Coming soon?

A newspaper in Germany known as BILD, which has earned itself a reputation as a notorious spreader of rumors, has hinted that the 3DS will go on sale in Europe during the first quarter of 2011. The console will supposedly launch with a new Mario Kart and Professor Layton game, as well as the much-anticipated remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The article also mentions a Japanese release date of November 11, 2010, an idea which makes the rumor sound fairly holey.

The suggested price was  €200 (£169.99, $270).

This information is just a rumor, and should be regarded as such. However, you won’t have to wait long at all to find out if these rumors contain a hint of truth. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo will announce the release date and retail price of the 3DS on September 29th – that’s tomorrow!

Source: Cubed
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  • Fostythesnowman

    I can't wait untill the 3ds comes out. hopefully it will come out closer to the japanese release than the europe release for us in North america.

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  • I'd rather hear it from Nintendo than a German newspaper, anyway.


    My balls are small, anybody help?

  • Teengamer

    I can't wait!!! Hopefully at the conference Nintendo will also release some new 3DS trailers as well. ^^

    • LegendOfHyrule31

      I hope so too! I really wonder if they'll make a new trailer for OOT?

  • Icy


    This is just a rumor, obviously, and I don't believe it. Although it would be nice! &&

  • ChainofTermina

    ugh…….to many game things coming out too close to together…….I need time to get more money damn it!

  • X4Dennis24

    i hope they also announce a release date for SS

  • matt17

    wow we might as well wait til tomorrow then. cant wait to find out

  • Ezlo

    omg… just tell me the date already. -suffocates-

    • Joko tree

      HELP we need a doctor Ezlo has just suffocated.Come on dudette you don't have to wait that long to find out when the 3ds comes out.Till then play any legend of zelda game and time will pass,Or help me with my time machine.(to find out what I'm talking about look in the comments section in the Zucast Now With More Cowbell.

      • Ezlo

        -breaths- I'm alive. I was revived by Spirit Tracks. lol.


    Date confirmed. Feb 26 for Japan; March for everybody else.

  • bradley

    Let's not get too impatient. Nintendo is announcing the release date today. 😀

  • Soeroah

    Damn, this appears fast. It feels like Nintendo just announced it, then threw it at me.