"Stupid cliffhangers!"

Complete with references to Indiana Jones and Harry Potter and featuring a guest starring role by the series creator (and director and writer to boot,) Sandeep Parikh (of The Guild fame), Legend of Neil is back with a new episode and is better than ever!

We’re sorry to see it winding to a close, but we’re still enjoying the heck out of it.

Hit the jump to view the episode!

Source: Legend of Neil
  • Best one of this season!

    (Thanks, Frosty; you're absolutely correct on that point). ;D

  • Fostythesnowman

    wait… why did you not bring your abacus?
    this seasnon is the best!

  • EDracon

    pure awesome.

  • Rohan

    haha, I loved the Indiana Jones reference and the music to go along with it.

  • Ashmic

    Aww I felt bad for Wizzarobe He's like a poor little abuzed puppy! ><!, dang! Thats the producer, he looks like hes 13! and his name sounds like hes like, arab or something?

  • mattj

    Professor! Professor! Turns out that wasn't my dead parents you heard. Turns out that was just a cruel trick…

  • I loved the Dark Link (Neil) scene!!!

  • Joko tree

    This is great.

  • wayofthesheikah

    Definitely the best season yet! Can't wait for the last few episodes.