Darker? Better? Badder?

In our previous post, we mentioned the color palette of the new Skyward Sword screenshots revealed at Nintendo’s recent press conference appears bit darker and duller than those from E3 back in June.

Thankfully someone (going by the name Soul_Alchemist) pasted together a pairing of four matching (more or less) areas to compare.

And it’s not just the colors. It would appear that Link’s hair is styled slightly differently, which is most evident in the second set of screenshots. Or could it just be that the animation frame is different?

For that matter, could it be that these “darker, duller” new screenshots actually use the same palette but the color difference is simply due to some peculiarity of capturing the new images?

Hit the jump and have a look, then tell us what you think: is there truly a noticeable difference? And is the difference for better or for worse?

Source: GoNintendo
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  • Linksoer

    To me they are exactly the same, I believe that the Tv's color options were turned up at E3. Porpously? maybe. And whatever TV they used for these recent screenshots, the color options seem tuned down.
    In other words, if you want your copy of skyward Sword to look more like the E3 images, just tune up your color options on your TV, if you want it to look more ''duller'' just tune your color options down. So yeah, I don't see much of a difference, but that's just my opinion.
    Also, Bastian, what do you mean about the hair style being different? I cant seem to notice..can you explain?

    • Nick

      there's a noticeable difference in link's hair in the slingshot pictures…maybe it's just the wind?

      • Linksoer

        I believe that its just moved a little due to his body movement.
        If you notice, in the first screenshot, Link has already fired a (dekunut??) at the keese, while in the second screenshot, Link is just aiming.

    • Ferisan

      There's no difference at all imho, it's just the angle we're looking at Link that makes it look different. People grasping at straws :/ First screenshot has an angle that is more looking at link from above, second screenshot has an angel that implies we're looking at Link from below. No different hairstyle, just different angle. It;s not so complicated to get.

    • Darth Goron

      good call!

  • Alkunknka

    yup…pretty much the same to me.

  • I agree with the first comment. Miyamoto or whoever may have noticed the brightness to be too low at E3 and had it turned up at the 3DS presentation. This way the animation would look better, a bit more improved. I can tell myself it makes quite a difference, meant in a good way. And the graphics appear to be enhanced as well, really tantalising [at least] my enthusiasm.

  • Ashmic

    I agree with Linksoer these are the same, its just the TV settings or whatever
    the very first one is the same, i see no difference tho, :
    besides, why would they darken it if the whole game is shaped around its art style, ya know? they wouldnt, they leave it the same, if u want it darker u set the TV, like it TELLS you to in TP, ya know?

  • Shadowknight1

    It's either TV settings or camera settings. I think. I don't mind in either case, I'll still buy the darn thing. ^_^


    I don't know if anyone else noticed that Link's sheath is more detailed in the E3 version. It appears to have better use of shadows and it's a golden colour in the E3 version but yellow in the new screenshots. I'm sure it's not possible to change it from gold to yellow by adjusting the colour options on your TV.

    • Ferisan

      No, it is possible, I think you achieve it by changing the contrast rather than turning the light down, it can be done in photoshop too, a computer screen, or a TV screen generally.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    It looks much much better now, the colors aren't eye-bleeding anymore

    But I still don't like this painted style, sorry I just don't

    …Have I posted this before?

    • ChainofTermina

      maybe once or twice, yeah.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        ha, sorry then it's hard to keep track of stuff like this with so much schoolwork

  • N4CR

    I like the colors of the E3 images better, but I was also a fan of the graphics in Wind Waker(but I loved all the games in the series). The new screenshots look more like they were trying to subdue to colors to be similar to the color style of Twilight Princess. Either way, the game still looks great and I'm gonna enjoy it anyway.

  • matt17

    darker for some sep ones, other than that its the same

  • X4Dennis24

    i dont like the way the grass and ground looks, its so blurry.

  • Ferisan

    The same to me. I stick to my opinion that the screenshots were taken from a video whose light and contrast was taken down a notch. Even if the pallete had been darkened, the sky looks too damn off to be the real color pallete. (It almost looks like its about to rain due to the environmental light hitting Link and the rest of the place, but there are no dark clouds, but white clouds) Also, the last screenshot that showed Link in a fire temple kind of place doesn't look as darkened, even if you remove the light source from the lava.

    Also, about the hair, I think you guys are just looking too hard. At least in Twilight Princess, Link's hair was WAVING most of the time with wind (even if there was none) and moving. Comparing the two screenshots it just looks like Link's hair has a type of waving animation but even if its not the hair doesnt look that drastically different.

    I just think people are looking too much into it and the game remains unchanged in the palette regard (and didnt Miyamoto say they liked the bright color pallete anyway?) But we'll see when we get closer to release. I still wont think they changed the palette till I see a near finished product and not screenshots that seems to have a duller pallete that curiously also match the duller pallete from the wii Lineup video nintendo put out.

    If you notice in that video ALL GAMES LOOK DULL. they all seem to have darkened colors, thats why Im not convinced they darkened the game.

  • bob

    Looks like they are slowly but surely making it more like Twilight Princess. Looks better now in my opinion

  • Ferisan

    Oh and another note about Link's hair… it;s very difficult to compare because in both screenshots Link is show in TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES. You can't see he has a different hair style, it's just the angle that makes it look like it has a different hair style. The screenshot on the left is looking at link from a ground POV, while the one sfrom E3 is more hovering OVER Link, so its showing the upper part of the hair you cant see in the sept. screenshot.

  • claudioace

    +- sharpness; +- blur
    I think it would be due to the actual size of the images. The second ones seem to be smaller images that have been enlarged. May it have affected the color?

  • GenoKID

    Mmm… I think this is a waste of time. Not the post, but the act of making it look darker. Frankly, I don't care. It's Zelda; I'm gonna like it. I think they need to focus on the game more, not debate whether it looks good enough yet. They should do this at the debugging stage.

  • Zelda fans0652

    the only differences is E3 one is english and the Sep one is Japanese

  • TheMaverickk

    I can't tell if they've actually altered the game, or if the screens just came out with less vivid colours. From what I've seen the screens from this conference are much smaller in size and aren't as clear as the E3 images. The adjustment seems to miniscule that it could simply be a result of playing with TV Brightness/Contrast type settings.

    Something that anyone could do if they found the game to be to colourful.

    Honestly it simply looks like someone had their TV settings turned down a notch. The colour palette is pretty much the same, just a few shades darker.

  • David

    I prefer the E3. 🙂

  • ShadowofLight

    For the love of, just wait until this game is released!
    We've seen nothing yet!

  • triforceguy1(Leon)

    I think that the golden item circle has a bit more depth added into it, or is that just from the images being darker

  • LuX

    Something more has been changed than just the TV settings, I mean when have we ever had this disscussion about another Zelda game or another game in fact, where colour settings on a TV have altered what the game looks like, I mean look at the scorpion (Gohma me thinks) In E3 shots a very orange underbelly, new shots, much more subdued, this can't be done just with TV settings with out the picture looking like it's been drained of saturation and almost appearing to be a mono display.

  • Ferisan

    Actually, its subtle, but even the wii mote and item icons look darkened 🙂

  • smbmaster99

    I personally believe that either the camera had different settings, or the contrast was turned down; People complaining about style didn't stop Miyamoto from keeping the same style or palette in Wind Waker, so I highly doubt he's changed the style or palette in SS.

    But either way, I'm still gonna get this game and love it ^( ^

  • David

    Did anyone notice that the environments are different? Perhaps the ones on the right only APPEAR darker, but that could be because you're looking at a darker scene in that particular screenshot. However, compare the grass to the grass, or the sky to the sky, and they look the same. I don't think it's darker, just inconsistent with the scenery (then again, they weren't going to give us the exact same screenshots they did last time 😛 ).

  • the most noticeable difference are on the second and third screenshots. on the other ones, the difference is very subtle. well, i like that the colors seem a bit less vibrant.

  • Link-182

    On the new Nintendo lineup video you can definitely tell they altered the color, a lot! And its just Skyward Sword, the Mario Sports is still the exact same bright happy colors while Zelda got its colors toned down a lot.

  • Craziness

    I'm not sure if anyone noticed this yet, but in the screenshots where Link is noticeably darker, it seems that he is standing in shadow of some object(between rocks, under tree, etc.). It could just be Nintendo making the shadows have more effect in the game, but it's hard to tell before it comes out.

  • Joko tree

    I think the darker pictures make it feel more like Zelda TP.

  • juan

    No differences for me, we have to remember than in the game there are differents illuminations because of the movement of the sun…

  • Raven

    I don't think they changed the demo at all. The demo is kind of irrelevant anyway since it will probably end up as a small side note and never be used again when the actual game comes out.

  • Hylian99

    Actually, I think it's the lighting. If you look at the left column, it looks the same as the right column in the first and last images, but the middle two are different. If you notice, in the middle two on the left, he's standing in a pool of sunlight. In the images on the right, he isn't, because he's in a different part of the demo area. So for the 3DS event screenshots, I think that they just picked ones that were all in the same kind of lighting; it probably wasn't even intentional.

  • Jake

    I believe whoever paired these up wanted the game to look darker, so he convinced himself it did. They look exactly the same, and honestly, I don't mind the looks at all.

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  • It's a shame that the Wind Waker feel seems a bit washed up, but this looks like a beautiful game, nonetheless.

  • Gizmondo

    The one on the right definitely looks Darker! Badder! Faster! Stronger!

  • David

    I actually thought that the Wiimote and other icons looks pretty similar in both, but the gameplay looked darker, which just seems to me like they're refining it.