Darker? Better? Badder?

In our previous post, we mentioned the color palette of the new Skyward Sword screenshots revealed at Nintendo’s recent press conference appears bit darker and duller than those from E3 back in June.

Thankfully someone (going by the name Soul_Alchemist) pasted together a pairing of four matching (more or less) areas to compare.

And it’s not just the colors. It would appear that Link’s hair is styled slightly differently, which is most evident in the second set of screenshots. Or could it just be that the animation frame is different?

For that matter, could it be that these “darker, duller” new screenshots actually use the same palette but the color difference is simply due to some peculiarity of capturing the new images?

Hit the jump and have a look, then tell us what you think: is there truly a noticeable difference? And is the difference for better or for worse?

Source: GoNintendo
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