Flying Colors

Fresh from the garden of Legend of Zelda fan music is a truly magnificent musician, Jonathan Finley.

Jonathan has created an amazing song about The Legend of Zelda cleverly titled “The Master Song“. I think of this title two ways. One is the obvious reference to the Master Sword, and the other is simply this song being the master of all Legend of Zelda fan music.

Creatively and beautifully, Jonathan delivers us with an experience. From the castle guards to the seven sages, he covers it all. The story of Ocarina of Time has officially been told in song. Listen to “The Master Song” right down there, or visit Jonathan’s ReverbNation Page, where you can download this and more of his songs.

  • Darkus Triforce

    :') beautiful… 🙂 this man is amazing!

  • Amazing. The Legend of Zelda is a hard franchise to put lyrics to, but Jonathan did a great job of selecting them.

  • Britt

    The lyrics at first sounds like they're about OoT but the latter half about Wind Waker, in my opinion.

  • Joko tree

    If i could explain this in one word it would have to be FANtastic.

  • X x7

    There are no words in the English language that I can think of that can match this. So I have to say maravillosa, estupenda, y en general impresionante.

  • Benjamin Finley

    get'em jono! ya thats right! he's my brother! what?!

  • Valdek

    … epic. just epic is the word i think of when i listen to this. already listened to it 6 times now.

  • SixMultipliedByNine

    I am apparently missing something here. It sounded to me like just a bunch of Whoah-oh-oh -ing and some really generic guitar plucking. There weren't even that many lyrics about the actual game. Hate to be the killjoy, but this is not a Masterful song.

    • Rohan

      I agree. It was all right to listen to it once, but it was average at best.

  • Pink Capriccio

    So instead of Wizard Rock, we now have Zelda Rock… pretty snazzy

  • Valdek

    lets see you do better SixMultipliedByNine