The Legend of Zelda: The End of Time is a Zelda fangame, created by fans for Zelda Classic. Recently I launched a new project to explore the world of that fangame, and since Part 1 was such a success, here are parts 2-4! Hit the jump to see the others.

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  • Joko tree

    I'm guessing Cody would be annoyed if he goTetris for Christmas.

    • Joko tree

      Sorry its not goTetris it's got Tetris.

  • Link-182

    I have a burning desire to see what's in there! AHAHA, You have to do every walkthrough for every video game ever! Seriously, I could watch this for hours!

    • SnowLeopard48

      if you're talking about the cave he entered at the end of ep4?

      What's in there is probably the weirdest dungeon in any game I've ever played. There's a weird room with heaps of blocks (yes, more blocks LOL) and there is no doors in that room. All you do is move blocks. It's really weird.

      Does anyone know how to get past this room?

      • HylianGlaceon

        Did you check YouTube? I don't remember seeing that room, Someone else played through a lot of this game and recorded it there. Good luck, there's a very nasty dungeon and sidedungeon coming for you later on. Makes me feel like a newb to the series doing this bad now that it's finally working on a different computer.

    • SnowLeopard48

      AAHH I just realised you were talking about Cody's comment in one of the videos. But still that dungeon is really hard.

  • HylianGlaceon

    Lucky! I can never get ZC to work no matter how many versions and times I try. I guess it just doesn't work with Vista.

    Great job on the videos though!

  • Pineconn

    Wait, what? This is on Zelda Universe? Heh, sweet.

    For sure I'll be watching every of the videos. More than likely I'd comment in the YouTube comments section.

    Oh, and this is somewhat important. Literally a few weeks ago I updated the quest with a few fixes, and I highly recommend you replace the old quest file with the new one. (Don't worry, nothing negative will come about from this.) You can download the new quest file from PureZC or the official database. Of course, if you already have the most recent version (check the readme — you should have version 1.4), then disregard this.

    Thank you!

  • Zelda Deuce

    wut game is that i like to play it it looks awesome

    • It's called the Legend of Zelda: End of Time, a game from This is a site where you have to sign up to play the games made by fans of the NES-era LoZ's. But first you should know that your hearing this from a guy who just went to investigate and hasn't signed himself up.

  • TrustMe101

    That was awesome! Do more videos!

  • starbolt

    there's already a dx version and its awesome!!!!!

  • starbolt

    and i just started to play it

  • Majora's Beat Down