Remember when we showed you this image in a recent post containing new Ocarina of Time 3DS information and screenshots? Well, nicnec7 of the Nintendo 3DS Forums and Mases at Zelda Dungeon have translated the Japanese text on the touch screen.

According to the nicnec7’s translations,
  • Eye in the top-left corner changes view from third to first person, just like the C-Up button on the N64.
  • Top and lower-right corner buttons are Item Slot 1 and Item Slot 2, respectively.
  • Lower left corner is the Ocarina.
  • Red tab at the bottom opens the Map.
  • Blue tab at the bottom opens the Item sub-screen.
  • Green tab at the bottom opens the Equipment.
  • The A button says Attack, for rolling.

These translations seem pretty accurate. Zelda Dungeon agrees with these translations and makes a few assumptions about the rest of the controls – check them out after the jump.

Mases of Zelda Dungeon adds these assumptions along with their translations:

  • Eye Icon: The eye is for camera control and it should presumably work very similar to how “Up-C” controlled on the Nintendo 64.
  • A Button: Still the action button. Can be used to open doors, roll, or to put your sword away when it is out.
  • B Button: Link’s sword. Fairly straight forward as it will allow Link to slash away with his sword.
  • X and Y Buttons: Allows Link to use his equipped items. Slingshot and Deku Stick are pictured.
  • Middle Tablet at the bottom: Used for the Map and presumably will show the different floors or areas when touched.
  • Left Tablet at the bottom: For equipment. Thus, making it just a tap or two away from changing tunic or putting on the Iron Boots.
  • Right Tablet at the bottom: For items. You’ll likely be able to change equipped items with just a tap or two of the stylus.
  • R and L buttons will presumably serve as your shield and z-targeting buttons.
  • When navigating the inventory, R and L will be used to quickly swap from the different menus, much like they did in the Nintendo 64 version.

With this new information, we have a better idea of how the N64 controls will translate into the 3DS controls.

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog, Zelda Dungeon
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  • Neat. I find it funny that the Japanese numbers are the same as ours.

    • Ataso

      Numbers are written the same way in most languages.

      • Not in Mandarin Chinese. Of course, they are switching over to Arabic numerals for more commercial and business purposes, but they also have their own unique number system that uses 0-10, rather than our 0-9 system.

        • I didn't know that, but you learn something new everyday. Or can this be contradicted as well? I've been trying to disprove this my whole life, pretty much, so I merely wonder if someone else was able to.

          • Tsubasa_Zero

            The japanese have there own numerale system, but in games the sometimes use english. The japanes have a real interest in english and try to use it often.

    • Shaelyn

      I find it funny that the Japanese choose to write numeric characters like ours and use our words for things that they have their own characters and words for.

      like, Pokemon Black & White – they have their own words for "black" and "white", but they've chosen to sound them out just as they sound in English instead.

      see also, Japanese numbers:

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    I'm very glad for something. NO NAVI BUTTON YET! NAVI WILL BE LIMITED! I WAS RIGHT!

    • LoneWolfTao

      I bet the First-Person eye symbol flashes "Navi" when she has something to say.

      • NCOCS

        You're definitely right.

        • Goro

          I disagree. Navi has the ability to tell you about enemies and bosses. If the touchscreen had the Navi button, that would be a little awkward to press that every time you want to know info on enemies.

          Then again, when you're lock on to an enemy, it could be the y button you need to press to get info on it.

          • Or she could just tell you without any command whatsoever, but then again, that would make the annoy-o-meter go from Very Annoying, to DEAR LORD I'M GOING TO SNAP MY 3DS IN HALF!!! RAEG!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      Navi was used with the C-up button the same as first person view was on the N64, the eye image will probably change to navi when she wants to talk to you.

    • In the video scene where Link defeated that pirahna plant thing you could actually see the blinking word "Navi" in Japanese on the screen. That pretty much makes it obvious that Navi will still be the same as before.

      • Oxling

        Pirahna Plants are from Mario. It's Deku Baba. Just saying…

    • Oxling

      That would be horrible if it were true. Navi popping out automatically when you didn't want her, and not being able to take her out yourself when you did.

  • Ben

    Numbers are the same in nearly every language, if not all.

    • ken


      • ThatOneGuy

        What's funny is that even though the numbers we have are called Arabic Numerals, the Arabic don't even use those numbers. They still have a 1-9 numeral system like we do, but the characters for the numbers are different (though they probably still use the English characters sometimes).

  • ChainofTermina

    So the Ocarina DOES have it's own button? that's really cool, but nothing knew for me, since I ALWAYS keep the Ocarina assigned to the down c button in the original version anyway.

    • zoraluigi

      It's always on Right-C for me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

      • LuX

        Right C for me too lol

    • Shadowknight1

      Same here. And I do like that you get two extra item slots thanks to the touch screen, though those will probably be bottles and Deku Nuts, you know, the stuff I really need quick and doesn't need to be aimed or anything. I just really REALLY hope that you play the ocarina in a normal, non-blowing in the microphone fashion.

    • LinksZelda12

      haha me too i always keep my ocarina on

  • ganondox the frog

    Reminds me of SS item screen, in that they are now trying to limit the need for pausing.

    • strongfan

      or limit your ability to pause. What if I need to change items in the thick of a fight? In the original, you can pause and change items without worrying about taking damage in the process, but in the 3DS version I'm going to have to take out my stylus, and touch the screen while dodging. They'd better have atleast the option to pause and switch items!

      • twilit mask of time

        or just use your thumb like everyone does. Seriously the screen is prefectly touchable from the D-pad when using your thumb I did it in clash of heroes and Pokemon Heart Gold all the time

  • matt17

    nice, it all makes sense. the controls seem good. hopefully we can still press start to access the start menu, dont wanna touch too much

  • bradley

    Awesome. Hope it sells well so Nintendo makes MM 3D too.

    • bradley

      Which it most certainly will sell well 😛

    • LOLknight

      Who wouldn't?

    • Oxling

      Do you really think they'll do that? MM wasn't exactly received well because of the time limit, and if they changed it, that would be horrible.

      • bradley

        MM was better than OoT IMO. (ducks flaming poo)

        • Oxling

          No disagreements here, but all the same, it wasn't received that well.

  • teamrocketspy621

    "R and L buttons will presumably serve as your shield and z-targeting buttons."

    Actually, since it's the L-button and not the Z-button you're talking about here, it'll be called "L-Targeting," like in Wind Waker and the GameCube version of Twilight Princess. Nitpicky details, lol. XD

    • Oxling

      And in the GC ports of OoT and Master Quest (even though they aren't called L-Targeting).

  • LOLknight

    There is still the question of how we will be able to access the quest/status screen! For some reason, nobody seems to bother about that even though it is pobably likely that it will be accessible with the SELECT button.

    Anyway, I think that the 4 corner buttons are customizable (except for the "LOOK" button) and that as well as touching them, the player will also be able to control them with the D-PAD (up for LOOK, left for Ocarina etc.) much like in Twilight Princess (whuch means that we do not have to sacrifice one of the item buttons (such as X) for the iron boots!

    Also, I keep saying that it would be the best easter egg ever in a videogame if after you beat the game and complete it 100% without dying, you could gain access to an older zelda game, like A Link To The Past, or even better:
    ZELDA MAJORA"S MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rinkuzanto

      link to the past already has a 3ds remake in the works.

  • Nessy

    "When navigating the inventory, R and L will be used to quickly swap from the different menus, much like they did in the Nintendo 64 version."

    I'm wondering if they actually will, considering we may be limited to changing items and equipment in real time.

    Unless pressing the start button just allows us to navigate the options with control in puts, as it did with 64. So looking forward to this title.

  • I just noticed–ZU has an awesome Halloween layout at the top.

  • Anriva

    The Icon in the top-left, doesn't say "Eye"… it says "camera"… it might work that way… but it was a incorrect translation カメラ

  • Yes, well I'm afraid this is my first time to see it. I joined ZU in late March, and then upgraded to an IntenseDebate profile in mid- or late-July. Before both cases I'd frequent this site to get info on games or pick off the latest gab for upcoming releases, such as The Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. I don't think I was present in October or, otherwise, I might have remembered this.

  • Violet

    Why is nobody making a fuss over the fact that Link SOMEHOW has two Red Potions in the Deku Tree? I'm hoping this is just to show off the menu screen, because damn, the game doesn't need to be made any easier.

    • Violet

      Okay, someone voted me down for that comment? Really?

    • Ashmic

      I agree with you

      • Vibed

        He has one…but that is strange. Why would anyone make a fuss? It's 99% likely it's for demo purposes only.

        • Violet

          As far as I know, there was no demo, so there's no need to give the player a Red Potion.

    • Oxling

      It would be fine if it was the Master Quest, but the normal version certainly should not get any easier.

      • Ashmic

        for me, Master Quest wasn't any harder than regular OoT

    • It would be great if the potions were stackable, but it looks like the 2 is just a button number, and has nothing to do with the potions… BUT it looks like there's four item slots. (1, 2, x, and y) and the Ocarina may not be an item slot. (If it is, there's 5 item slots?)

      • Violet

        Hm, I didn't spot the number on the other button. Weird. Even so, he shouldn't even have a Bottle in the Deku Tree.

    • mrnjlw1090

      This is a beta screen-shot, so all the items are put into the game in an early stage so they can work out bugs/glitches, and make sure they have the animations correct.

      Unless you can suddenly buy potions at the Kokiri Shop…

      • Violet

        I'd figure this was the case if he had the Boomerang or something, but the Red Potion… it really doesn't need to be there for testing purposes.

    • rickk

      not to mation it has 150 rupees already 😛

  • Lules

    this sounds great!

  • darker world

    all i care for is for the ocarina to be played just like the original, with no gimmicks. I want to be able to play songs quickly with no metronome or microphone. Oh, OoT 3D better keep the song of storms cheat for the lens of truth

  • Chuggaafan

    On the topic of Navi, I just had a terrifying idea…

    Imagine when Navi wants to talk to you. "HEY! LISTEN!!!!"

    Now imagine Navi popping of of the screen and in front of your face in 3D!
    Now take into account that many use earphones with handheld systems.
    I am going to go sit in the corner i fear now.