Remember when we showed you this image in a recent post containing new Ocarina of Time 3DS information and screenshots? Well, nicnec7 of the Nintendo 3DS Forums and Mases at Zelda Dungeon have translated the Japanese text on the touch screen.

According to the nicnec7’s translations,
  • Eye in the top-left corner changes view from third to first person, just like the C-Up button on the N64.
  • Top and lower-right corner buttons are Item Slot 1 and Item Slot 2, respectively.
  • Lower left corner is the Ocarina.
  • Red tab at the bottom opens the Map.
  • Blue tab at the bottom opens the Item sub-screen.
  • Green tab at the bottom opens the Equipment.
  • The A button says Attack, for rolling.

These translations seem pretty accurate. Zelda Dungeon agrees with these translations and makes a few assumptions about the rest of the controls – check them out after the jump.

Mases of Zelda Dungeon adds these assumptions along with their translations:

  • Eye Icon: The eye is for camera control and it should presumably work very similar to how “Up-C” controlled on the Nintendo 64.
  • A Button: Still the action button. Can be used to open doors, roll, or to put your sword away when it is out.
  • B Button: Link’s sword. Fairly straight forward as it will allow Link to slash away with his sword.
  • X and Y Buttons: Allows Link to use his equipped items. Slingshot and Deku Stick are pictured.
  • Middle Tablet at the bottom: Used for the Map and presumably will show the different floors or areas when touched.
  • Left Tablet at the bottom: For equipment. Thus, making it just a tap or two away from changing tunic or putting on the Iron Boots.
  • Right Tablet at the bottom: For items. You’ll likely be able to change equipped items with just a tap or two of the stylus.
  • R and L buttons will presumably serve as your shield and z-targeting buttons.
  • When navigating the inventory, R and L will be used to quickly swap from the different menus, much like they did in the Nintendo 64 version.

With this new information, we have a better idea of how the N64 controls will translate into the 3DS controls.

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog, Zelda Dungeon
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