord cursed it, causing it to die…

See a screen shot of the scroll within Castlevania that describes this.

So put to rest your questions about the Great Deku Tree’s absence in Twilight Princess. Now we know: he vacationed to Castlevania and met his untimely demise. Again.

Source: GoNintendo
  • Ben

    Castlevania makers are copycats.

    • Ashmic

      why would someone minus Bens comment, lol its true in this instance, look at it, LOL

    • John

      well it did originate on nintendo.
      there was also a portal mention =D

      • Ashmic


        and really , i freakin love castlevania 64 and legacy of darkness, to this day, frankenstien gardener makes me piss my pants lol omg

    • bradley

      He'll be back at least in OoT 3D 😀

  • lolxd

    i think teh deku tree wasnt in zelda, because we never went to the KOKIRI forest. there was a forest temple, but it never specifically said it was the kokiri forest.

    • You're probably referring to Twilight Princess and haven't had the privelige of playing Ocarina of Time yet. You're right; in TP what would be the Kokiri Forest is replaced by the Faron Woods. Of course, we don't know if this is the same forest as is in OoT, which means it might be in a different province of Hyrule altogether, with each of their kings naming their daughters Zelda after the first (with the same looks, as well, it might seem 🙂 ). Nonetheless, I'm more apt to believe that it is the same forest, but things just changed over time, as I say in my theory below.

      • Trilitegeno

        i believe as well that it is the same forest, i mean what kind of architect would build two forest temples within range of the same lost woods. i'm seriously not being sarcastic… they're about the same distance. they are the same, I think. and to answer another question (that i asked) the architect would be the same guy who built a starbucks across from another

  • DarkTech

    Pahahahah that's great. The Great Deku tree seems to have de-ja-vu in reality everywhere he goes :/

  • David Wevill

    According to my brother the deku tree actually is in twilight princess, yunno the first dungeon? notice how tree-like it looks? thats because it is the deku tree 😀

  • humulos

    Wow, the Great Deku tree has been promoted to the likes of Mandrakes, Harpys and manticores? It makes sense you know, Castlevania creatures are all based off of myths, legends and stories. Perfectly reasonable to have video game created creatures enter into that league. No different from Orcs from LotR being used in many other mediums.

  • I love the reference, but I have a thought to add. If the Great Deku Tree died, then wouldn't it have decomposed? I mean, we don't know how long of a gap there is between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, so the Tree's remains could have been beaten down by he weather, eaten over time by maggots, or even pulled down by the Kokiri children because they couldn't stand the sight of what "Link" had done.

    Whatever the cause, this still doesn't explain what became of the Great Deku's treeling. It might be the same one we saw in Wind Waker…but how did it get into the mountains? I should infer that the Kokiri preserved it and carried it there when the goddesses decided to flood Hyrule, which might not have been long after Link defeated Ganon in OoT.

    At any rate, the Great Deku Tree might forever remain a mystery, unless its in the Master Timeline and Nintendo divulges its history. Yet we can still enjoy it each time we replay Ocarina of Time and bask in its present wisdom before it must again pass from this life.

    • Violet

      I like Twilight Princess, but it really confuses an already confused timeline even more royally than before.

      Effectively though, if TP occurs after the Young Link timeline, there's no telling that the sprout ever grows, since this only happens in the adult timeline.

      • I'll admit to not being as rehearsed in the Timeline Theory as most people. Nevertheless, I'm still familiar with the order of some games and can identify with what you mean, and agree with it, too. This goes along with my speculation above: the Great Deku Tree could have decayed no matter what, but it's sprout might never have matured in the first place…unless, not to oppose you, it actually did while Link went to Termina. We don't see it again from that point afterward, but the Kokiris still could have preserved it and brought it to the mountains before the Great Deluge, all of this being surmise, still.

  • Goro

    I don't know if this might be a theory, but I always thought that the Forest Temple in TP was Great Deku Tree and that someone/something built a temple inside his dead body. I would explain the size of the tree the Forest Temple is in.

    • Goro

      Sorry. "It" would explain the size of the tree the temple is in.

    • Ferisan

      I've always had that theory too lol.

  • TrustMe

    I actually have my own theory about where the Great Deku Tree was in Twilight Princess. When Zelda sent Link back in time in Ocarina of Time, maybe she sent him back far enough that he never killed Gohma in the Great Deku Tree. So, since no one killed Gohma, the evil was still in the forest so a Deku Sprout couldn't grow. That would explain why there's no Kokiri in Twilight Princess either, because they died with the Great Deku Tree – their guardian.

    And the outside of the Forest Temple in Twilight Princess actually kinda looks like a giant tree stump, so maybe that's his remains….

    A bit sad, and probably a little far fetched, but it's the only explanation I can think of…

    • Violet

      The only problem is this would require Young Link sitting back and letting this happen… I don't find this likely. In Majora's Mask he leaves Hyrule, but only after Hyrule seems to have returned to peace.

      I think the whole point of Kokiri Forest was that normal people couldn't find it. In TP, Link is not a Kokiri, so he just never found it.

      • TrustMe101

        Good point. I didn't think about that haha!

      • Elf Link

        Actually, in OoT, Link wasn't a Kokiri either. He grew up in the forest after his mother left him there, during a war, to protect him. He was just a baby then and the Great Deku Tree took care of him. That was explained during the game.

  • Z-MAN7

    I guess Dracula hates magical talking trees…

    • ChainofTermina

      of course he does, he's susceptible to death-by-wooden-stake.

  • ChainofTermina

    to be perfectly honest, I didn't even notice the Great Deku tree was missing from TP until you just pointed it out. :S

    • Ezlo

      Me neither. I didn't know he was supposed to be there in the first place. =/

  • Darkstar

    Good theories about the Great Deku tree in TP. I always thought that the tree that Link lives in in Ordon woods was the Great Deku tree's remains..or it could just be the same tree house he had in OOT.

  • King_Zora

    The great deku tree's mustache is the greatest thing about him!! :}D

  • shadownin

    The Deku tree sprout never grew back in the child time line because when link went back in time he didn't beat the forest temple so no new tree to grow to be in twilight princess unless it's a dead tree

    • Merkku

      But in the Child Timeline Ganondorf never entered the Sacred Realm -> the Forest Temple never became filled with evil creatures. The Sprout shouldn't have trouble growing, eventually.

  • zeffa

    ther was a big dead tree near the bridge above lake hylia i thought that was deku tree

  • I love the Deku Tree.

  • bradley

    Awesome. I <3 Zelda and Castlevania.
    The ironic thing is the Wii is the only home console it wasn't released on.
    Also, would this place Lords of Shadow thousands of years after the end of the child timeline? Just kidding. I know its not Zelda canon but it would be cool.

  • Violet

    I said this in someone's comment, but my theory for why we never see the Deku Tree in Twilight Princess is simply because we also never see Kokiri Forest. The forest probably hides itself from normal people, so you only ever discover it by chance or if you know where to look.

    The Kokiri Forest is somewhere in Hyrule in Twilight Princess, but its just never seen.

    • What?–you said this in someone's comment?! Ah, hacker!…JK 8)

  • randTherrin

    Did anyone else notice that the TP forest temple was in a really frikkin huge tree stump? Since Deku tree died in the child oot there would bee a really big dead tree/stump left over later on in life…

  • Blizzeta93

    isn't the deku tree the spirit guardian of the forest. maybe the tree died, but his spirit excaped, which is why he shows up in Castlevania.

  • wayofthesheikah

    So I'm guessing Ganondorf was one of the original Lords of Darkness? Haha, love it when one of my favorite franchises references another one of my favorites! Hmm, gives me an awesome idea for a future fanfic crossover…

    Oh, and about TP Forest Temple being either the remains of the Deku Tree or part of original Forest Temple? I'm not sure about that one, especially since the Sacred Grove and what remains of the Temple of Time are so close to Faron Woods. It's been a century, I think OOT's castle town and castle have worn away by now (you can see some stone fragments where you fight Skull Kid), since I think the royal family and the rest of castle town moved for some reason to their TP location. It wouldn't make sense for the Deku Tree's remains or the original Forest Temple to be located near the Temple of Time, so I think TP's Forest Temple is new altogether. I agree though, it was odd that there was no Kokiri Forest or Deku Tree in TP. Who knows, maybe they're located in an area we didn't get to see in TP? I have no idea.

    I'm pretty sure that TP takes place in the Child Timeline after Majora's Mask, since Ganondorf was captured by the Sages before he could cause any real damage to Hyrule (thanks to Link warning Zelda, I'm sure), thereby preventing him from becoming the King of Evil. WW takes place in the Adult Timeline, since Ganondorf (shown in WW's storybook intro in Ganon form) broke free of the Sacred Realm somehow. Also, because Adult Link was sent back in time to relive his childhood, there was no hero or descendant of the hero to stop Ganon from conquering Hyrule, forcing the Goddesses to flood it and creating the Great Sea. This would also make sense since the Great Deku Tree is in WW, and I think it's hinted that this Deku Tree is in fact the Deku Tree Sprout from OOT's Adult Timeline, which would explain why it had only some memory of OOT Link.

    …yeah, I put a lot of thought into this, haha. =)

    • ILiekZelda

      But if im not mistaken, the temple of time is IN Hyrule Castle in OoT right?

      • wayofthesheikah

        No, but it's quite close. If you go down the path past the Happy Mask Shop you'll come across the Temple of Time. I think you might be thinking of Wind Waker, since the Master Sword was located in the basement of a frozen-in-time Hyrule Castle beneath the waves in that game. My guess is that the Temple of Time was destroyed during the second war with Ganon in the Adult timeline, and when they rebuilt Hyrule Castle after he was first imprisoned the Hyrulians either built the new castle over the Temple of Time, or they somehow moved the Master Sword to wherever they built the new castle. I'm guessing the former happened, haha.

        • Feaster

          Ah, but if Castlevania has taught us anything, its that the "sword in the stone" (excalibur in Aria of Sorrow, or in this case the master sword) doesn't necessarily have to be REMOVED from its tone to be moved. After all, Soma Cruz used excalibur, with stone still attached as a giant club-weapon, lol

  • Joko tree

    After listening to the Taco show I don't like the deku tree.

  • Joko tree

    Richard from friends looks a lot like the Deku Tree.

  • stratisfire

    wasnt the forest temple a giant tree? i mean to get to it you walk up a giant hollowed out root and then go into a giant opening in a giant decayed tree..and the lost woods were pretty close by too….

    • gsgs

      I totally agree with you! Have you seen the markings on the sliding round doors in the TP forest temple? They are the same markings that the kokiri shield has on it in Oot I’m pretty sure the forest temple in TP is the remains of the deku tree.

      P.S: Have you seen the giant tree BEHIND the forest temple in TP (or in front but behind from the angle link is looking at it from)? And Link’s treehouse in TP is the remains of his treehouse in Oot! As you mentioned before the lost woods are also they’re from Oot. So… kokiri forest has had its named change to faron woods due to the kokiri being wiped out in the floods.