It’s been a while, but I’m back with a  new video! In this one I discuss some of the changes that I wouldn’t like to see in Ocarina of Time 3DS.

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  • Hey, Listen! Those who think Navi is annoying are annoying! Like Cody said, we couldn't even defeat half the bosses–like that great, big bother, Volvagia! How in the world could we have have smote his bigoted head without the L-target system? Answer: you couldn't. You'd have to rely on pure luck to even get near the head. So, no, getting rid of the vexing halo-with-butterfly-wings won't solve or resolve anything, save letting us maintain some sanity.

    • Callin

      Toon Link pulled off the L-targetting pretty well without Navi. He's got his trusty arrow.

      Okay, I jest. I love Navi and she'd better be in the remake.

  • Beer_and_Zelda

    As annoying as Navi can be sometimes, I would not buy the 3DS remake if they took her out or even made any significant changes to her. In a strange way, she lends a lot of charm to the game.

  • Twilit Mask of Time

    ^I agree, Navi's annoying HEY LISTEN is as important to OoT as god aweful voice acting is to Starfox 64. As for the touch screen I agree. It was really fine to use it for a game like spirit tracks, but for a REMAKE it doesn't make any sense to make the game all touch controlled.

    • Jarkes

      You know, she never directly says, "HEY!" and "LISTEN!" right in a row, unless you immediately press the C-Up button as soon as she says "HEY!" So… yeah.

  • Christian

    Yes, if you want Navi removed from the game then you need to be removed from life.

  • Anriva

    I don't think they should remove her… but they could get rid of some of the advices at the begining of the game… the ones you cannot choose whether you read or don't… like the "Look it's a door… look at the huge blue circle in the top of the screen to realize you should press the A button to open it"… other than that she's ok.

  • Link

    I've always loved Navi I thought she was cute like a puppy! 🙂

    • Navi Forever

      :O Same with me! Taking her out of the game is like taking away Link's sword, and shield. And tunic. And… you get the point.

  • SKL

    But Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was a great game…

    But jokes aside, I agree. As I said before, make her occasional. Like if the player needs her, there should be a button on the touch screen that will allow her to give you advice. That way you still have her, and she is no longer as annoying.

  • ILiekZelda

    Alot of noises, but anywayz I just have two things to say, Uno, Navi isnt the reason your able to Z target (L Target for non-N64 Players) If she was then how could Link in WW and TP Z(L) Target???Minda comes out and holds up an arrow saying This is the Enemy Dumb Butt!(xD).Also for comment Dous, Dos Doss(Idk) Would you want everything to be buttons or everything to be touch, Bow and Arrows Slingshot, Boomerang, or just press some buttons to make it work?They will probably stick with touch, and not make it optonal since its too much work for them, but if they have extra time, we should see a choice!

    • Chad

      Hahahahahahahahaha "This is the enemy Dumb butt" haha She would do that too!

    • ganondox the frog

      It seems your forgetting all about the Ganondorf fight. Navi is disabled during the fight, and therefor z-targeting is disabled.

  • ILiekZelda

    Yeah like if Navi had some sort of back story on how, and why she knew she had to go with Link, and maybe even her orgin, like if Navi wasnt a forest farie at first and wandered into Kokiri Forest just like how Link got there when he was a baby(sort of)

  • X x7

    I liked Navi, even though she was a LITTLE annoying. It's weird too, because Link can L-Target in Wind Waker AND Twilight Princess without a fairy, which makes no sense. Also, if Navi weren't there, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN START YOUR ADVENTURE. Navi is the whole reason that your adventure started! I thought that the touch screen was fun, but I want another classic button thing again. What I'm thinking that they're gonna do is that they're gonna make the upper screen the actual game, and the touch screen is your touch-equip subscreen, so there isn't a real menu like in Skyward Sword. I think that they're gonna make use of all the buttons plus the touch screen, but not as much as in Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass. I think that the dungeons need to change, the field needs to change, (though based off of the screenshots we've seen, I doubt that will happen) and some sidequests need to change, like pieces of heart, new gold skutella locations, and finally, I think they need new weapons and moves, like if Link could hop on arrows that he shot into a wall.

  • Geo

    I want to see a change in the interface. mostly the items, looking at you iron boots. Maybe use the touch screen instead of buttons. or switch the items that are active on the touch screen.

    On a keep stuff note. KEEP NAVI!!!! A great part of the game and a constant source of info.

  • Your specificity is understandable, yet Cody can't help but speak like those of his native country…I can't tell you where that is; I get a bunch of mixed regions, such as Australia and Singapore even.

  • Shadowknight1

    Agreed on both counts. I think that the item equip screen should be attached to the touch screen, but beyond that, I don't think it's needed. I REALLY don't want to blow into the mic to play the Ocarina.

  • ChainofTermina

    YES! YES Cody, you are RIGHT! I am so sick of DS games being all "oooooooo a touch screen! use the touch screen! what the hell are those blemishes next to the amazing touch screen? ignore those caveman sticks you call "buttons" we have a touch screen! oooooooooo!" I despise having to point in front of Link to make him walk, and I like use BUTTONS to activate items. the touch screen should only be used is like, puzzles or something. actually, a really good example of this is Sonic Rush. that almost always uses the buttons and hardly ever uses the touch screen (it's only in the "get the Chaos Emerald" area that you MUST use it)

    and yeah, I really miss having somebody give me info about the enemies I'm facing. why the hell couldn't Midna do that?

    • ChainofTermina

      I think I should probably say something else about Navi. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I once posted a comment that strongly implied that they should improve on Navi. now, I didn't mean that the should get rid of her, hell no! I just meant that they should fix the thing where Navi keeps telling you what to do, even if you ARE doing it. it's the interrupting my journey across Hyrule field for Navi's advice on investigating why Zora's River has an icy wind and what ever else she says all the time that they should change. I don't think Navi should talk unless you talk to her first.

  • CorvosKK

    The only reason Navi is ever annoying is after you've beat the game 10 times already. That and it feels like a lot of the newbs are just hating because it's the "cool thing" to hate Navi. So yes, after you're on your 30th 3-Heart challenge, it can get annoying to have to stop for things you know, but as a character (while lacking in depth), Navi is an indispensable part of the OoT experience.

    As far as other things I wouldn't change, I agree with the controller mapping. If anything at all, use the touchscreen for menus and MAYBE the Ocarina, if they can pull it off. I definitely don't want to see Ocarina have the "blow into the mic" feature. It was a great experiment for ST, but OoT's not something that should be experimented with.

    I propose a challenge to Ninty though: if they can give me the same feelings and experience as I had as a kid, including the freshness of the experience, I may very well drop Majora's Mask as my favorite Zelda game. Maybe.

    I know that they'll do what they think is right though, so for me I'm just going to wait until we get more info on the game 🙂

  • TheMaverickk

    As far as I'm concerned Navi isn't annoying at all until the very end of the game… where she constantly reminds you to go rescue Princess Zelda… the most obvious last clue she can give.

    A lot of the time I spent in the last portion was gathering missing items… so having Navi go "Hey" every 5-10 mintues to retell me that last same bit of info was where it got annoying. What would be a neat option is if they allowed the player alter the alerts.

    That way they are still there, but at the end of the game you can disable them since you should know at such a point what is going on.

    Adding to the list of things they shouldn't change:

    – The Water Temple (leave it the same)

    That's really it. Maybe I'll think of more.

  • Someonewhoknowscode

    Touch screen is harder to control than buttons you dumbshit. Next time do some research before you claim it's being lazy.

    • Harriet

      I don't think you understood the point there, it's not about whether the touch screen requires coding whatsoever 😛 It's about Nintendo refusing to use the buttons on the DS.

      • @Someonewhodoesn'tknowcode…He wasn't saying that touch screen is easier; he meant that the buttons, actually, were easier to use. So you are mistaken to the eyes of every reader and made a dumbbutt of YOURself. XP

        • LuX

          Actually I think the Touchscreen worked brilliantly with Zelda, and the D-pad would of sucked ass.

          But of course OoT has to have thumbstick control or thumbnub or whatever the hell that thing on the 3DS is called.

  • Ariel

    Who knew Cody's alternative form was the Angry Video Game Nerd?

  • No, what's wrong with you?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong if he demonstrates his points in the obvious ways. It's better that he uses mirth than just sitting and staring at the screen, talking in a serious tone. Trust me on that…this approach is far more well-done than any alternative.

    • Thareouslovescock

      That cody guy is a bit strange, he seems to have taken things to a whole new level wierd. I mean I love zelda but I don't make videos like that, which contain no merth, just some guy who obviously needs to get laid

      • Wow, first off, I've gotta say, if you intend to insult me, choose a name which actually tells of a downside to my character. But since you don't know me, why bother?

        Also, if you can't stand something that doesn't have any emotion, just turn it off and find another article. It's cool you like Zelda–all of us here do, besides the trolls–but that doesn't mean you can bring down other people because of how they deliver their opinions. We're all unique in our own way, after all. So, really, no one can judge anyone for being different, because we are ourselves.

        • Thareouslovescock

          you've been thinking about insults to much, but if my intended insult hadn't insulted you you wouldn't have felt any need to make a comment about it.

          and also you said 'if you can't stand something that doesn't have any emotion, just turn it off and find another article'. I will presume that was a typo, and ment does have emotion, his emotion I have no problem with, its the stupid clapping I feel there is no need for. And I only commented you because you attack sss for stating his opinion. And I am well aware we are all different, I just feel there is no need for someone to act so different people think they are wierd. And you say about judging people for being different, you've already judged me because I have a different opinion to you.

          • You've just touched down on one of the biggest problems the world faces: just like us all being different, we're all too quick to judge. Someone says one thing you don't like, and want to snap their necks. In a way, you might as well have, because harsh words do break bones likewise with sticks and stones. Your current username is a prime example of judging me, and wrongly so.

            And since I know that I really don't love "cock", I have no need to feel insulted. That's not me trying to be a jerk either; if I actually wanted to be one, I'd report you. But no. You just want to defend sss, whether it's you, a friend, or someone else, so I won't antagonize you for that. Admittedly, I just want to stop all this bias and criticism, and that is my true character. Nope, I'm not saying I'm higher or more perfect than anyone. Self is my greatest bane.

            So, I'll end this this by extending my remorse to you and sss (whoever he/she is), and pray that you'll forgive me.

          • Thareousdislikescock

            prejudice is a natural part of life, which you can't escape from. sss was maybe a little harsh in what he said but he is right from a certain point of view, just as you are right in defending cody. You can report me if you like, but I foresee it being a pointless thing to do, one can easily create new usernames and ting. sss is not me, I have no idea who he is I just wanted to stick up for the guy who everyone disagreed with. I don't know what to forgive you for, and I do hope your comment is not intended in a prickish way, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope my new name amuses you

          • No, I had no intention of getting you "pricked" up, though I will admit at the end of my first paragraph I did get a little frisky in defending my character. Prejudice is exactly what I asked forgiveness toward, because I also criticized you for butting heads with me. Really, we were both well-meaning, but our intentions collided into a somewhat heated debate. And over all, you carried the triumphant message: don't judge people merely for their opinions. All of mankind struggles with this, and will continue to until the end; and yes, as you pointed out, there is no escape from it. That's why we have to learn to work together for the betterment of all.

            At any rate, I almost died laughing from your last remark. XD

          • Kokiri Star

            internet arguments make me laugh lol

  • Denre01

    Cody, do you dislike spirit tracks? yes or no.

    (i dont like it

  • Wise_Keaton

    Cody, I love you so much. xD The ZU mailbag is always so entertaining. I always look forward to it.

    Anyway, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally pressed the D-pad while playing Phantom hourglass and went: "Why isn't Link move-oh right…"

    And YES! Spread the Navi Love. Navi was probably one of the best partners Link has ever worked with. Don't get me wrong, I like Midna and everything, but she was a lot less help than Navi was. And Ezlo spent the whole game telling Link that he was useless. King of Red Lions was always demanding that Link to hurry up, which was impossible with such a vast ocean and SOOOO much to explore. Tatl's still my favorite partner of all, but that's just because she's got more character development than Navi. Navi WAS a very static character, but the single most informative.

  • MarmosetB

    It'd be really great if they could eliminate the repetitive descriptions. For example, every time you open a chest with bombs, it explains what bombs are, and how they're used. Really, after the first time, I understood. Or, like in Twilight Princess, every time you turn on the game and load your saved file, when you pick up a yellow or blue rupee, you get a message telling you how many rupee's they're worth. And, EVERY TIME you pick up a red rupee, it explains that it's worth 20-rupees. Not necessary…extremely repetitive, and annoying.

    Also, for replay-ability's sake…allow people to skip past the tutorial items once they've already played the game. For example, in Twilight Princess, when you get the sling-shot, you have to go through the little scene with the kids teaching you how to use it while you shoot at targets and pumpkin head scarecrows. Is that really necessary?

    Sometimes I don't feel like replaying OOT because I know it'll take me 2 hours longer than it should have to get past what would be the initial 30 min. of the game. Okay, I'm done ranting now 🙂

    • Joshua

      I kind of like the mindless descriptions (which I find comical every once in a while) and repetitive tutorial. I might just be odd though.

  • jordonisawesome

    Navi was one of the key characters to the whole entire story line, as Midna is for TP. Although both have their annoying characteristics, they're both needed for helping purposes and to help the story start, progress and end.

    If Navi were to be removed from OoT, which she wouldn't be, it would take out a part of the story thus making Nintendo have to revamp the story-line to fill in the missing element.

  • SKL

    Nice Fassad laugh.

  • LuX

    I think…….you shouldn't click or clap again…..It makes the baby Link cry 🙁

  • LuX

    Oh and Navi wasn't even that annoying I really think like a handful of people found her annoying then the internet made it worldwide ¬_¬

  • Kitakee

    I don't understand those who say Navi needs to go. Did they not play the game? Navi is part of the gameplay not to mention the STORY itself. Link was the only boy without a fairy, right? Then Navi came. Yes she's annoying, but not having her around would be far worse. I _could_ stretch far and say her voice could be altered into a soft bling instead of "HEY! LISTEN! LOOK! WATCH OUT!", but even that would probably feel strange.

    As for the water temple debate, I don't see the problem. Yes it was tricky, but we don't want puzzles that are too easy do we? The water temple was in fact one of my favourites along with Spirit temple. Making the iron boots switching run more smoothly WOULD be appreciated however, but as for the puzzles … leave them alone. 🙂

    Lastly, Cody is right about the touch screen. Forced touch screen use is just a big turn off, not to mention you can't see all of the screen as you keep having a stylus and parts of a big bulky hand covering it. Inventory on the lower screen WOULD be very useful however, and I'm guessing that's probably the way it's going to be. 🙂

  • Zeldarules

    *snap snap*

  • Aquanam

    Cody is SO hot when he is happy ….

    Err, i mean, GREAT job! I totally agree with…. Whatever you were talking about! Right! Mmhmm!

  • Kemper

    Damn, that video was weirdly entertaining…

  • Joshua

    Could've been said more nicely, but I see what sss is saying. While I agree with cody wholeheartedly I found the mannerisms strange and a little distracting.
    still saying "what's wrong with this guy" is a little lacking in the tact department.

  • King_Zora

    First of all… Codys DANG RIGHT!!!! Cody you were like speaking the Legend of Zelda Gospel!!! Navi should NEVER be tooken out of Ocarina of time… Gives you the ability to L target, and she knows all the enemys, and if you forget what to do she will give you a hint, Hey! Listen!!!
    Eventully all of hyrule’s swordsman figured out how to L target without a fairy as seen in most of the other games…
    But enough of that… I truly want them to utilize Navi! They should put Link and Navi on the bottom screen and when you touch Navi she talks to you or freaks out… xD