The Legend of Gears

Have you ever wondered what Zelda would look like in a God of War style? Neither have we! But regardless, we present you with “Link of War” – a brilliant piece of fan art depicting Link and Ganon in a God of War style.

Seriously though, the piece is fantastic. Brazilian artist David Hsu Yen brings Link and Ganon to life in a way in which we have never before seen. The art style is unique and edgy, and it certainly does make you wonder what a Zelda game done in this style would be like. Besides, it’s interesting to see Link in spikey armor! Especially with his old-school yellow-rimmed hat!

Hit the jump for the full sized image!

So what do you think? Would you like to see a Zelda game done in this style?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: deviantART
  • zmanfriman

    First! Well, the image is incredible, but IMO, I wouldn't like to see this kind of style in Zelda. Maybe if the actual story was gory and scary then maybe yes. Well good job anyhow!

  • fostythesnowman

    i think this is appropriate in a sence. link always gets peirced with arrows or hacked at with a sword, yet his clothes retain the same newness that they had when he first obtained them. i like it!

  • Alkunknka


  • jonny

    The picture is perfect but don't change
    Zelda to be like god of war

  • Jeremy

    I don't see how this is God of War. Just a really cool picture.

    That said, hey that's a really cool picture!

  • Ganondox


  • Wow I love it!!!! And yes I would love to see a zelda game like this!!!!!

  • honest

    Anyone calling for more gore in his entertainment is a fjucking c unt.

    Join the war and watch your friends die in front of your eyes if you want gore. Leave Zelda alone.

    • Ashmic

      calm down…….. everyone has their opinons

      • Alkunknka

        Yeah, you have to learn to separate reality and fantasy.

    • rawrstupidhonest

      dude, chill the f*** out, your waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too serious, because it's just a game you jack. Your seriously going overboard with this.

    • I "honest"ly don't see where you're getting the gore from, so what is there to fight? Unless you refer to the God of War theme that David based the picture on. Nonetheless, it still holds no sign of blood.

      • Joko tree

        Ganon is the king of evil;maybe the artist is trying to show him in a more evil like satan (the devil) way.

    • Phantom Link

      I agree with leaving gore out of Zelda but you shouldn't use such vulgar language.

      • zmafriman


  • majoras mask fan

    If sony ever merged with or bout nintendo then they probaly would. If nintendo merged with microsoft then wed get a fps zelda with a horible story mode but great online now that’s a bad thout.(exept for the online mode.)

  • Looks really awesome, but I'd rather stick to the usual theme of Zelda.

  • Phantom7

    It looks like a mix between TP and SS, which I'm all for. Link just needs to lose the cape and the extra armor, and I'd be glad to see that in a Zelda game.

  • Yes. Zelda changes style all the time. I'd love to see a darker, more mature game in this style.

  • celestad

    Hooplah to this one! A Zelda game in this style would be cusswordingly awesome! Just make sure the story matches the art this time…

  • Good picture… very bad idea!

  • Eddy

    While I admire David's amazing artistic talent, I wouldn't want to see Ganondorf like that. Where's the personality in that portrayal? Kudos to the artwork anyways!

  • mario_master

    damn this guy can …. make art real good (have no idea what type of picture it is.) anyhow any zelda fan would love to see zelda like this. but people think. do you ever see nintendo making a game like this?

  • rawrian

    dude, as long as it's still the same basic concept of link fighting evil then why does it matter so much if it went more mature? maybe that would make the fighting more epic and the weapons cooler. who's to say they don't do both, some occassional older style and some new more intense and mature.

    • ian24089

      why do u sickos love blood and gore? it is horrid and sick. it would ruin zelda. ur little thumbs dont make me change my opinion. if zelda turns into that then by by to them. go into a ditch and play halo instead of making zelda gory! T is fine. Save M for Halo. not zelda

  • Marc08

    Fucking. Awesome.

  • Joko tree

    This should be Ganon's true form.It just screams evil and power,plus it shows the torture you'r put through just to fight him.

    • Joko tree

      OH MY GOD i've showed emotion! I'm not just a wise cracker.

  • X x7

    This is really cool, but I don't know about having Zelda in a sense like this. I like the tattered clothes, and I like the idea that every time you get hurt, you get a rip in your clothes, and every time you get a heart, that rip is repaired. Zelda would be cool in a atmosphere like this I guess.

  • zeldaismylife


    • Joko tree

      Dude chill.

  • Joko tree

    Alright no more emotion,this is twilight princess gone right;.cyber five! 🙂

  • LoZymugglegater

    Wow,that is the single most amazing piece of fan art I have ever seen.You go David-Hsu-Yen!

  • Zelda fan660

    uhhh….I don't know what do you guys think but I think it's wierd and yeah wierd

    • Joko tree

      Good wierd or bad wierd?

  • Jarmihi

    I don't know what most Dinnians may think, but I do believe that, while that picture is sweet and is a great artist's interpretation of Ganon, it looks too much like the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings movies. However, I will say that Nintendo could invest their time in creating a more horrifying King of Evil than they have done in the past.

  • TrustMe101

    I like it a lot, but just not Link's armor. It just doesn't…fit him. The colors also make Ganon look WAY more evil. The giant pig he turned into in TP just didn't seem that scary. This more detailed form would be much more epic…just a bit. 😀

  • teska

    u know what… when i read it i had my doubts but after playing god of war and being a massive zelda fan, i reckon the to misxed into one would b an epic hit! zelda needs that blood and guts i reckon 😛 lol

    • teska

      also.. i think ur artwork is amazing!!! the best peice ive seen of ganon… again i think the aggression needs to be brought out in the game 🙂

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